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  1. So, just a bit of notice - I'm probably not going to be able to update for 3-4 days, so there may be a slight delay on changes to the first post. Think you meant to quote @eigen-space, not me - Never Alone is still sitting in my backlog. Updated - very impressive progress you're making!
  2. Huh, I did not think that would have a plat. Cool. Got you down for Oxenfree, Never Alone + DLC, and hardcore. Nice job!
  3. @eigen-space I'll get your updates in tomorrow - good work! Four per star, so getting more than one per month is rare, but a few people have done it. Alright, think you should be all set. Very impressive, you've checked off all but the awkward challenge! Glad to hear you liked Never Alone in particular - I've been torn between playing it on PS4 (without the DLC) or on PC (with it) for quite a while.
  4. There are some comments on the video walkthrough for the voiceovers saying the dialogue varies as well, so that's probably a lot of it.
  5. Works. I haven't played them, just knew they were generally in that short/achievement rain group; the first one certainly looks better than those. Achievement page or profile if you don't go through games quickly (so it's still in the recent 3) would be wise. I've noticed ~300 game accounts tend to lock things up for a bit while they load, so yours or mine would probably be a pain. Plenty of those out there! Sounds like quite the mess, though. Don't imagine he wanted to sign back in on that character for a while... Thanks for the fix.
  6. I did commentary + urns first, also with sound and subs off. Probably didn't pick up on the story very well since I was dizzy from the first run. Your spoiler could explain it, though - certainly seems fitting. Didn't help that it seemed like Definitely had sad tones to it, just seemed more disjointed to me.
  7. Yeah, that's exactly what I managed with it too. Time management sounds like a good choice to balance out some longer/tougher titles. Do the Zup games even take an hour?
  8. Someone should play Offspring Fling, just for the name. Thanks for the welcome! Good to know - Amalur's going to be a bit of a timesink after a forced break from gaming, but I want it for plat #75. It looks like my name's being weird in the first post, there's an i instead of an L in my name because I got sick of trying combinations and didn't think it would matter. Yeah, it's a shame they haven't showed up elsewhere. It's honestly a little strange to see it on Xbox when Rare Replay's got a decent number of N64 titles in the mix. It's also the result of googling "(unfinished game) easter egg" until something hit.
  9. Might be a bit too ambitious, but I'd like to give it a try if my list looks alright. If Plat + DLC is required, I'll have to swap out Enslaved; I only have the base game. Spring Rolls - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3) Roughly based on a 16th century Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Spring Cleaning - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3) Bought January 2015/started July 2017. It's been waiting a while. Spring Action - inFamous (PS3) Running around zapping everything with lightning, what's not actiony there? Bonus Game - Banjo-Kazooie (XBox) Can't say I look into games I haven't beaten or catch most easter eggs anyway, but there's a video suggesting a fair number in here.
  10. Finished up Dear Esther on Steam, took slightly over three hours despite messing up on some of the collectibles. Only a gold/100%, but it counts for the hardcore challenge if anyone's looking for a game. Very pretty, but the story's rather odd. I'd strongly advise a guide for the urns, since they're hard to see as is. Nice work! Impressive profile you have there, too. Glad you enjoyed it; seems to be a great game.
  11. Looks like it should for the basic theme. Not finding any awards other than this, so probably no hardcore there either. A friend wants to get back to Red Alert 3, might start Dear Esther or pick Okami back up for single player. Not really sure.
  12. Thanks! Took me long enough, it's one of the two games that came with my PS3. Any plans on what you'll get to next?
  13. Woo, went back to an old game on my list and finally beat Arkham Origins, which counts for - absolutely nothing! Just happy to have one less thing abandoned mid-story. Wouldn't really suggest it, as I found it to be much worse than Asylum/City; very glitchy as well, with most predator rooms needing at least one restart because an NPC got stuck in a wall or box. Updated, sorry for the wait. Could've sworn I did yesterday. Honestly, the basic version of this month is fairly open/up to opinion anyway - I'm not going to be terribly picky, especially when the hardcore option very much is. Glad you enjoyed it so much! Can't say I expected "bullet hell" in the description. Updated. And yeah, 7th place/nomination doesn't really work. I wouldn't think an "indie" award would count anyway, just because that seems like a more specialized "game of the year" thing instead of an art/visual award of any kind - but what do I know? Nothing wrong with Rime, though. It's a handy one to use for a quick qualification this month.
  14. Sure can. Might be better if you mention it again towards the end of the month, since it's a little random who ends up updating, but it wouldn't be the first time. Thanks, and I hope you had fun with the non-frustrating bits! May have to give it a go once I finish up with the buggy mess that is Batman. Don't feel bad, there have to be tons of games that fit the hero side - seems like that's the theme of many story-heavy games in the first place! I'm going to be cheap and try to platinum inFamous next month. Fits both. Mass Effect has Paragon vs Renegade too, and there's probably a few more like those that just aren't jumping to mind.
  15. Updated, sorry I was a bit slow on that. Nice work! How hard was it? I've had it sitting on my profile unfinished for a while now.