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  1. Plat 65 ac origins. Now just a few dlc trophies for the 100 percent and im done.

    1. Kristen Danielle
    2. MidnightDragon


      Nice! Going to do Odyssey if you haven't already?

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  2. i also haven't noticed a difference. as the bulk of my collection is digital i download quite often. at the worst of times even the biggest game will only take maybe 4 hours to download
  3. just going on games listed, personally id say days gone but its really dependent on what kind of games you prefer to play
  4. edging up on my ac origins plat. only 2 trophies left. complete all locations and the war elephants. then its on to dlc for the 100%. all locations is a slog though let me tell ya.

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    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I could never do them back to back. I always need a light game like Spyro or Ratchet & Clank between impossibly long, complicated games like that.

    3. funboy1246


      may do spyro. but those flying levels piss me off. i can never get everything in one go which you need for all the gems. makes me pull my hair out lol

    4. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Yeah, it took me a long time and many rounds of practice to get all of those done perfectly. I finished the trilogy with all three platinums and all of the skill points, though! :)

  5. yeah i actually used boosting sessions on here to get those lol mortal kombat 11. i suck royally at any and all fighting games
  6. either witcher 3 or la noire. need to work on both those.
  7. playing a few atm ac origins-7/10 borderlands remastered-8/10 gauntlet-6/10 defiance 2050-5/10 far cry 3-6/10
  8. learn something new everyday. i had no idea you needed twice the space.
  9. the petition will accomplish nothing. if you don't like how the turned out speak with your wallet. i refused to buy the game til i heard full reviews from sources i trust, when i learned the basic plot and how i feel it did injustice to characters i cared about i boycotted the game. i spoke with my wallet. 60 dollars to naughty dog isn't shit but its the point that counts. same reason i boycotted the 2nd shadow of mordor. and i only have battlefront 2 because it was a free game of the month. played maybe and hour total and was like yep glad i didn't buy this.
  10. 1.nes 2.gameboy 3.gameboy color 4.super nes 5. sega genisis 6.gameboy advance 7.gameboy advance sp 8. playstation 10.ps2 11.dreamcast 12. gamecube 13. xbox 360 14. ps3 15.ps4
  11. I've recently decided to get back into ac origins to get the plat and 100%. when i booted up it offered to boost me to level 45, so i took it. im now level 50 but since i used the boost they offered will it effect the higher power trophy or will i need to go to an old save and grind it all out?
  12. lol no ive never met him. i know hes from here but i dont think he lives round here anymore. also if it interests you i did got to school with kelly clarkson. so i have met her in person lol. i met kicks brooks from brooks and dunn at the dfw airport. he bought me mcdonalds. those are my only claims to fame lol
  13. if i have the money to spare and can find one. yes. if not ill wait til i can
  14. i know this doesn't help much but i generally go in blind. i go through my library and the first game i see that i haven't played or at least finished. i pop that bad boy in and go to town. all that time with graphs and data sheets could be used whittling down your backlog. just grab one and jump in
  15. Dont know if i would consider any of my platinums hard. some may be a bit tedious. but not overly hard. i consider myself to be a mediocre gamer. not remotely talented enough for the souls games and not patient enough for something that would require a 100 plus hours. the only way id even attempt a platinum run is if 1. the game is super easy i.e. my name is mayo or 2. i really enjoy a game that much that im willing to sink that much time and effort into it.
  16. platinum 64 - one night stand. little indy game thats meh in my opinion but a good game to get the trophy ball rolling again.

    1. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      Sometimes meh games pave the way for cooler ones to be played.  Congratulations! :D 

    2. ihadalifeb4this
  17. I know no one has this trophy yet, but does anyone know HOW to get it. i've scoured the internet and it say you have to find three specific stories. All of which i have and they are maxed. Am I missing something? Any info anyone has would be greatly appriciated.
  18. couple of times. never really got into it.
  19. if i remember yes. once you found i think around half of all stories it should just pop up at random then after you pretty much have the rest the second half should pop up. thats if i remember properly. i had to look it up on steam forums myself lol. best of luck getting it though
  20. mines kinda weird. i work for a satallite tv company and we go through techs quick. i collect their badges. any tech who quits or gets fired i do my best to get my hands on one of their badges. been doing it little over a year and have almost 50. and thats not even all of them lol. weird i know but its just a hobby i have
  21. yes i believe i was the 3rd person on psnprofiles to get the platinum for where the water tastes like wine.
  22. i heard somewhere that sony has the final say on whether a game has a plat or not. can't remember where i heard it so unsure if its true. ill get the game if it looks fun or interesting. i never look at the trophies before hand.
  23. batman arkham knight