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  1. Over the past year I've been pretty happy with the games I've received, so even if it's a month in which I personally won't benefit I'm just glad a lot of people will benefit. I'm not going to get up in arms over a service that is essentially just a pleasant consequence of having to pay for online gaming. I mean, I just have to ask - what is good enough for you? Like, what are you expecting from such a service? Sony can never please everyone as it's just not in the nature of the service they're providing. I'm happy if I get 3-4 new games a year out of PS+ because - as I've stated already - online gaming is the primary reason I part with my money for the yearly subscription.
  2. If it's getting to the point where people are complaining about The Last of Us being on PS+ then I give up. It's one of the most lauded games of all time and I'm delighted for people who either haven't experienced it or were too young to play it when it first came around.
  3. Finally got that pesky 100% in Batman: Arkham Knight. 

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      Well done! 💯

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      Only just saw this status update.


      I had to take months break from those Community Challenges because they were difficult for me. The Curtain Falls was the worst of the lot, once those giant Brutes came up I was basically dead a lot of the time.

  4. I'm of the mindset that it's best to wait before decrying this news. After all, the thought of such a deal existing in the first place was crazier than the idea of Sony and Marvel reaching a new agreement in the near future. But, I will say this - If they can't come to some sort of agreement just as J. Jonah has finally made his way into the MCU, I will be forever pissed.
  5. It's genuinely disappointing that so few PS2 games made the leap to PS4.
  6. A video of me talking about how much I miss video game manuals:


  7. I video of me rambling about missing video game manuals
  8. Got to go with Fallout 4's platinum because I wish I would be paraded around like a champion whenever I platinum a game, as opposed to sitting alone thinking, "Cool."
  9. I'm not sure if this already has a thread but I couldn't find one on the subject. What did everyone make of the rebranding of lootboxes to "surprise mechanics" during EA and Epic's meeting with the U.K. Parliament? Did anyone else watch the whole discussion? I'm glad to see these nefarious systems finally be put to the sword, legally speaking. Lootboxes aren't going anywhere fast, but even if they're contained and monitored closer their impact on games can be lessened.
  10. Made a retrospective video on Manhunt 2


  11. My latest video is a retrospective on Manhunt 2 - hope you enjoy it!
  12. I completely agree with you. I mean, Jesus - that Euron scene was just awful. It made it look like Euron waiting behind that rock for Jamie to come waltzing around the corner. It was contrived nonsense that served no real purpose whatsoever. The lack of substantive dialogue during the episode was pretty disappointing as well. Everyone spoke in very simple, short sentences like they're still learning the "common tongue".
  13. I was actually working on set the day episode 5 was filmed and I spent the better part of a year pondering just where Jamie was running to in King's Landing. Yep, pretty underwhelming. Whatever about all the other characters and the criticisms thrown at the writing this year, they really let the whole Jamie and Cersei story whimper out. But this is just my opinion, so please don't lambast me for expressing it. I will credit the last episode for its cinematography and direction - it was feckin' phenomenal.