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  1. @FarSideOfSaturn Thanks so much for your help with getting those last two pesky trophies, man, really appreciate it - you're a hero.
  2. I just released my latest video, which is a Gotakispective on No Man's Sky:
  3. Hey bud, thanks so much for getting in touch! Tomorrow evening suits me, say around 8pm. Is that okay for you? I know you're helping someone else at 7pm, so thought it might be handy enough for you, but please just let me know. I'll send you a friend request on PSN anyways Really appreciate you taking the time to help me and many others.
  4. Why is everyone whipping out the written version of certain dates as examples when it was the numerical version that caused confusion in the first place? If you put the month first or the day first numerically is pretty much irrelevant - everyone here has grown up and learnt what those numbers signify and verbalise it in whatever way they are used to. The number order doesn't change how you verbalise the words, just how you process what to verbalise. Then again, maybe I'm a fucking dumbass. As for the actual topic of this thread, I'm delighted they added the feature for people who've been stuck with an embarrassing teenage PSN name for their entire adult life. The way Sony set-up their name database made me think they've never implement the ability to change it. I love the fact you don't lose your old name either; makes it a less scary to go ahead and get a new name.
  5. Understatement of the year. I must've spent half of Batista vs Triple H laughing my damn arse off at Batista tripping.
  6. This'll probably be lost in space but I just wanted to share my Youtube channel with everyone here. You see back in the day I used to write long-winded, rambling blog posts on PSNP and they bizarrely managed to garner a lot of views, so I thought that there might be a slim chance there's still a few people knocking around who used to read them. My love of writing has sort of transferred over to creating videos over the past year so I don't have that many videos just yet. I focus on creating - you guessed it - long-winded, rambling video game retrospectives such as this: I also do personal opinion style videos were I just again rant and ramble on certain things video game related that are on my mind: I hope at least one person enjoys them! Anyway, let me know your thoughts good or bad. My next video will be a long Gotakispective on No Man's Sky, just need to tidy up the script a little bit before recording.
  7. Surely ship customisation is a must for this next update? It's one feature I'm surprised hasn't been implemented yet.
  8. Hey @FarSideOfSaturn, I'm just wondering if your taxi service is still going? It'd be hugely appreciated.
  9. I'm Irish, I'd rather not.
  10. I've never played a Final Fantasy game. I'm actually confused by it myself, considering I own FF VII, VIII and XII...
  11. Maybe if there was a limit of 5-10 games that can be deleted a year as a way to limit potential damage a hack can do then I don't see why not. As for my own collection, I really don't know if I'd delete any of them to be honest - the only one that might be in trouble would be FIFA10 and its impossible to 100% list.
  12. Here's a video of me walking aimlessly and ranting about Hideo Kojima 


  13. Think it may be about time to update this
  14. I have to say that that is simply the strangest damn trophy list I've seen in my ten years of trophy hunting.
  15. Jesus I was 17 when it came out! How old do you think me and the older ones around here feel?! Vice City is still one of my all time favourite games. It's almost difficult to explain to my younger cousins and friends just how impactful that game was at the game at the time. The graphics and world were mind-blowing to me, and having a fully voiced protagonist seemed like a quantum leap forward. I'd recommend you check it out if you own it, even just to drive around Ocean View while listening to the stellar soundtrack.