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  1. I've never played this on PS4 so don't have anything to benchmark this against. But I must say these load times are not impressive at all. If they are this bad on PS5 I can only imagine what they were like on PS4.
  2. This trophy was a real pain. This video was super helpful though:
  3. The mission design and story in this game is lackluster but the gameplay has been amazing. Highly recommend if you want a fun mindless shooter. Luckily haven't encountered any game breaking bugs yet...
  4. It's hilarious how quick Ubisoft games go on sale. Will wait till the Super Duper Deluxe Edition of Immortals: FR is under $20. I've bought two PS5 games so far and paid full price for both: Outriders R&C Rift Apart
  5. Sadly AAA games from publishers who are publicly traded will continue to trend in this direction. Games are able to be monetized in ways that other art forms can only dream of. Microtransactions are literally a shareholders wet dream if you take into account the fact that the "cost" of selling them are near zero. Just big fat juicy margins for these publishers. Great if you are a company shareholder, terrible if you are a core gamer...
  6. Rocket League - 64% Tried playing that game again recently and I'm horrible now so doubt I'll be able to get it much higher.
  7. Just completed my second playthrough on Crushing after a few years away from the game and I gotta say I enjoyed it (again). The length was perfect and I liked the mix between combat and exploration. I don't like Nadine though. I find her to be such a bland character and have no idea what she has done to deserve being a protagonist. Would have much preferred a Chloe/Sam only game. My Ranking: UC3 UC4 UC2 UC: LL UC: GA UC1
  8. I paid $70 for this game and don't regret it. I personally had a great time and felt like this was the first next-gen game I've gotten to experience. I had no issues with the combat, but what felt uninspiring to me was the story. There is rarely any tension between the characters and its all so cheesy. I don't remember Ratchet's character being so boring. The older Ratchet games were a bit edgy and I miss that. Here's hoping we get a PS5 Jak and Daxter game someday...
  9. I'm also shocked at how easy Insanity is for ME2. I remember it being much harder on PS3. Was able to do Insanity on my first playthrough playing quite recklessly as a Vanguard.
  10. As others have mentioned, Insanity is quite easy on the first playthrough. I was a Vanguard and by the end I was two-shotting enemies with a Shotgun and being nearly immortal while my Barrier skill was active.
  11. Yes on all fronts. When it works and I'm not getting randomly disconnected or staring at the endlessly loading Sign-In screen, its actually quite fun. The first few hours are slow but once you get a full suite of powers and better guns around hour 3-4, it really starts to pick up.
  12. Typical clickbait media taking one thing John Garvin said in a 4 hour long podcast and making him come across as a total twit. I watched 2 hours of the stream and I really enjoyed it. Garvin is a fascinating and smart dude who has a lot of insights about the industry and has much more humility than the article suggests. I do disagree with this specific take of his though. Games are super expensive as it is and so many games come out buggy at launch. I very rarely pay full price for a game for this reason. Due to nothing else being out I recently paid full price for Outriders and I REALLY regret it. This game is so buggy that I spend half my time staring at a network disconnected screen rather than playing the actual game. Had I waited a couple months I could get a fully functioning game for $30 or less. So many times its the early adopters who get penalized, which is exactly why I'm usually NOT an early adopter lol. I haven't played Days Gone but from what I hearing on here it was also quite buggy at launch. Bend was a relatively unknown company making a new IP, so I certainly don't blame people for waiting. Had they nailed their first impression, I'm sure we would be getting a Days Gone 2.
  13. I got 100% on the PS4 version and also only had 6 trophies autopop. Will admit I'm not upset because this game feels amazing on PS5. Menus that actually work? A stable smooth frame rate? Say it ain't so!
  14. Congrats! I was meaning to get back into TF2 to give one more shot to get this trophy (only one I'm missing). I'm also not good at FPS's so hoping your strategy will work for me too
  15. I just started Outriders and I was taken aback at how hard it is to aim. The movement felt clunky as well which I can get over, but its hard to play a looter shooter if its a pain to actually shoot enemies. I've tried changing the sensitivity sliders in the menu but haven't been able to find one where it feels good to aim/shoot. I even thought it might have been my controller but I went back to test Division 2, I had no issues. Curious if anyone has felt the same way?