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  1. Borderlands 3
  2. The Shining... first time watching it 😅 Although I was already familiar with the "Here's Johnny!" scene.
  3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  4. DreamWorks Super Star Kartz Didn't even know that was a thing
  5. @Terra
  6. I don't know if I'm just lucky or not, but the trophy popped for me with no issues. I reinstalled the game (as I had already gotten the platinum trophy last year and deleted it immediately afterwards) after buying the season pass on sale and downloaded the DLC's in release order. I don't think I used proximity mines in the base game that much either, so I probably skipped the post-30 count issue mentioned above. Just throwing my 2 cents out there for those wanting to 100% the game but cautiously holding back.
  7. That's a dope shirt you got there
  8. A lot of people have played it, yes, but I feel like it's a win for most people having it on PS+. They're giving it away for those who haven't played it, for the convenience of those who wish to refresh their memory of the game, and for those who simply just want to play it again before Part II's release. The TLOU franchise is really story-heavy (which goes without saying), so it makes sense they want people to pick up and play Part II and not have to wonder what the hell is going on and who the characters are from the first game.
  9. @HummelsSmythe @quagstergangste @GerritSlak @JeManquedHygiene ~ all of you have been added welcome! @locoporkko ~ updated! you're back in Long Live the Creed @harrypotter1997 @HeavyAgent007 ~ damn, both of you guys went straight to the top added! @nabinha ~ updated, you're now a Disciple @themindisacity ~ updated, you're returned to Master Assassin @CraigyXO ~ you should definitely give some of the others a go; I'd personally recommend ACII and ACIV as they're my favourites Added and welcome! @Djaspoo ~ updated, you're now a Veteran @BifeSTER ~ I giveth and bestow thee with the brooch of Veteran status 🎩 welcome!
  10. @Evil_Joker88 I think you tagged the wrong person 😅
  11. yee boiii :platinum: #163, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled [+ Platinum Relics]. 


    A faithful remake of a beloved classic, albeit some janky hitboxes on some tracks. Aesthetically, Beenox did an amazing job; Coco Park and Electron Avenue having me in awe.

  12. [CTR Nitro-Fueled] I just managed to obtain every platinum relic!  Would've liked if it was a trophy but oh well, still satisfying nonetheless. 😄

  13. Why doesn't the PlayStationStore advertise PS3/Vita deals? A bunch of them are currently on sale but aren't listed under any sales in "Deals & Offers"... I actually thought they stopped putting PS3/Vita games on sale a while ago because of not seeing them advertised. I swooped up Alex Kidd in Miracle World for 2 bucks (NZD).

    1. Last-_-Judgment


      Because Sony are lazy with the PS Store. It's been needing a revamp for years. They just can't be bothered to support PS3 anymore.

    2. Spaz


      That ship has sailed unfortunately.


      I generally buy that stuff directly from the website, and just set it to where I can set my consoles to download after I click a button on the website, does it automatically. The Store is completely fucked up and the interface is terrible, as well as having huge lag inputs.


      Normally I try to get the games used whether through Game Fly, Amazon, eBay or wherever.

    3. Last-_-Judgment


      I suggest as it's the only decent way of finding the PS3 sales

  14. @PreLoki