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  1. u said i bought forsaken 3 years ago when it was on sale and i simply answered u that its on sale frequently, also currently, so 6,59 bucks are enough to 100% the game. Yes, with only this dlc u cant access many content ok, but this game its an ONLINE TEAM BASED GAME, meaning that finding people/teams that can help u isnt cheating, but part of the game. if u say that more than 100h and 100$ are needed for 100% the game in SOLO, well this is your problem, but u re simply confounding people asking if this game its still "doable".
  2. Hi, i just downloaded it on vita, while i bought it on PS4. The odd fact is it shows as "free", while all games on vita, mantain visible its price even if u already purchased it. The only thing that changes is the button: from "buy" to "download". Dunno if its a bug. So anyone dont still have this game, try to download it for free. PS: my store is italian
  3. ehm... on US store it's the same of course
  4. i spent only 7€ for forsaken on sale and i almost completed seal and found a guy guiding me through last wish raid. then, ill need some grind for reaching 1580 light and i can do grandmaster nightfall (finding some OP players). dont agree with 100$ nor 100h...
  5. i think the guy above doesnt have the ps+ edition otherwise he should know he already have everything needed for 100% from years...
  6. there are 2 versions of mortal blitz, one with plat and one without. maybe the demo its the not plat one. odd anyway
  7. Hi, i just bought forsaken dlc and started the game. I need some tips for optimize/shorten the amount of time to 100% as most as possible. 1) Are base game and dlc independent or i can mix them going for both trophies at same time? 2) Are there any "double/triple exp loot multiplier etc" events? If yes i ill play only during those days 3) Any other tips? Thanks
  8. but it gives u only 2 songs so u can unlock almost zero trophies with them. i suggest to not bloat this list with games that are more demos than F2P...
  9. hi, do u remember if it still works if i already opened all available packs before starting main game? its the first thing i did after starting it for first time EDIT: it works. but it requires a lot more than just 15m
  10. i think u should add an option to disable the popup, regardless if its bugged or not
  11. ok, considering the amounts of updates, the "psnp+ was updated" popup its becoming annoying. Now it's even bugged and appears EVERYTIME i open psnp EDIT: everytime i navigate the website (change page)
  12. use this, instead: https://psprices.com/region-us/collection/just-added?price_min=&price_max=0&discount_min=&show=games&metascore=&updated_from_day=&updated_from_month=&updated_from_year=&updated_to_day=&updated_to_month=&updated_to_year=&end_date_from_day=&end_date_from_month=&end_date_from_year=&end_date_to_day=&end_date_to_month=&end_date_to_year= it will take a while to hide all content, but once u do it, every time a new free game its released, u will know it immediately. i also check this thread and i can tell that many games are often "skipped"
  13. u mean that i download efootball 2023 but it shows at 2022 in trophy list?
  14. ok so its a bad news, as its possible that new dlc will be added for the 2023 "part". just like happened with overwatch2 thats basically an overwatch1's dlc...
  15. there are people that completed it few days ago, so... 1) game is still playable normally or 2) they downloaded 1.00 version and played offline as there arent any online trophies can anyone confirm it? now its time to 100% it as theres no risk of upcoming dlcs