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  1. where is this guide? cant find it
  2. i had this rule too but on xbox360. "arcade" games ("no plat" on ps) was worth 200 points, instead of the classic 1000. so in a list of 1000's, a 200 game seemed like an incomplete game. but on PS its a different story, it's still a 100%, no matter how many points. I don't care about an "icon", i care only of 100%
  3. from what i know the slower u charge a battery the more it lasts. in fact all those "fast charging" so much trendy nowadays in cell phones are only made to ruin batteries faster. saying this, if long cable sends less current (slower charging), it can only benefit battery life, even if u have to wait more for a full charge
  4. ok. i think it wont matter in my case anyway. im playing goty version playing "mixed" between all dlc's so i think once i reach end of main quest i will also finish all remaining stuff meanwhile
  5. anyway, after the critical save, which path u suggest to follow, i mean the one from u'll do remaining stuff (dlc's etc), left or right?
  6. worst triggers (if they can be so called) ever! i had to buy a cronus max to remap all that games that dont allows to swtich aim/shoot from L1/R1 to L2/R2 + ive got trigger caps on ebay to make them decent. coming from an xbox360 it was a nightmare. worst controller ever at that time , considering aiming/shooting with triggers was already common. anyway, i gift u a long usb cable+some money for electricity bill. never heared before of controller's autonomy before! i mean, do u play console games on a middle of desert, where every watt matters??
  7. Hi, it's been a while that i'm wondering why reddit it's so popular. But let's start from begin. Which is the best place to ask for various kind of help in no time, and to a virtually infinite audience? Forums of course! However if u need a one-time help, it can be a waste of time registering on a new forum to ask just one thing. Reddit it's the solution: one account for all possible and imaginable forums! At least at first glance... Why?1) Rules rules rulesEverytime i post something on reddit i feel like being a suspect in an interrogation room: "anything you say may be used against you (not posted in this case)". It's enough you say something wrong and bot will void your post, or a mod (total no-lifers) will remove it in few minutes/hours. An example of what happened to me... A friend asked me to install a custom rom on it's android, to return a favor. Never did such things before. I had an issue so i asked on reddit (Lineage forum), it was a very generic question and many people answered me resolving my problem. After a while mod removed post. Why? I wrote my phone model and there were no official Lineage releases for it (rule says: only officially supported devices). I don't even know there was official and unofficial versions and my question was not even regarding it. It's just like asking "what's better? xenon or led lights?" on a lexus forum, while owning a toyota. i mean, what's the problem???2) reputation, karma, whole twisty process to able to do something...Let's say i want to ask something on a new subreddit... I join it and try to post something > i can't, i'm a new user, i have to build reputation first by answering to other threads > ok, i'm the god, i know answers to all universe's problem and i'm very benevolent today so i want to help everyone > i can't. there's a time limit between posts > ok i'm very patient. i will build my reputation and i'll post every 15 minutes to reach the needed amount of answers > there's no defined amount, and there's no way to know who decide it. it's a hidden defined value by the mod? it's something dependant of the mod's mood? no way to know it. Only way is to join the community, become a no-lifer, spending time on it, all for just one question!3) auto closing threads Most of the times issues we have are already present on google and many of them are on reddit. Fastest solution is answer to them, no matter if 5 years has passed, in most cases people remember things and can help u in a faster way than opening a new whole thread. NO WAY! thread is closed, you have to open a new one, and go through the nightmare described in point 2.Now considering points above, i can't understand why of the success reddit have. I mean, registering on a new forum it's still a faster way to ask something. Or maybe i'm the wrong one and reddit's purpose is different than what i was looking for? Another community plenty of nolifers?
  8. Ok thanks. So it seems similar, or maybe the same, as in pstrophies guide. Molecular level seems relevant only in the guide on psnp so ill ignore it then
  9. im playing blind of course, without spoilering anything. i only took note of the few missions that splits paths, but i was wondering why one guide talks about molecular level, without caring of blind betrayal while the other is opposite
  10. Hi, i'm following both guides here and the one on pstrophies and don't know what to do. the guide here says molecular level is the first quest that needs a manual save because paths are splitting while the other guide says blind betrayal is the one, ignoring molecular level. i'm making a save every day so i wont miss anything however i dont wont waste time on unecessary paths. what do u suggest?
  11. well "retail price" it's something abstract nowadays. who the hell spends 70€ for a digital game that can be bought used (and physical) for 30€ and, then, even re-sold?? not mentioning psn sales... anyway, i have ps plus mainly because im a completionist and even if usually i dont like online gaming, i play online because some trophies requires it. i preferred 6 games, many of those with easy trophies, than AAA games that i can buy for few bucks and sell again. add the fact many of those AAA games have dlc's that have to be bought separately (very rarely ps plus gives full editions)...
  12. anyway sony became a lot greedy. before we had 6 games with many crossbuys in it. i remember games that was vita+ps4+ps3 with also stackable trophies. now, instead, we have just 3 games and even those crossbuy (ps5+ps4) are "splitted" just for ps plus purposes. don't know why they are acting like this. hope people will buy more ps5? the day a vanilla ps5 will be available at its list price then ill be happy to buy one. now only shitty bundles with shitty games and/or 10 extra controllers are "available" (u have still have to preorder them), so, dear sony, if u want people buy your ps5, then produce more of them!
  13. for me, ps4 version unavailable, ps5 at full price
  14. so i have to assign a settler to every link or is enough one to all? anyway how to get more settlers? the only one i found was a bum in diamond city that offered to work after i gave him a nuka cola
  15. ehm, how to “link”? I did nothing, other than unlocking the perk, to have commonwealth settlements linked