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  1. Are there any missable trophies?
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Got the plat on my 2nd account, amazing game.
  3. Hardware: Rivals 5,45%
  4. Looks amazing! Still not sure what version I'm going to pre-order. PS4 or Vita...
  5. #16 Hardwearing Get all the trophies. Finally, it's done! This game is really fun and even a bit addicting, but those damn glitched trophies ruined the whole experience for me. If you are thinking of starting this game anytime soon, wait a few weeks as a lot of trophies are glitched due to patch 1.13. The 'Eternal Victorious' trophy glitching on me gave me nightmares.. So glad it is finally done.
  6. The trophy just unlocked and I finally got the platinum!
  7. Just won 8 CTF games and 2 TDM, but still no trophy... *sigh*
  8. Can anyone confirm that 1.14 fixed the problem? I can't seem to find any information on the update
  9. I already got 70+ wins, and for the trophy I only need 50. Unfortunately, the trophy is glitched, so I am waiting for a patch that will solve the problem.
  10. Mirror's Edge! Amazing game
  11. I've been playing CTF non-stop for the last couple of days and won every single match. Already over 1200 kills, but still no trophy... Really hope the dev's are fixing this issue any time soon because I want that damn platinum!
  12. I am having the same problem... Been playing TDM non-stop for the last couple of days winning almost every match, and still no trophy. Hope I will get it soon enough because I am really tired of this game...
  13. PSN ID: sky-felov Systems: PS3, PS4 and PSvita Accept Blank Friend Requests: Just say that you are from PSNP
  14. Hi all, I'm playing Destiny on the PS4 for over a week now, and I am having a blast with it. However, when I try to enter the tower or join a PvP match, I get removed from the game world and get the ''beaver'' error. It takes about 4 to 10 tries to enter the tower or a PvP match, and it's getting really frustrating. I have no problems joining strikes or doing story missions in a fireteam with my friends. I also played some other online-games to see if they where also giving me errors, but they all worked like a charm. After getting this error a few times, I started doing some research on the problem. I port forwarded my PS4, made a static IP for my PS4 and tried running it through DMZ, but without any results. My PS4 is directly connected to my modem with a ethernet cable. My NAT type is 2. Maybe it has something to do with my firewall (IPv6), but I'm a bit afraid I will mess something up. I hope anyone can help me with this problem, because I don't have a clue anymore on how to fix this. Thanks in advance!
  15. Is there anyone who has a few minutes to help me out with the 'Friendly Competition' trophy on Platstation Allstars Battle Royale on the vita?