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  1. Here's a video I made discussing memory cards and how delighted I am that they are a thing of the past. I do miss the awesome animated save icons, though - they were cool.
  2. Wow man, that's honestly unbelievably nice to hear and as Dan just said it's much appreciated. I'd say we'll be recording the final part of our platinums in common next time we record together, so we'll hopefully get that video up soon.
  3. I finally bought a Vita last week! I know, a little late to the party, but it only dawned on me when I started downloading games that I don't have a 500GB hard drive to work with - might take a little bit of readjusting. You're lucky, the few people I knew that had third-party cards always complained about them corrupting all their saves. I never managed to get one, but I would've taken the risk just to have a larger storage capacity so I didn't have to delete save files every time I played something new. Haha! You're absolutely right with that, Snow. THat's a good point, syncing trophies to the PSN is sort of the most important thing for me as well considering cloud storage is a thing. Hahaha! I was a tad odd about my memory card as well. I flat out refused to delete some save files because I always wanted my favourite games to be on the card; the longer the generation went on the harder it became to keep my arbitrary 'Top 10 PS2 games' on the card. Parasite Eve is such a great game, so it was worth the pricer electricity bill. Let me know if your PS2 saves are okay - as much as I ranted about memory cards in the video I would still feel a bit sad if I lost all the files that are on it.
  4. Soulsborne Platinum Challenge: Dark Souls 2 


  5. Well, it's people like yourself that this whole thing has been constructed for, but it's precisely why it's so reviled by anyone who actually follows football.
  6. So for anyone even remotely interested, I recently talked through entire my trophy collection with my friend. We decided after recording that it might be fun to look over other people's accounts and maybe talk to them about their collections and just shoot the breeze. So, if you'd maybe be up for talking about your collection or if you just want us to have a look over it and give our thoughts, just leave a comment here and we'll get to it! EPISODE 1: dylansko, AJ_Radio, poopooblast, Ditnopota It must be said that this will just be a bit of fun - I don't think we'll be delivering a ridiculously pompous critique of your account or anything. EPISODE 2: Here's my trophy collection discussion video if you want to see what it might entail:
  7. The long overdue episode 5: Accounts featured in this episode: THEULTIMATEMEMELORD, LockheedPrime and Motokompa
  8. So, my friend and I recently had a discussion about if we'll ever stop trophy hunting, and considering we've both been at it for over a decade and life keeps getting busier, it might be a hobby that'll have to be pushed aside. Can you ever yourself winding down or stop going for platinum trophies?
  9. I Miss Video Game Demos:
  10. This'll probably be lost in space but I just wanted to share my Youtube channel with everyone here. You see back in the day I used to write long-winded, rambling blog posts on PSNP and they bizarrely managed to garner a lot of views, so I thought that there might be a slim chance there's still a few people knocking around who used to read them. My love of writing has sort of transferred over to creating videos over the past year so I don't have that many videos just yet. I focus on creating - you guessed it - long-winded, rambling video game retrospectives such as this: I also do personal opinion style videos were I just again rant and ramble on certain things video game related that are on my mind: I hope at least one person enjoys them! Anyway, let me know your thoughts good or bad. My next video will be a long Gotakispective on No Man's Sky, just need to tidy up the script a little bit before recording.
  11. Completely agree bud. I love getting the most out of each and every game I play, but damn if it isn't the quickest way to build a backlog! I've slowly been chipping away at the backlog over the past year, but I've hit a bit of a wall again recently with Dark Souls 2. 😂 At this rate I might not bother getting a PS5 for another two years - if it's even possible to get them then.
  12. Considering Sony have just released their first ever digital only version of a console in the form of the PS5, surely they would be aware of what a bad look it would be to shut down multiple digital storefronts at this moment in time. I mean, Sony only stopped manufacturing PS3s four years ago and if they're pushing ahead with digital only consoles, there needs to be a seriously clear pathway forward in how people are able to access and retain their digital libraries. Sony may have an eye on this considering the PS5 is backwards compatible with the PS4, but it seems like Sony have no problem cutting off their first three generations for the sake of simplicity going forward.
  13. It still pains me what happened to the Dead Space series. It's rare for a series to get 3 entries and make it feel like there's still a lot of untapped potential. The original was such an unique experience, and even though it's closing in on being 13-years-old, it holds up incredibly well.
  14. Man, there's still a few games on my PS3 backlog as well and I don't even have a child. 😂 Nevermind the slew of PS4 games I've yet to play. In saying that though, I do love trophy hunting so I don't think I'll ever consciously decide to stop, but it's definitely becoming more difficult to commit chunks of time to hugely grindy or difficult platinums.
  15. I'm completely in the same boat as you. I actually went into Before the Storm with the lowest expectations because I assumed it was a bit of a cash-grab on the back of the original's massive success, but it was anything but and it's now my favourite of all 3 games in the series. I would say the 3 part story had a lot to do with its razor sharp pacing, but I also feel like the dialogue is the best in the series on top of it being the most emotionally charged.
  16. Your list was by far the most unique we'd ever seen and Dan and I have taken some notes of which games to buy based on it! So thanks for that. We've taken a bit of a break from collection reviews but we'll be recording again soon and working our way through everyone who's applied so far, so stay tuned!
  17. Thanks so much for taking the time to review my account, man - really appreciate it! Here's my thoughts on your review! - I loved the Assassin's Creed games I played, but for whatever reason I haven't jumped back into the series. I think as the world maps got bigger my interest sort of lessened. - I don't own a VR headset to 100% Concrete Genie and I don't really fancy shelling out the money for one! I do have a friend who has one, so when lockdown restrictions are eased in Ireland I might ask if he's nice enough to bring it over to my house so I can finish it! - FIFA 10 is the only unobtainable 100% on my account, the servers closed in 2011. - I never noticed the zombie streak I had going on my list! - Definitely replay San Andreas, I actually got super into it again - it's still such a great, fun game. - I plan on getting Hitman 2 and 3 at some point, might wait 'til I get the PS5. - I've been meaning to play Jak 3 for about 4 years haha! I need to set-up my PS3 and just finish it. - With Limbo I eventually managed the less than 5 deaths after those 2 years! - You're exactly right, just waiting for the PS5 before I play Miles Morales. - Mass Effect is one of my favourite series; I actually picked up Andromeda on sale for €3 a few months ago so I will get it at some point - Okami's a beautiful game, highly recommend it. - Portal 2 is the best co-op game ever made - still love it. - Read Dead 2 was a platinum I would not have gone for had I not been in lockdown! - True Crime LA and New York are some my favourite PS2 games, so Sleeping Dogs was a no-brainer for me to play. - I want to play South Park: Fractured But Whole ASAP - just waiting on a sale. - Once you start The Witcher 3 you won't play anything else for a while - My three month break in 2015 was because I moved to Switzerland, so learning German sort of took over my spare time haha - Thanks for the youtube shoutout as well, man! - I do plan on getting the 100% in Ghost of Tsushima, but as you said the raid seems like a pain so I'm leaving it for the moment. Thanks again for the review, loved hearing your thoughts!
  18. We actually cover your list in episode 4 so hopefully you enjoy it!
  19. Sorry about that, we'll do that from now on!
  20. I started writing posting 'Gota Blogs' to this very website, so never say never! The thing is I'm not really of the mindset that I'm going to be a Youtuber or anything. My own channel is just a creative outlet for me to pour my word vomit out into video format whenever I feel like doing so, and Platchums has just been a hell of a lot of fun with an old friend over lockdown. If it takes off that would be amazing, but I think it's the furthest thing from our minds - we're just having too much fun recording the conversations we would've been having over the phone anyway! If you do ever make a video, don't hesitate to link it to me.
  21. Thanks so much for the support as well, Copanele
  22. Wow man, I honestly don't know what to say about the kind words -we're still shocked anyone even watches us! Thank you so much, it's so appreciated. I just hope our "credentials" are on par with yours because your list is crazy good, so keep it up! I know this is random, but I must say as well that you're a really great writer. I was just looking through your reviews and thoughts and I accidently spent way longer than I intended reading them. In other words, I like your word vomit. Is this your main outlet for your writing or do you post them elsewhere? I have a personal channel in which I write long retrospectives and short game essays, just on the off chance you want to check that out as well: It also mainly consists of my personal brand of word vomit.
  23. Episode 4:
  24. Thanks for the requests guys! Dan and I will be slowly making our way through everyone's trophy collection!
  25. Come on, it's not as simplistic as blanket blaming a certain demographic. I'm not going to talk about streaming because in all honesty I've never been remotely interested in it, so I really only have one piece of advice: talk to your boyfriend. Maybe explaining your opinion and how you feel will open up a conversation in which you two can bounce your different perspectives off each other. Might open both your eyes to how or why the other does or watches what they do.