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  1. Wow I thought I was the only one who thought it was trash
  2. Finished TWD Michonne. Tbh probably the worst of the Walking Dead games I’ve played.

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    2. jka121


      Agree. Constant freezing and dialogue glitches, the hallucinations were more annoying than anything. I’d rather reply survival instinct than this.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Scyther


      Congrats! I liked it, though..

  3. I started when I was 10
  4. Lol I don’t remember buying Trine 2 WTF 😆

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    2. Cubone


      Did you get it through PS+, perchance?

    3. Scyther


      OhDearGodRun just had that happen with a different game, but could only download the demo. My purchase history from my first 2 years with PlayStation vanished. Sony done fucked up royally with the webstore upgrades, I think..

    4. jka121


      Yea that might be it. Tried downloading it twice. First time was an error and second it didn’t download. 

  5. $40?! No thanks
  6. Sounds like Minecraft: the sequel. But it’s not
  7. Man I agree with you all the way. I’m not gonna try and remember what each key does. To me it’s better on console cause the controls just seem more simplified
  8. They are to expensive. Buying that at close to $100 dollars is bs
  9. Probably MLB 15
  10. Minecraft, transformers
  11. Can't believe it's already been 4 years since I got my 10th platinum. Anyways- Transformers WFC [best mp ever] Transformers DOTM Spare Parts Sonic Generations LittleBigPlanet 2 Transformers FOC Terminator Salvation Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection Littlebigplanet Karting Sound Shapes
  12. Made a new account for 100%s. Might all be easy stuff but idc, I'll have a 100% account for the first time 

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    2. jka121


      Yeah same here. It's pretty annoying 

    3. Spaz


      I probably should of done this back in 2014. Would of started on a clean slate.


      I put a lot of effort and work into getting 90 percent completion. But I know for a fact that I will NEVER get all those multiplayer trophies in Uncharted 2 or 3. Having to invest 200+ hours into something that I absolutely have to boost for is not what I want to be doing, and quite frankly I have better things to do with my time. Plus family, work and school have gotten in my way recently so that's even less time to devote to something time consuming.


      Then there's the two Grand Theft Auto V stacks I have, and since Rockstar no longer allows character transfers that means I have to play through multiplayer TWICE if I want to get platinums in both. Grand Theft Auto is a sandbox series, so getting together a group of people to cooperate for the heists is probably a bigger hassle than I want to handle.

    4. Jigglypuff


      I've done it before. Do what you feel is best.

  13. -Minecraft -Sonic And Allstars racing transformed -Transformers War for Cybertron (one of my favorite games) Battlefield Bad Company (I'd only do the 10k2 kills again, the game is pretty good tho)