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  1. Come on, it's not as simplistic as blanket blaming a certain demographic. I'm not going to talk about streaming because in all honesty I've never been remotely interested in it, so I really only have one piece of advice: talk to your boyfriend. Maybe explaining your opinion and how you feel will open up a conversation in which you two can bounce your different perspectives off each other. Might open both your eyes to how or why the other does or watches what they do.
  2. Even though I'm all for the next-gen of consoles pushing the boundaries of gaming and providing me with an array of new IPs, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't run out and immediately buy a PS5 if a Metal Gear Solid remake was announced.
  3. Started the year on a solid note by finally getting the Red Dead Redemption 2 platinum! It's definitely a 10/10 in terms of length, but overall I'd rate it 6/10 in terms of actual difficulty.
  4. My God, I finally got the Red Dead 2 platinum... Easily my top PS4 platinum.

  5. Holy shit, I was not expecting to see my name here - much appreciated, bud! You're pretty sound yourself!
  6. This will probably be the last big game I buy for PS4, seeing as I have a giant backlog and I'm in no rush to buy a PS5. I'm going to err on the side of caution and patience; there's no need for me to buy this day one so I'm going to sit back, continue playing through my backlog and then see how the PS4 version is shaping up before I decide to buy it.
  7. Glad we can give you something to break up that rather bleak list of videos you've been watching. Hope you enjoy it! Good to see you again, man and appreciate the kind words! I'll add you to the list Thanks so much! Delighted to have you onboard - just added you to the list. Added to the list! Hope you enjoy the video as well.
  8. Just so everyone knows, we'll be aiming to get a profile review video up every week, so stay tuned for more.
  9. Alright, lads, you're up! @dylansko, @Spaz, @poopooblast, @Burgins Here's our first trophy collection review:
  10. The accent is a blessing and a curse. You won't have to wait long, bud, the first review'll be up tomorrow at 4pm GMT.
  11. Thanks for all the requests guys! We'll get working on these requests so stay tuned.
  12. Consider your account on the list to review!
  13. Cheers, appreciate it! Fight Night 4 really was just pure luck; if I didn't land that stupidly weak punch I probably never would've gotten the platinum.