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  1. I played GTA San Andreas for nearly a year straight. Mostly because I was poor and had no money for new games. I must have put at least 2000 hours into that game. Being hopeful and even trying to track down the "Bigfoot" myth. Hitman Blood Money took it's fair share of time from me. I got really familiar with all the levels and was able to get perfect ranks on all of them no matter the difficulty. It's been a while since I played, so I don't know the hours I lost to that game. But it was in the hundreds at least. Dark Souls has taken roughly 500 something hours of my life. Played it from December to March. Good times.
  2. Got it free from PS+ as well, with the same result. I wasn't sure about this game, and as I kept playing it got real fun. Though I wonder how long the Adventure mode is.
  3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: 4 Days, 9 Hours. Kind of surprised, I thought Dante's Inferno was my fastest. It sure felt like it.
  4. 56.27%. Been working on it a little bit. Just want to reach my 20 Platinum goal, than I'll go back and 100% what I can.
  5. Same as my PSN ID: vulgar137
  6. Fallout 3. I have so many great memories playing that game. Crawling through subway tunnel's. Fighting through a super mutant infested hotel. So much fun was had in the Capital Wasteland.
  7. Yep, took me a while to track down what this site was called, since 4 months of data from PS3T was erased >_>. But the layout here is much nicer. Glad to be where the awesome members of PS3T drifted to. By the way, your location, "Mighty Taco", I swear to god I played with some dude on TF2 named that.
  8. It's Harbinger from Mass Effect 2. Thinking of changing it soon though,
  9. Yeah I'm definitely liking my new trophy card and the stats. It even tracks the milestones that I completely forgot about .
  10. None of you probably remember me too well , but I've decided to partially switch over to this site. I plan on seeing how well the other site manages, and if it doesn't go well, this will be my new home So yeah, hello everybody.