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  1. Sorry to hear about your PS4, that's frustrating... especially so close to the PS5 coming out. Can't be repaired? Update 2: 4 Assassin's Creed II 0% 4 Far Cry Primal 0% ➟ 21% ➟ 34% 4 SOMA 0% 4 Tales of Vesperia 0% 3 Wonderbook: Book of Spells 0% 4 Valiant Hearts: The Great War 0% ➟ 100% (June 29th) Glad I didn't toss a bunch of long games on my list at this rate, yeesh. One done, and made a bit more progress on Far Cry. Didn't realize I had so much Ubisoft on there... Hoping to finish it up within the next few days and then cross off Soma, as long as I'm not too much of a coward.
  2. Thanks again for the recommendation, @MarkusT1992, that was certainly worth a playthrough. Valiant Hearts - The Great War -Different event -Hardcore -Started this month One I'd been avoiding since picking it up from PS+ because I figured it'd be depressing. It is, but not as badly as expected, and the story's well worth it. Really appreciated the historic notes and the collectibles actually having a point, though I would have preferred not having to follow a video guide to find them. Music was great too, especially the booming classicals for the race portions. ...Why Cure Cure Revolution, though.
  3. I'd like to join, please. That chubby little unicorn is just too cute. Tentative: 0 - 1 - SOMA 2 - Assassin's Creed II 3 - Tales of Vesperia 4 - 5 - Far Cry Primal 6 - Ni no Kuni / either unfinished Spider-Man 7 - Wonderbook: Book of Spells 8 - Bard's Gold 9 -
  4. 4 Assassin's Creed II 0% 4 Far Cry Primal 0% ➟ 21% 4 SOMA 0% 4 Tales of Vesperia 0% 3 Wonderbook: Book of Spells 0% 4 Valiant Hearts: The Great War 0% Slooow start, considering I kicked it off with a relatively short game. Doesn't seem to want to paste my table, either. Has some points that are a bit frustrating, generally objectives with no waypoint whatsoever, but I'm having quite a bit of fun with it, especially after getting some animal companions. Jaguar sneaking through and wiping out a base? Awesome. Bear body slamming an enemy to death? Even better. Handy that they make lower tier predators turn and run, too. Don't think I've made a lot of story progress and definitely need to prioritize some weapon upgrades, but I'm enjoying it so far.
  5. Didn't get quite as much done as I was hoping, but still - a third bingo and some nice progress. B1: The Sims 4 - PS4 I hit a lot of bugs with this, but friends haven't. While a decent enough game, an expansion or two would probably help a lot to add more interest. I3: Moving Out - XB1 Seems like this would be far more enjoyable in co-op, still entertaining solo. Pretty goofy little physics-based game about throwing electronics out windows into the moving van (or carrying things... pfff.) I 5: Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries - Steam This square gave me trouble - don't even know how many times I changed my mind before I just jumped on one. This is a stealth/platformer/action game that seems to take visual direction from Alice: Madness Returns and has an interesting premise of a more modern/realistic version of Little Red Riding Hood. Gameplay's a little janky, but not enough to be much trouble for most of the game. The main issue I had with this was how hard it tried to be "edgy"; the writing was a bit too over the top, but the game's short enough that it isn't too bad to sit through. N5: Assassin's Creed - XB1 I'm happy to finally have the first game finished, and intend to try and go through in order now to finally get the modern story straight. I'd say it hasn't held up well, but... I tried and ditched it a lot closer to its release originally. The scenery is beautiful and the story isn't bad at all, but gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Dropped the game I had in mind for Gorgeous Vistas, then Never Finished and DLC are others I'm not quite decided on. Hoping to be close to done by the end of June to start another. Probably just wishful thinking with "forever" left, but hey.
  6. I'd like to join again as well, please. Was a bit too busy for the last one, but should hopefully have time now. Assassin's Creed II Far Cry Primal SOMA Tales of Vesperia Wonderbook: Book of Spells Valiant Hearts: The Great War All 0%. Intend to add on more, just not sure what as of yet.
  7. Thank you! Might go for Valiant Hearts to get Monthly Madness (theoretically) done at the same time, but those others are pretty tempting too...
  8. Sims done, going to see if I can knock off a few boxes with Xbox games before I update my image later this month. Have a rough idea for 10/11 of my remaining categories, but could someone help with the "recommended" square, please? Apparently, trimming out 50+ hour or online games nukes half my backlog and leaves a lot of PS+ stuff.
  9. The Sims 4 Children and teens have to attend school, though it's the same as careers and you can just pick from a few settings (work hard, talk to friends, etc) and answer a few random pop-up dilemmas rather than actively participating. -Different event -Started this month -Starts with first letter of PSN name? (depends if you count "the" or not) Having actually played for all but two trophies, I wouldn't personally suggest this port - I ran into tons of lag/framerate drops, not to mention (mostly minor) glitches left and right. That said, I have two friends that play it with DLC that haven't had anywhere near as much trouble, so it may just be bad luck. Decent game overall, but a couple pieces of DLC would help liven it up, and it's probably better on PC if you have it as an option.
  10. Just lurking (nice job, everyone!), but... You can type [s] Game Title Goes Here [/s] to cross things out, no button required. Think most BBcode works.
  11. Second bingo done. Probably Sims 4 in the PS+ square next, not sure about after that. N1: Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands A Zelda-like game on other systems that has potential, but a lot of flaws. Areas are big and empty (and your movement speed is slow), enemies tend to be either easy or cheap, and the game trolls you by handing out a "traps now do double damage" to completely remove the advantage gained from collecting hearts and armor - doesn't help that the trap mazes start getting huge. I can't really recommend it, but there's a sequel in the works that may be worth checking out. G1: Red Dead Redemption Took long enough to get around to it! Picked it up pretty soon after getting my PS3 and played around in the multiplayer with a friend a few years ago. Don't mind the post-game free roam or co-op, but I had to force myself through the story, especially once I hit the army - fair enough, I knew it was out of my comfort zone when I picked it up. If that's a good example of Rockstar's writing, I don't think I'll be playing any of their other titles; angry protagonists don't seem to work for me, particularly not when everyone else is being a jerk right back. Glad so many others have enjoyed it, though! O5: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Gorgeous art, but man, everybody in this game needs therapy. Story was pretty interesting, and I hear the second's better. Here's hoping I don't pull that square again, because my options seem to be very limited...
  12. Beat Red Dead Redemption, after three years of sitting on my profile and probably around six in the backlog. Just a silver rank, though - I'll probably get more of the trophies at some point, but the platinum's not likely to happen.
  13. This is the DLC with more content, and why they shut down the DLC version in the first place. Far as I know, this still runs fine - haven't heard anything otherwise.
  14. First bingo down! G2: Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4) Love that you can play through all of it in co-op now. Fun but short, aside from the ridiculous grind for platinum. G3: Assassin's Creed Origins DLC (PS4) Wouldn't usually count DLC, but that last one was a doozy. Think they took me around 30-40 hours altogether, and it was enjoyable throughout. Little annoying that the second seemed to be geared against my stealth/melee-heavy build, but I managed. Easily my favorite of the random AC games I've finished. B4: Goat Simulator (XB1) Well, at least I know my tastes? Wasn't a fan of the weird physics (particularly when they'd spaz and reset me or sling an item off into space), but I wouldn't call it a bad game if you just want something ridiculous. G4: Shantae: Risky's Revenge (PC) Somehow managed to play these entirely backwards, and kind of glad I did - this one didn't really draw me in like Pirate's Curse and Half-Genie Hero did. Between some mildly slippery platforming and the way saves are handled, playing can be a little frustrating at points, mainly if going back for items.
  15. Bit of a slow month, but I did get one. Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville It'll be quite a while before I get that platinum... oof. Fun, though Ops seem to have gotten a pretty big downgrade. Glad they made the campaign co-op this time. I'd say the majority of playable characters count as monsters, but submit the Chomper as my favorite monstery-looking one.