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  1. Made a retrospective video on Manhunt 2


  2. My latest video is a retrospective on Manhunt 2 - hope you enjoy it!
  3. I completely agree with you. I mean, Jesus - that Euron scene was just awful. It made it look like Euron waiting behind that rock for Jamie to come waltzing around the corner. It was contrived nonsense that served no real purpose whatsoever. The lack of substantive dialogue during the episode was pretty disappointing as well. Everyone spoke in very simple, short sentences like they're still learning the "common tongue".
  4. I was actually working on set the day episode 5 was filmed and I spent the better part of a year pondering just where Jamie was running to in King's Landing. Yep, pretty underwhelming. Whatever about all the other characters and the criticisms thrown at the writing this year, they really let the whole Jamie and Cersei story whimper out. But this is just my opinion, so please don't lambast me for expressing it. I will credit the last episode for its cinematography and direction - it was feckin' phenomenal.
  5. I've had Prey sitting nice and sealed on my shelf for the better part of two years... I'm starting to think I'm fairly stupid for not playing it yet.
  6. You can definitely do it, bud, I have every bit of faith in you. But I won't lie, it'll take a bit of work. My only advice would be to watch every video of wave 5 you can so you see as many different tactics as possible - it'll help settle the nerves when you get to that point. Let me know when you get it! Viel Glück!
  7. Spider-Man on PS4 alone made this generation truly special for me.
  8. I got the platinum all the way back in 2011, but I can honestly say that I don't think I'd be able to get the platinum today. Challenge six took a level of patience and determination that I think I've lost as I've gotten older
  9. I would've loved Max Payne 2 to be released on PS4 because even though it's one of my all-time favourites I never owned it - I just borrowed it on PC from a friend and rented it on PS2. I remember vividly that he PS2 version was awful in regards to loading times, even by the standards of the time.
  10. Started updating this little checklist! If anyone wants to hop on Red Dead Redemption 2 online let me know!
  11.  Five minutes of me talking about how Metal Gear Solid 4 saved my life. 


  12. My newest video is a very personal one and might not be to everyone's liking, but I felt like I had to make it. So, I hope you enjoy five minutes of me talking about how Metal Gear Solid 4 saved my life.
  13. I can imagine Sony maybe implementing a delete trophies features that allows you to delete between 3-5 games, and then a charge for each game after that. Adding a charge would prevent the small chance of someone hacking someone's profile and deleting every single one of their trophies. As for myself, years ago I debated whether or not I would delete FIFA 10 from my list, as it's the only unobtainable 100% on my list. But as I've gotten older I've started to care less and less about trophies, so I don't really mind if they never add a delete trophies feature. My list is a reflection of my gaming journey at this point, so it'd almost be a same to erase even a small part of it.
  14. Life Is Strange was such a surprisingly beautiful game that I greatly enjoyed playing. However, I was able to experience it in one long go, and I would definitely argue if the experience was as fragmented as Life Is Strange 2 is for some people it wouldn't have been half as engaging. So, yeah, like many others here I'll just wait until the whole game is out. It's a shame because I'm not against buying episodic games upon release, but the topsy-turvy release schedules of many of them nowadays has cooled my desire to do so.