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  1. Eminen - sing for the moment
  2. Wow nothing good yet again. This is like the 10th bad sale in a row
  3. If I were you I’d skip the ps3 version and go with the ps4 version instead.
  4. My bet is it’s BFBC3. If it is I’m gonna be pretty excited and might buy a ps4 just to play it
  5. I still collect older platinums from time to time
  6. Elite campaign glitch isn’t working. A.I are still using weapons.
  7. I had a method where you need at least two people and you’d get like 70-80k for a 20min match
  8. WipEout 2048. Online was easy, just took a while. The single player was the tough part
  9. I know this thread is old but I just self boosted “endurance” trophy. Thought I’d let people know it is actually possible
  10. Just remember his user name and never boost with him again. Problem solved
  11. Your trophies are probably hidden.
  12. I can’t connect online. Every time I try I get a network error saying ‘An error occurred while retrieving the universe list. Please try again.’ Anyone know what the problem is?
  13. 1. 2. 3. For golden Apples, you need 8 golden blocks not ingots. You should need 64 gold ingots plus an apple.
  14. Only thing I can think of is you weren’t jumping high enough.