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  1. It's quitting a game in the middle of the story that drives me nuts. Very helpful for figuring out what's worth playing, though. Sounds like it could be good, but I'd like to hear other opinions before tossing it in the mix.
  2. Think I'll start hunting them down after I make it halfway or so, and just see what happens before that. Have any in particular in mind? I'm likely to try and wrap up Dead Nation in October. Here, let me help you get started. 0: The Elder Scrolls Online 5: Star Ocean (PS3) 7: White Knight Chronicles
  3. Sounds like it could be interesting, I'm in. Watch, now every game I play will end in a 4.
  4. Thank you so much! Seems I had entirely the wrong number in mind. Got you all updated, and glad to hear you enjoyed it! They did a great job on that game, hopefully there are plans for a sequel. Nice work. Definitely a good month to knock out some RPGs. Very nice, that didn't look like an easy one. Congrats on finishing it! DLC already? That seems quick. How was it compared to the first one? Updated, nice game choice. We've had something similar before (series games), but that sounds interesting. I certainly wouldn't complain about straightforward themes for a busy month. Got it in the first post, thanks!
  5. Can't remember the OP password off the top of my head and I've fumbled the one for my manager plenty for one day, so I'll see if I can get the updates in tomorrow. Sorry, guys. Ouch, you two definitely got hit worse than I did. Think my biggest chunk is random multiplayer games. Definitely good for trying new ones out, though. I'd say it counts, yeah. Interesting idea! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have that in the first post once I can edit it.
  6. Haven't done a lot, but some progress was made. Team Cujo. Seasons After Fall was a surprise. Very pretty and relaxing, didn't expect to enjoy it so much! Somewhere along the lines of a puzzle-platformer with some backtracking for collectibles, especially once I realized I was a moron going for the wrong flowers. Vibrant and beautiful visuals (though the cutscenes are meh), lovely music - definitely going to have to give it a replay sometime when I'm less of a zombie. Did wind up looking at a guide for the dark bit and the bird trophy, but played blind and just explored otherwise. Got rather lost in the last two zones. Assassin's Creed 3 100%'d. Don't. Just don't. I can't believe they charged $30 for that glitchy mess - a never-fixed, fairly common gamebreaking bug at the end of part one really isn't okay. A workaround is nice, but wiping out your install and save/data to do it is a bit much. Through all three episodes, it was very common for enemy markers to be missing or remain despite a defeated enemy. Two spawn types didn't show up unless the game was reset once per instance in the third episode. Random visual bugs here and there as well, though those aren't as bad. They also brought back the fun "don't hit anything in this terrible visibility portion, lol" requirements from the main game. If they fix things with the remaster, the story's a bit odd, but the powers are fun to mess around with and it's pretty short/straightforward to finish.
  7. Team Cujo update. Got the platinum for Infamous, and what a nice trophy image it is! Didn't especially want to do a second playthrough right after the first, but oh well. Very much looking forward to playing through 2 sometime! Didn't have too much trouble with Hard mode, though the trash tower in general was evil. Final boss seemed to pick up a new trick, too, so that took some figuring out - 1-2 hits to kill you makes that fight a bit frustrating. Would also like to add two games to my list: 5. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture 13. Seasons After Fall I wanted to stick Okami in #13, then I realized how many hours I was starting to stack up with the rest of the potential additions - getting a little crazy on possible time here. Everyone's been making Rapture sound so good that I'm going to play it while half asleep with the flu.
  8. Got Infamous done after more grinding for my last skill than I expected. Fun game, though, and glad to finally have it finished. One KYC game down, too many to go... Definitely more than came to mind! Nah, same month as you joined is good enough. This event's pretty relaxed. Backlogs can certainly get you stuck in that kind of loop... Nice work! Up to you. This event's certainly easier if you have a decent chunk of games to play, but that doesn't mean you can't join in with a smaller list. Sorry to see you go, hope things are going okay otherwise? Nothing wrong with taking a break from gaming. Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. Finished up Spider-Man, which gets me on the board for this month. Fits both hardcore requirements, and it's an excellent game if anyone else is considering it. Certainly good news, with how hit or miss the writing can wind up! Hope you enjoy the rest of the game when you get around to it. Nice work! Imagine that was quite a timesink, if they want level 200 in an RPG... Left in the Cold seems like it could be a pretty difficult one to find games for? They all sound interesting, though. Thanks! Hey, it happens. Keep in mind, you don't have to get a platinum to count for the month: - Silver: Awarded for finishing the story of a game that fits the theme of the month. - Gold: Awarded for 100% completing a title without platinum trophy that fit's the theme of the month. - Platinum: Awarded for earning the Platinum trophy of a game that fit's the theme of the month. So you're good for a silver, or @eigen-space mentioned, Final Fantasy sounds like it should fit. Rush Mode's kind of weird for how casual the rest of the game is. Doesn't help that it was patched around the start of the year to make it harder. The DLC counts for a bonus star, but it's entirely optional for the main entry.
  10. Anyone playing Spider-Man: do not leave the crimes for last. I don't know if it's from finishing the story or the other side activities, but the crime spawn rate becomes very slow. Took me over an hour to get a bit over half of what was required for one section. If you're already at that point, this tip makes it... better. Still annoying. Team Cujo update - Spider-Man done! First game off my list, though Infamous and AC3 shouldn't be too far behind. Great game, glad I got to play without dodging spoilers for once. Controls quite well for the most part, though some of the timed missions and really hectic combat bits can get a little fussy. Strongly advise heavy progress on early crimes, as the difficulty ramps up as you go through the story. Don't be an idiot and skip 80% of them like I did. Don't want to comment much since it's so new, but it's very much worth a playthrough if you have any interest in superhero games. Spoiler warning: it seems to fit a couple themes with more specific requirements. Themes in spoiler, reasons also hidden and brief.
  11. Thank you! Most of mine were closer to the five-minute mark, and after taking over an hour to finish one district... my motivation was pretty dead. Took me 2-3 hours or so to get my last five zones cleared up with this.
  12. That would be the type I had in mind, thanks! Trying to figure out some of my other categories.
  13. Very handy. Definitely, you should have plenty of time to hit both!
  14. Well, the cat seems to be determined to use every single one of her nine lives and is improving, so I should be around more frequently again. Sorry I've been slow. Nice game choice. Yeah, have to say I'd really prefer stealth... Sure thing, hope you enjoyed it! How's Utawarerumono? I've eyed it in sales a few times. That it was. Lots of skips going around, myself included. Kind of wonder why it won... Collectibles seem a bit too off for "raising", personally. Good work on getting it done, though - that's a grindy one! Sure, nothing wrong with that. Just wanted to make sure you were aware. Looks like Dessane must have snuck in an update, your plat's already there. Congrats on getting back into a positive completion percentage! Always a shame when the end drags out too long. Glad it was fun otherwise! That was quick. Go you! You're nearly at double the plats since you started - very impressive! Not sure, honestly. I haven't played it yet and your description seems like it could go either way. I'll see if my friend can clear it up a bit, or you/anyone's free to chime in.
  15. Yep! Fun game, even with the wonky controls. Planning to go through all of them eventually, though I'll go back for the second game before tackling the PS4 ones.