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  1. had to download 1.00 version as with the latest 2.79 doesnt worked too....
  2. As someone, 2 years ago, already said, YOU'RE A FUC...IN LEGEND! this method works flawlessly and download past the "critical 9gb" point of method1. Another plus is now i have one less reason for keeping the windows partition on my mac :-)
  3. Does anybody know why it works only on smaller games? i explain better: when i download files bigger than maybe 10gb at a certain point i get an error and download stops without the possibility to resume it. Meanwhile the pc's fan starts to spinning. Seems that's its something thats depend from pc, as the more u download the more resources are needed. In fact i found a way to raise download autonomy by some gb's, pausing download, waiting for cooldown pc, and resuming download. in this way i gain maybe 2-3gb extra, but its still too low for big games. any ideas?
  4. i dont think level cap have something to do with it. most recent guides pops trophy at lv 105, while 120 level cap is present from long time before. i think "max" level its referred to max level obtainable in that game mode, so its 105 before ascending, and 120 just after it i dont even understand what the runes are for. once i use the code i have the runes in inventory overweighting me, and no options to use them
  5. ive tried the above method and managed to get lv120 but still no trophy. however ive contacted some ppl that completed game few days ago and they said this method worked, so dont know from what it depends
  6. cant get the 105lv trophy. any ideas?
  7. hi, any idea if the game was patched? its on sale and its basically a fast plat, however from what im reading it can become easily a long one...
  8. geared and plat at lv 74
  9. yes i understand its a cheap combo system like simply spawning a button and getting 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc combo counter up, but its something that i hate on an rpg game, because actually its not even an rpg...
  10. ok ill remove it from my library then :-) hoping was an open world rpg but even if not so "open world" at least more rpg than fighting. the word "combo" its enough for me for ignore this game well this one was free on ps+ and dlcs are on sale (lowest price ever) so this is the only option
  11. Hi, ive looked at some reviews but still don't know how this game is balanced between rpg and action. Is it more like god of war or devil may cry (the first ones) or more like witcher? from what it seems to be, i think its path linear action game, with few rpg elements, but nothing more
  12. can u tell me which mode to use for boosting??? playing solo, every game mode is populated with bots. today ill be boot in 3, but is it possible to make a lobby with just we 3 without any bots? or maybe just 1 bot for the 3 streak kill? also i dont understand the difference between team deathmatch and co-op deathmatch as "team" its already co-op... EDIT: just got 100%
  13. it doesnt matter if with guide or without guide. 1/10 should be reserved for graphics novels and similar games where TIME isnt and issue in ANY way. eg. a game that can be completed even by impaired persons. Even telltale games where there are very little skill based fragments (in walking dead you can actually die) should be 2/10. I mean, we have a scale of 1-10, not 1-3! so why abusing with those 1/10 everywhere??? 3/4/10 its still easy but less than 1/10! But it seems that, as an author of a guide, it's more cool to lower difficulty, let's knowing the world how we good are at videogames... PS: in case of this game, as i already said above, ive screwed speedrun only by stopping by the crow maybe 2m, so its definitely not 1/10 considering the time limit is very close to failure
  14. the game have dlc and i'm always using psnp rarity...
  15. i have the last version (4.6). in my profile page the only voice i get is "update profile", then, once i click on a game in my list, the only voice is "refresh progress"