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  1. Littlebigplanet 2 & Transformers War For Cybertron
  2. Demon Boy from Super Meat Boy
  3. It's kinda difficult to tell when you first play the level. So you might have to replay it a second time to get it
  4. 1. You will not get the ace if your partner dies, I would do that solo. 2. With a second controller, turn it on at the last checkpoint before the score board Before you finish the level. 3. Yes you will need a partner. It can be a second controller or a friend.
  5. Sega Mega Drive. I thought about getting that game but I can find a place to buy it
  6. Flame Over on the vita with a rarity of 4.31%
  7. I got a message from someone like that about a week ago
  8. Finally that Collector Extraordinaire trophy in LBP3 unlocked!

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! :yay:

    2. jka121


      Thank you!

    3. ee28max


      Nice work! :yay: 

  9. Battlefield bad Company: 8/10 Kills weren't any trouble cause the mp is fun to play but the awards can be a pain without boosting StarHawk: 6/10 Winning 350 matches take a long time Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed: 9/10 Completing everything on expert difficulty is very frustrating
  10. AC/DC
  11. OneRepublic
  12. Super meat Boy: Demon Boy
  13. Not a good sale this week