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  1. Okay, PS5 collection -> app -> link -> AU done. One more I'll try to skim through tomorrow, but should be good now. Sorry for the gaps before, this is mostly teaching me that I really need to pay better attention to stacks. Not added:
  2. Haven't stumbled across it anywhere, so here's what should be the PS+ Extra (NA) list in case anyone else was after it. Just finished double-checking but it's probably missing some unlisted games, since I only added the one I knew of myself (Saints Row 3). Intend to keep it updated at least through the end of my sub early next year.
  3. I'm in for another round, it was fun last year! Have a few I was already planning on, a pretty good pile already on my profile I should get back to, and... probably more than I want to think about in the backlog.
  4. Friend wanted to finish off a game we started a couple months ago, so a surprise #8 is done! Working on FF7 otherwise, enjoying it so far but it's slow going. 0 1 2 3 - El Hijo 4 5 6 - Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5/NA) 7 8 - Zombie Army 4 9
  5. Finished Stray when it came out, but nothing else yet. Should have Final Fantasy VII as well in a week or so, though, and a few others in mind after that. Sorry for the slow start, it's been too hot to want to do much gaming. A vote for the honeybee, please!
  6. First game done! Pretty fun little indie stealth game, though one child and one level for "don't get caught" were particularly frustrating. Never heard of it before. 0 1 2 3 - El Hijo 4 5 6 7 8 9 Most of my list will likely come from a short PS+ Extra subscription. Kind of eying Dead Cells and FFVII at the moment, so I may not be back for a while.
  7. I'd like to join in again, please.
  8. I'd like to join, please! This is a really nice idea, tough choices though... I'm planning to upgrade PS+ sometime this month for Stray, so that's at least one theoretically covered.
  9. Bingo! (blue / green / grey) I2: Finally got back to Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 four and a half years after starting it, with the same friend I started it with! Poor guy put up with my terrible RTS skills, though we didn't have too much trouble aside from a few missions. Trickiest mission required completing it within a time limit, and it breaks my heart that the PS3 doesn't record clips - it was an amazing victory. Second try, very little time left, enemies destroying both our bases, I managed to spawn a group to attack the goal but they weren't doing enough, friend managed to portal in a few right near the end, it was right down to the wire if we'd make it in time - and one terrible nuke ability got the last chip in. We beat it as the clock ticked from 1 to 0 and got both the victory and loss lines. That's going to be memorable for a long time. B2: Think I had Bugsnax in the reject pile at some point and accidentally took it off. Whoops. Took quite a bit of fiddling with the settings before I could play it for more than an hour or two, yet again proving that first-person is not my friend. Enjoyed it otherwise, though it wasn't what I expected. Happy I left it to be able to go straight into the DLC afterwards, which was a nice but slightly glitchy addition right after it came out. G2: This square was giving me trouble until I remembered my PC was an option, desperate need to replace the thermal paste or no. Popped open the free to play list, sorted it by ratings, and went with Oh My God, Look At This Knight! as a quick low-requirement achievement title. It's a silly little half-hour game that's mostly exploring and a bit of combat. No strong opinion, but not bad at all if you're looking for a time-killer. O5: I've tried a couple Tales games before, but never made it past a day or two of playing - rented both Hearts R and Symphonia years apart, but couldn't get into either for some reason. Tales of Arise is the first I've actually beaten. The story took a while to really draw me in, but I loved most of the game by the end (stop hijacking my camera!). Had a slight hiccup with my last sidequest not being tracked in any visible way and had to check off a list to find it, no problems otherwise. It has a lot of strong points and I particularly appreciate the way the map and its markers were handled, probably one of the nicest/most useful I've seen. Story, music, and voice acting are all solid, though heavy on racism for a good portion of it. Combat's fun and can vary quite a bit between customizing your active skills or controlling different party members, but could really use a way to disable some or all animations - most lategame battles wind up so chaotic you can lose track of your character in all the effects, and some full-screen animations put you back into the fight with everything moved around. Still enjoyable, just got disruptive towards the end. Any others in the series particularly good? Think I have access to all the PS3/PS4 titles. Peripheral is still being a pain to figure out, don't think I've ever successfully filled that box. I might take a short break and play a switch game or two, but I'm leaning towards Arkham Asylum (O1) or Nonary Games (I4) for my next square - probably try for both before the end of June. Hovering around the halfway mark at the end of May seems like decent enough progress.
  10. Joining in on the "whoops, haven't posted for a while..." party, made some progress. Two trophies away from finishing Red Alert 3, just need to sit down and grind a bit. Didn't Tomb Raider get you a bingo? You have the / filled in.
  11. Either way's fine, doesn't have to be in the first post if you're busy. Helps to keep them in mind if I go over the list, is all.
  12. Well, this post is rather overdue... Thanks for the extra motivation last year, @Gretchen27 ! Finished Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands for January, and happy to have it crossed off. No particular plans for this month. While I still have quite a few unfinished games on my profile (80 at the start of the year), there's a pretty good number that are long, plats I don't care to try for, or have little interest in - while I'll make an attempt at another 12 streak, I'll be pretty happy if I can get a decent number of them to "good enough". Did make it to my long-attempted goal of 80% profile completion late last year! This topic and a general push not to leave stuff halfway finally did it~ Have a quiet little goal of trying to get under 2,000 unearned and keep it over 80% this year. Nothing fancy, I'm pretty content after hitting the main one I've been failing for years. A few aren't eligible just yet, but eh - I like to check the list every 6 months.
  13. Well, I started Yakuza: Like a Dragon right before the end of the year, but it doesn't seem to be catching my attention very well... and I'm not sure it counts for the square I had in mind anyway. There's a movie with the same name, but apparently it's based on the first game instead. Whoops. It could bump down a square easily enough, at least. Finished Wildlands after far too long, main takeaway is that I need a break from ubisoft open-world collectathons. I do not recommend Fat Princess Adventures as an online multiplayer title, as the online servers are a nightmare to connect to. That said, single-player or local shouldn't have any trouble and once you do connect, that session should be fine until backing out to the main menu. The plat has one online trophy. It's an enjoyable simple little hack-and-slashy RPG otherwise, and fun with company. Controls are simple and levels aren't too long, particularly after you're familiar with them and/or you're overpowered, making this a nice one to play in bursts. The items and writing are pretty silly too, with lots of little references to other games and old internet stuff.
  14. First one done! Fun game, nice change of pace to just run around and explore in various pretty landscapes. Some of the cat collectibles are kind of dumb, though. Hoping to have Wildlands finally done for N4 sometime within the week. ...I am not starting out with especially short games in mind. Watch me get my first bingo in November.
  15. Calling it here. Thanks, gave me some motivation to work on some games that had been sitting ignored for too long. Marvel's Spider-Man: 4 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: 1 Plague Inc: Evolved: 1 Sid Meier's Civilization VI: 5 Strange Brigade: 4 Total: 15 Grabbed the last DLC for Spider-Man to finally 100% it after three years! Ultimate difficulty was surprisingly doable, only had trouble with three spots - and I'm pretty sure one of those gave me trouble the first time through as well. Might have gone better if I'd used the suggest set-up as well. Also started and completed Strange Brigade, which is a decent and somewhat silly third-person zombie shooter with a bit of an Indiana Jones vibe. The story DLC are pretty easy, but the update comes with Extreme mode which is a bit rough. Seems like at least some of my issues were co-op lag, because the dang pinballotaurs weren't anywhere near as difficult when I tried in single-player. Friend and I only had much difficulty with two levels, and man, was one of those a doozy. Started the other DLC for Wildlands, but that's not getting done in time.