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  1. I'm yet to play the game with the new matchmaking system myself, but I know that red rank queues were dog shit and many people purposely deranked to avoid those queue times. I'll have to play it again sometime and see what it is like in its new state.
  2. I'm always keen to add to my Vita game collection and I see that the Jak and Daxter Trilogy is on sale. I've never actually played any Jak and Daxter games before but I do understand that Naughty Dog developed the series and they are platformers which I adore. What are some of your guys' thoughts or experiences with the series and how do the vita ports hold up compared to the PS3 versions? 

    1. RedRodriguez87


      When it comes to 1st game, Jak and Daxter, the Vita port is poor to say the least, with a frame-rate that constantly dips, which in makes the controls very finicky with whether or not it wants to register your button presses. I mean, this is a game that itself is still up for debate on whether or not it has aged well, and that's talking about the original PS2 AND the PS3 version; all the vita version will do is make the experience worse.


      Granted, I don't know of anything game-breaking, but if you really want to experience it properly, I def recommend sticking to the PS3/4 versions.

    2. madbuk


      I love the first 3 Jak games. 1 is very different to 2/3, which means people think 2/3 are bad, but honestly 3 is my favourite (3>1>2.)

      Vita ports aren't the most stable things in the world but I never had any crashes and I still enjoyed my time with them despite the somewhat choppy framerate. While I do think PS3 versions would leave a better first impressions, I can certainly recommend the games and since the Vita ones are on sale, why not? 

    3. SkyesUnholy


      I think I'll pass on the Vita ports for now as I would prefer to experience the games at their best on PS3 or PS4, but I may play them again on Vita at some point if I do end up digging the series. Thank you both for your feedback. :) 

  3. For what it's worth, it is one of the more unenjoyable platinums, if not the worst, to go for in the series. Congrats for sticking through it til the end!
  4. Just finished Bioshock Infinite for the first time, can't believe I put this off for nearly 4 years. What a journey.

    1. KingGuy420


      Such a great game. 1999 mode is one of my favorite gaming experiences ever.

    2. Spaz


      You can't expect to play every single game when they first come out.


      Still good job though. I still have this game sitting on my PS4, need to do the trilogy at some point.

  5. @Wooden_Ninja17 Added ^^ And Black Flag servers are still up, not sure how active though. You can also do all online trophies solo in Wolfpack mode with the exception of All Rounder but it is easily doable legit, as long as you can get into a public match or two.
  6. The end of the year is drawing near and I think it would be interesting for us to all share our rarest platinums this year (so far)! I've also done this thread for the last 2 years and surprised that it hasn't been done already. My rarest platinum of the year (currently) is: Dead By Daylight Dead By Daylight Rarity: 1.20%. Earned 19th September
  7. 36 Fragments of Midnight Assassin's Creed Syndicate Batman Bully Coffin Dodgers Deponia Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Far Cry 4 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy XV Game of Thrones God of War III Remastered Grim Fandango Remastered Horizon Zero Dawn inFamous First Light inFamous Second Son Life is Strange Mafia III Murdered Soul Suspect My Name is Mayo Saints Row Gat out of Hell Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Tales from the Borderlands The Order 1886 The Walking Dead Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Until Dawn 28/85
  8. Final Fantasy X. I really wanna get my hands on this game and play it for the first time.
  9. Absolutely does not post selfies in the Post a Picture of Yourself thread.
  10. I'd say Danganronpa V3. I haven't played it or the second one, but I really enjoyed the first game.
  11. I'd love it if they threw a curveball by making Hardcore mode excruciatingly difficult. But easy platinums do draw sales and EA sure does love their money, so that's a long shot.
  12. OP has been updated with the addition of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Everyone in Master Assassin and Long Live the Creed have been demoted to Veteran until they earn Odyssey's platinum and DLC, respectively. New Master Assassin and Veteran platinum requirements are now 12 platinums and 8 platinums, respectively; meaning those who had 7 unique platinums have been demoted to Disciple until they earn another unique platinum and re-earn their rank. A warm welcome to every new participant ~ @spainracer @Cycl1ng @Dilust @shaneyboy619 @Taliesin_2943 @dermarx @crusher_1220 @Snickel @stefanharsveld Hall of Fame rank promotions and total platinum count updates ~ @MargulisValda @LOL_Jokke97 @Avatar_Of_Battle @Jamescush147 @linkdevivo The Chronicles series is part of the Assassin/Templar timeline. Shao Jun, the protagonist of Chronicles: China, is trained by Ezio, etc. I personally don't like the idea of excluding this mini-series just because it plays differently but I understand that it may not be a genre of your or anyone else's liking.
  13. [Rise of the Tomb Raider] Why are the Deathless Ones able to die from a few bullets when, you know, they're supposed to be fucking immortal? I like the game, but that is some criminally bad storytelling.

  14. :platinum: #138 Dead by Daylight. The 500 sacrificed survivors trophy finally unlocked after having waited patiently for an age! I love this game, and I am looking forward to playing with The Spirit and continuing to get closer to 100% trophy completion. :)