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  1. As someone who recently got the platinum in Dark Souls, I must say I was pretty feckin' relieved when I reached the destination.
  2. Here's my latest video: A retrospective on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.
  3. Well, there goes my ridiculous plan..
  4. You need to earn a trophy before the changes are implemented, right? I wonder if I'll just retire my account to confuse newer generations of trophy hunters who'll never know why my level is so low...
  5. You remind me of the ten-year-old me playing the game in 2001. Whenever I replayed it when I was 20 or so it made a lot more sense, seeing as social media and the internet had evolved to the point where MGS2's focus on false information seemed all too relevant. If you're looking for a deeper look into the game's narrative then I'd highly recommend this video - always thought it was the best out of the multitude of MGS2 analyses out there:
  6. Probably not as unknown as a lot of the games you picked but I always say the Spyro Trilogy is an amazing collection of games with fairly quick and easy platinums.
  7. There really seems to be no middle-ground when it comes to Undertale - people either think it's incredible or absolutely terrible. I haven't played it myself to make my own judgement on it but I'd be lying if I said if I ever felt the desire to play it.
  8. I must say that Gris definitely caught my eye most out of all the games on the list - looks seriously beautiful.
  9. The last FIFA I bought was FIFA 18. I was always a career mode guy that was holding onto hope that the career mode would eventually become a glorious mix of FIFA's gameplay and the depth of Football Manager. You know, a career mode that could last 50 years and have an insane amount of stats, etc. Unfortunately, what happened was the opposite. The emphasis on Ultimate Team completely ruined FIFA for me. It's a glorious cash-cow for EA that will continue to be milked for the foreseeable future, but they won't get my money again anytime soon. It's such a shame because FIFA was always my go-to game to relax and switch off or to play with friends.
  10. Hey guys, here's a video of my friend and I moaning about trophies, and offering our advice to developers on what to avoid when making trophy lists for their games.
  11. This is amazing, thanks so much for sharing! I remember being curious about PS Now, so I loaded it up but instantly found myself quitting out of it because the interface was just dreadful - this'll be a huge help.
  12. Haha! I think I was fine until I said it as well. Get your act together - this is serious business... that should not be taken seriously. I completely see your point. Online trophies are the devil anyway because they automatically mean you're going to have to depend on other people - or some dodgy servers - to unlock them.
  13. Helyx could literally break into my house, steal all my beer, piss on my sofa and put Hannah Montana on my trophy list and I'd probably still cook him breakfast.
  14. I still use my original PSP for music and movies whenever I travel and I've been long holding out on getting a Vita. I think the thought of having to buy an expensive yet somewhat small memory card put me off for ages, but I really want to finally let my OG PSP retire in peace and get another gaming/media device for travelling. The PSP was an outrageously brilliant and well-made console, so if I can find a good enough deal on a VITA I'll definitely be picking one up ASAP. Would you guys recommend the OLED model or is the difference between the VITA versions not that big?
  15. Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales all the way, even if SM: MM will in all likelihood be like Spider-Man 1.5 as opposed to a fully fledged sequel.