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  1. is this day over yet? ready to start my three day weekend.

  2. quick stop by mcdonalds for some mediocre dinner and then home to marathon more walking dead.

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    2. Kristen Danielle
    3. funboy1246


      @Kristen Danielle just started season 6. i've seen up to the whispers but i decided to start from the begining again and watch the 10 seasons netflix has

    4. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Sounds like a plan. The Whisperer War is where it starts to get stale.

  3. god forgive me for this but seeing as how hes dead. sure
  4. only a few words and phrases picked up form games and anime. i know when im being called an idiot lol and i can say awesome and im sorry, very basic stuff. reading it or writing it though...pffft no even a little.
  5. HIGH FLYING HURLER Simple trophy that i somehow missed on my first playthrough.
  6. Ok, so borderlands the game of the year edition is grinding my gears. im doing the clap trap dlc and i still gotta 3 of the trophies for collecting random things dropped from the claptraps. i farmed the end boss for hours and only got 2 oils cans, 3 slices of pizza and one damn bobblehead. ffs.

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    2. Dreggit


      if you want to have an alternative method (sometimes claimed to be quicker) that is a more active mode of farming (will still take a lot of time) is to load up the map Hyperion Dump and move to where the miniboss was located. In a given run of 2-4 minutes, you can get 40-60 Claptrap spawns around the perimeter of enclosure. It's also a good method for doing the part sidequests in roughly an hour.




      Not sure if it'll help, but try that if you get bored. Once you clear the area, just quit to menu and reload the map. Since it is pretty close to the start of the DLC, getting back is pretty fast.

    3. funboy1246


      @Dreggit this is a method i haven't seen yet. ill definately give it a try. 

    4. Ragtag_Dude
  7. Sorry, im a little late to the party. Welcome to the forums, and hope to see you around!
  8. i like to set gaming goals for myself every once in a while, and i thought it was about time to do it again. my current long term goal is to plat and 100% every borderlands game. may even go back in and try to get the og borderlands on ps3. 

    1. Dreggit


      Just fair warning, the PS3 JP release for Borderlands is not able to be 100%'d due to a legal complication at the time that DLC released elsewhere. (It was due to the complication that it was never released in Japan. If you're curious, reasons were in the same vein that there are often unique regional stacks in Germany for Wolfenstein games)

    2. funboy1246


      i appriciate the heads up but when i said all i just meant the na versions of 1 through 3

  9. I would say this one. never even heard of it.
  10. nope
  11. Plat 77 - a way out. Special thanks to @DaisyVilla102 for the help. It was good playing with you again

    1. ihadalifeb4this



    2. DaisyVilla102


      Back atcha! ☝️😄  I had fun!

  12. i wouldn't know. i only have a ps4. i know nothing about the vita was just trying to help find a solution for ya
  13. found a few reddit threads and a youtube video with that error code mentioned. dont know if they're of any help to you but it what i could find.
  14. ok, i was never an amazing gamer, but i used to be better than this. i find myself more and more getting stuck on stuff i know i would have breezed through back in the day. examples. doom 2016, im stuck on the cyberdemon fight. kills me quick everytime, and yakuza zero, i just want to get 90 or better on karaoke songs for the cp. even with simple interjections i can't get any better 87-89 on them. 😒

  15. just sitting here at work waiting for the moment i can go home and start my three day "weekend". why does time move soooo slow when you want something to be over?

    1. AK-1138


      All work and no play makes funboy something something

    2. DaisyVilla102
    3. funboy1246


      Dont mind if i do pfbdoabtbsoqbtbsiwlent siwkrbejeitbsj!