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  1. Sorry for being so slow this month, guys. Came down with a nasty bout of the flu and it knocked me out for about a week. Still pretty out of it, I'll come back for better replies. Glad the poll wasn't a close one, at least. Summing up updates in case of mistakes - some impressive progress! @starcrunch061 King's Quest: gold star, hardcore, over a year Doodle Devil: gold star, 4 games in a month @Kevvik Life is Strange: Before the Storm: platinum @eigen-space Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn: gold star, other event, 4 games in a month, DLC @MarkusT1992 stats updated @Yomako01 Final Fantasy VI - gold, other event, retro @ShogunCroCop Have you marked as wanting to use one, but it'll be blank until you have a game done. @Fitzquaid Detroit: Become Human: platinum, hardcore @Psy-Tychist (October) Battle Chasers: Nightwar: silver all stats should be updated too.
  2. Getting a captcha every single time I edit the first post... that'll be fun in a few days. Nice work! No denying the grind required to finish most of 'em. Numbers don't seem to mean a lot to Koei. You're good on King's Quest, that's something like the 10th release.
  3. Yooka-Laylee Game #9 (25th-27th) 3 hours played 11/36 I seem to remember reviews on this being quite mixed, and I can see why. There's a somewhat insane number of collectibles with seemingly no way to track them (this is going to wind up being exactly like Thieves in Time with that one missing bottle, isn't it...), and you'll be fighting the camera at times. Other than that, though? It seems to be a very cute traditional-style 3D platformer with a nice set of abilities and large sub-worlds to explore. Love the visuals overall. The handful of puzzles I've run into so far are pretty easy to figure out, with the only problem being that backtracking is required - you'll need unlocked skills from later on to be able to 100% any zone. You certainly don't need to, though! All you need to do is collect a handful of the puzzle/sidequest collectibles to open the next book, and enough of the ones just laying around to buy the skills you'll need to get there. Heck, I'm currently in the second world and I haven't even beaten the boss in the first! Sound is definitely hit or miss. Most of it seems to be great so far, but the first thing I did when they let me move was mute voices - they used Animal Crossing style "pronounce the letter and string it together" speech, but with harsher voices; I found it extremely grating. The second world is snowy, and they seem to have replaced the usual crunchy footsteps with squeaky toy noises. It's pretty funny. It seems to be pretty short if you're just aiming to beat it. You can very easily be out of the first world within an hour, but I expanded it and tried to find/complete everything I could get to... except the boss, because it requires a mechanic I had some difficulty with. Overall, I enjoyed what I played but suspect those collectibles are going to kill me when I get around to finishing it. It'll likely be a while before I get back to it because I got Spyro as an early gift and that's far more tempting... On to The Witcher 3 to finish things off!
  4. It took me about 36 hours, mostly with AI. If you want the better weapon stats, I'd suggest starting now and just doing the daily mission - you need six days total to buy the 30% buff. Takes... maybe 10-15 minutes counting loading screens? You'd want an extra/otherwise unused character to use it on since completing anything generally gives you a new one, but items are shared across all characters - you can make it whenever. Let me know if you want help getting past urgent missions or farming stuff or something. Haven't finished the rest of the DLC yet, so it's staying installed anyway.
  5. Thanks for getting those in, the last week or so was a bit crazy. Great choice! That pointless RNG grind at the end of Kingdom... *shudder* Nice work, got you updated. That certainly took some time! Glad you liked it so much.
  6. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Game #8 (22nd-24th) ~1-2 hours played 1/38 Well, that was a failure. I knew that would be a busy stretch and intentionally left the Vita game for it, but I barely had time to play. Only made it to the first free time segment, not even through chapter 1. Main impressions: Thank goodness you can fast travel with the map, because I got lost enough as it was. I hope a couple of these characters get killed off quickly, because man are they annoying. Okay dodging, but it largely came down to the AI being pretty good about reviving. Think he OHKO'd me 4-5 times, but I got him first try - it let me dump the rest of my cash into kW to speed that up. Only had two weapons maxed out. Yep, playing through with friends would definitely help. The garrison shop may not be as good as some of the things you'd need to grind, but at least it's way easier. Out of curiosity, did you have trouble with the Ghost in the Machine mission? It crashed the game more than it cleared for me.
  7. Song of the Deep Game #7 (19th-21st) 3:20 hours played 3/10 Well, not being able to get at a ton of rewards right in front of my nose drives me slightly insane. Love the story and narration so far - I'll be getting back to it fairly soon to see where it goes. The physics of trying to fling explosives at something can be frustrating, but everything else controls nicely. Don't feel like I've gotten that much progress yet. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades DLC Bonus Game ~36 hours played 10/10 Time's shorter than that, since there was a good bit of idling involved. Time's also longer than that, because it seems way too low if you include loading screens. Shoved this in just to make sure it got done - would have preferred to stick with Song of the Deep in particular, but at least it's out of the way. Have something else to do. Even if you're playing with AI, you're looking at something like five minutes of loading screens per mission. It's slower with other players. Ran into others pretty rarely, mostly on urgent missions or the daily. If you want to play, I'd advise finding a group both for the highly improved combat abilities (the AI is very weak and kinda dumb) and to bring some life into the game. It's almost entirely grinding hunts and defense missions, sometimes the same one over and over and over and over. Thankfully, aside from most of the urgent missions, you can pick and choose whichever you prefer. You don't have to unlock everything on the map or clear every hunt. You can get all trophies without grinding for a set of super powerful weapons - I finished up with relatively low stats, from what I've gathered. Not sure I would have bothered to play it if it wasn't shutting down. While I didn't really enjoy it playing mainly solo, I might give the standalone a go if they fix loading times and a friend's interested.
  8. Crypt of the Necrodancer Game #6 (16th-18th) 1-2 hours played 1/29 (-1.33%) Man, if I'd known there were options to turn off the flashing and shaking, I would've started this a long time ago. Kudos for the seizure warning and all the settings. A roguelike where you have to move/fight in time with the beat is certainly interesting, though the time limit isn't really my thing. Mostly makes me want to go back to Dungeons of Dredmor. While it seems like it could be really enjoyable, it's not one for me to play on anything but a good day. There's a lot of focus involved between keeping the beat and remembering how to handle different enemies, but hey - it's supposed to be a 10/10 and I'm sure I didn't hit the hard stuff yet. Think I'll leave it here and see if I can stand the mind-numbing boredom of FFXV Comrades for a couple days. That does finalize my order, though. Be back in a few days with Song of the Deep.
  9. Just butting in quick in case you aren't aware - that game has some gamebreaking bugs. Make sure you have a separate and/or backed up save before you go to Mirkwood, as it's by far the worst offender - I think the last stop's when you're in a dwarven city? In general, a quick look to make sure all your quests are still on your list when you load in can save you some headaches, but isn't as big a deal as long as the main quest doesn't vanish on you. You may not hit it, but you have to restart or find someone earlier in the game that can carry you past it if you do.
  10. Plague Inc: Evolved Game #5 (13th-15th) ~5 hours played 15/55 (-0.95%) Can't say I was expecting to look up and realize I'd been playing for four hours straight and gone right through normal dinner time. Plague Inc is apparently a fairly addictive strategy/simulator game where your goal is to take a type of infection and mutate it enough to eradicate humanity. Once they notice it, they tend to start working on a cure, and if it's lethal? Prepare to have scientists in every nation against you. You unlock different perks that can give you a handy boost, and are likely required to win on "mega-brutal" difficulty. Beyond that, each option has three general categories: how it spreads, the symptoms it causes, and what it's resistant to; some of the less standard types such as the DLC vampires alter them a bit. How you make your way through those trees can make or break your run. My foolish attempts seemed to take about 10-30 minutes each, mostly on casual with the fast forward maxed out. Great game for short bursts. Stupid Greenland is rather isolationist. Not a problem for floating zombies. Wish I'd been able to put more time into it, but it won't be waiting long. Definitely worth a look; seems to have a fairly low number of players but it deserves more.
  11. That definitely helps, just having some random side things left to clean up. I'm a little afraid to start it because of Gwent. Were you spawncamping? *gasp* how could you? ...Handy, though.
  12. Very nice, that's not an easy one. Congrats on the milestone! Did it take you a lot of work to finish up? Yeah, no kidding. That's probably closer to the 20th game in the series than the 8th. They can be quite the timesink, too. Props for getting it done! Got your stats updated as well. Nice work! Second Son's pretty short, but I imagine Red Dead Redemption's a lot more tempting. Whichever you work on, I hope you have fun with it! Seems like a pretty popular game series around here. Hope it was fun!
  13. Gah, so late. Had a rough few days and haven't even gotten to the game I should be on the last day of. Probably going to start up Plague Inc shortly and get that review in later, since it should be something like an hour per "playthrough". On a random note, after checking occasionally for over a year and twice a day all month, I finally got the last target needed for one of ESO's DLC trophies. 1% bronze, ick. Glad to finally have it done. InFamous: Second Son Game #4 (10th-12th) 15+ hours played 36/48 (-0.68%) Well, the server shutdown definitely won't effect the platinum. Found what they were talking about and couldn't get it to connect anyway. Really happy with where I left it - I'm not a fan of immediately replaying a game like this, so going back for my evil/expert run in a month or so works out perfectly. Beat the story and got most of the miscellaneous trophies done. Somehow managed to lose a whopping 0.01% after the previous game. Third-person superhero game? Yes please. Aside from a couple boss fights (the lava... *sob*), this was really fun. You get some interesting abilities to work with, though unfortunately they don't vary a lot in effect. That said, they do have different strengths and can be more useful in certain situations. Definitely appreciate all the improved movement options compared to the first game - sprinting through the streets or straight up a wall made getting the collectibles a lot less painful. Everything you need to do/get is marked on the map. Miles better than relying on a printed map to check off or going in blind, that's for sure; on the other hand, those stationary shards were a lot less annoying than all these flying ones... Controls are a huge upgrade as well, much less finicky. Can't say I enjoyed being stuck with inverted motion controls for the graffiti bits. Character reactions stood out to me at points. Oddly harsh or oddly mellow - hey, why are you having a civil conversation with the person that just murdered ___ last time you saw them? Ignoring that, the story's not bad, just feels like some motivations are a bit twisted. Definitely worth playing, and nice that it's not reliant on the story in previous games.
  14. May need to cut my games down and try to get FFXV Comrades done... bleh. I'll see how well I can squeeze it in. Lords of the Fallen Game #3 (7th-9th) 8.5 hours played 14/57 (-0.67%) Well, thanks to Spider-Man getting an update too, I'm exactly where I was after the first day, percentage-wise. Not quite sure how I managed that... Stopped earlier than planned due to a bunch of crashing (didn't seem to like me downloading at the same time) and enemies I couldn't really figure out how to deal with, but it's definitely gotten more enjoyable. I was expecting a Souls-like game to be pretty frustrating. Turns out it's reasonably forgiving for the most part, though some enemies seem to be oddly overpowered - if I'm playing the tank, shouldn't he be able to take more than 1-2 hit chains before dying? That's got to be dreadful on the squishier characters. Doesn't help that he's still fighting in slow motion, but I seem to be slowly getting the hang of it. Got through the third boss and into the catacombs where a whole bunch of stuff wants to eat my face, and where playing ring-around-the-rosie on stairs is a legitimate strategy. The control scheme is awkward and takes some getting used to, at least when it comes to items/spells and interactions; they offer an alternative layout, which struck me as far better but still has a learning curve. Accuracy seems a little odd - if you're too close you kick an enemy away from you, if you're too far (which generally doesn't look like it), you miss. If you're fighting more than one, sometimes the game will decide you should really be targeting the one that just ran past, and you're sure to do interesting things if you try to attack coming out of a dodge. Overall, it definitely grew on me. Was enjoying it despite dying all over the place, but I'm not sure if I'll return to it or not... jumping back in after forgetting how to play will not be pretty. Think I'll be starting InFamous today so I can chip at both my "in case it becomes unobtainable" games.
  15. It definitely starts out harder. Runes and equipment make a massive difference once you get some that fit your needs, and castle upgrades can stack up pretty quickly early on - if you can afford to, dump points into anything that sounds helpful in between rounds. Holding out for one extra hit, being able to throw an extra spell, or having a bit more damage can be enough to get you to some recovery items. Sometimes you'll just get a room your character can't handle - if the layout's good otherwise, locking it down and trying for one with the ability needed can be worth it. ...The remix bosses are a pain, though.