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  1. so been replaying FF7 on ps4 (og not remake) and learned something new or at least that i had forgotten. not to spoil for anyone just say it has to do with barrett.

  2. So been playing Control lately and im really enjoying. alls i will say is somehow, someway, i will have that rubber duck.

    1. Jelly Soup

      Jelly Soup

      Welcome to the Oldest House 

    2. MarcusPunisher


      And at some point, you're gonna collect some cat statues for a special award. 😄

    3. PlutoRico


      Good luck my friend 😁

  3. I have just started my nightly marathons of one piece. currently ready to start episode 61......pray for me
  4. To be fair....its a WWE game. what were you expecting? they've been crap for years
  5. i dunno i guess it depends on the situation. if they were making death threats against me or my family. yea probably. but if it was something like "you fu%$#ing suck you piece of sh%$. id just shrug it off.
  6. so i have learned the hard way, trying to track down info on antiques is kinda hard lol. im bout ready to pull my hair out.

  7. and finally another ticked off. O5 is AC 3 remastered. plan on using this also for dlc with the tyranny of king george. hopefully will have that knocked out tomorrow.
  8. the junction system in final fantasy 8 and the whole junctioning magic to boost stats. i tried to level grind like the good old days and boned myself hard and had to restart. still not a master of it but at least i get the basics now
  9. So our warehouse is short handed as is its just me one other guy and our manager. well the other guy is out with covid for the second time and for the next two weeks its just me and the manager. means extra days for me which is nice on the ole paycheck but man its gonna kill my free time. 😑

  10. welcome to the forums! hope to see ya round sometime.
  11. well all my quick ones are off the board (less then two hours to finish) now i have to make a plan to maximize boxes ticked and minimize time between ticks. think i will get last of us 2 downloading tonight (pretty sure im close to the end) and while thats going ill plink away at ac3 remastered (still close to the start.) then i have a few longer games that i will put alternating time into to grind those out on my off days. well, wish me luck. ya'll have any game plans to clear your board as quick as possible? and as im looking at my card....i think i boo booed. i should have used syberia for one word game and then used syberia 2 for no jump button and slid vampyr over to crafting mechanics....maybe i can use syberia 2 as a puzzle game, but i dont think they meant those kind of puzzles. hmmm
  12. And one more to round out the night.
  13. one more ticked off with Ratchet and Clank
  14. hs:// Sorry not great at editing and such hopefully this will suffice