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  1. Same. Here's hoping...
  2. That platinum is still pending...
  3. You know what - I'm going for it. 1/10 - Oxenfree 2/10 - Undertale 3/10 - Persona 4 Golden 4/10 - Prey 5/10 - Salt and Sanctuary 6/10 - The Last Guardian 7/10 - Resident Evil 8 Village 8/10 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 9/10 - The Evil Within 10/10 - No idea yet but I'm sure I'll stumble across something.
  4. Platchums discussing their best games of 2021: 


  5. I mean the CEO is hardly going to say, "Nah Keanu isn't arsed with video games - plus the one time he tried playing it the game crashed."
  6. For me It Takes Two deserves to take home GoTY. It was just a joy to play and it's so packed with charm and creativity.
  7. Haha! Sure, if you're ever out West I'm always down for a pint of the black stuff!
  8. Hey everyone! So, we decided to switch over to discord submissions going forward so we're going to lock this thread for the time being. However, given the fact that you guys were the first ones to request reviews, Dan and I will still be referring to everyone's comments here to make sure we get to everyone's account on this list. Here's the link to the Platchums discord:
  9. I still stand firm in the belief my whining was justified in regards to Fight Night Round 4's trophy list. 😂
  10. A discussion on Fall Guys Platinum glitch and boosting in general: 


    1. AJ_Radio


      You guys make a lot of good points. Fall Guys was unfortunately part of a storm that brewed here last summer in regards to whether people should really use the glitch for a platinum trophy or not.


      Personally I don't like boosting at all. It's too stressful, completely relies on people you don't know, and isn't always reliable. Thankfully a couple good friends here on PSNP helped me get some online trophies done just by volunteering, which is always nice.


      I have a few games I want to boost but after that I plan to quit online boosting altogether. I much prefer to play through my games at my own pace and enjoy them, not rely on strangers to help me boost online trophies for games that I would otherwise would of already started.

  11. Oh absolutely, just good vibes all round to be honest.
  12. I don't have the game on my trophy list but I've been oddly captivated by the hoopla surrounding this glitch. I've never seen the trophy hunting community come together so quickly and in such large numbers to help everyone get a single trophy. I even saw a few groups of people who already had the trophy spending hours just helping others get the trophy, too. It's been pretty awesome to see and it's safe to say that the past week will go down in trophy hunting folklore. 😂
  13. Wow man, that's honestly unbelievably nice to hear and as Dan just said it's much appreciated. I'd say we'll be recording the final part of our platinums in common next time we record together, so we'll hopefully get that video up soon.