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  1. There's a couple that I like - Batman Begins, Spider-Man 2 on PS2, Tron Evolution on PS3. Those are some Favourites. I can add GoldenEye 007 on N64 but that's an obvious one. Talking about James Bond, I also liked The World Is Not Enough on N64. Also another Licensed game - WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role has to be the best Wrestling game ever in my opinion.
  2. Wow, Talk about bringing a Thread back from the dead.
  3. I don't know if I would even buy the Nintendo NX but should I do so then I hope there are no Trophies or Achievements to be honest. I like Nintendo's Games because there are things to do other than bother with Trophies. Like Super Mario where you have to collect Stars or Mario Kart where you have to achieve 3 Stars on each Cup to unlock things rather than doing so only for Trophies. It makes Games less enjoyable for me to bother with Trophies. I guess I am 'Old Fashioned' or 'Traditional' like that. Should the Nintendo NX have Trophies then at least have the option to turn them off altogether and have no record that shows the Trophies.
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 on PS3. It's alright, There's some cool things to do like the Skill Games, I don't know if those were available before other than on FIFA but I like doing those and the graphics look better than previous one's also.
  5. I have only done so twice - Sonic The Hedgehog and Tron Anon, Other than those then my Avatar has always been Crash Bandicoot.
  6. Who cares about whether people like it or not though? There's no right or wrong or point to arguing over it. I don't care for Virtual Reality because I never have done so, It's not for me. I'd rather play on a TV using a Controller. Also, I think it's only a trend that will go away so that's my opinion but it's interesting to read other peoples opinions on this, However let's not turn this into a point scoring contest.
  7. Yeh I was wondering about this also but check the website here - Then go down and click on the link that tells you when it should be released on the Store for your country.
  8. I do think some Games are announced too early and as others have said, It's done to build up hype. This means they can bring out Pictures, Videos and so on of the Game over the course of a couple of Years in some cases. Also, I think as we have seen in recent Years, People are to blame for building up hype around a Game as well. Then when it's brought up to stupid levels of high expectations, It never lives up to that hype. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and also YouTube are to blame for that these days also.
  9. Liverpool and Rangers
  10. Football (Soccer) - It's the only one I'd watch or play lol
  11. I think it's cool that they are doing this, I believe they are bringing back the original team that worked on Duke Nukem 3D? Also this has some new Levels, Music and Voice Overs. I always liked Duke Nukem 3D but I never bought it when I had to chance to on PS3 before it was removed from the Store. I would love this to have a Physical release but It's probably only going to be Digital. I do think the price is kinda high for a Game that's 20 Years old with some new things added here and there though.
  12. Killzone 2, It came with the PS3 as a Bundle back in 2009.
  13. I bought FIFA 16 on PS3 but I'm not going to bother with FIFA 17 or any other's on PS3 as it's the same thing over and over with nothing new other than Menus, Music, Kits and Rosters and it's not worth it for those things alone for me.
  14. I have the DOOM 3 BFG Edition on PS3 and it comes with DOOM and DOOM 2. I've only played the Classic's so far though and I haven't even touched DOOM 3. I think it's worth getting this on PS3 if you do want to also play DOOM 3, It's cool that they do have the original 2 on the Disc and they both also have some Trophies to achieve.
  15. Destiny - The Taken King