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  1. Just go here https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and attach your video and they'll activate the trophy for you so the next time you play it will pop.
  2. Joining in and good luck to whoever gets them. Wonderful games and thanks for giveaway Azaan
  3. Thanks @Dreggit for picking this up and doing them. Really liked reading the interviews of the past and it seems you have enough people to last all year haha.
  4. Yeah I hope it comes out as well. Loved the first two entries. The fact though that it has gone through 4 different developers already doesn't bode well for the game. Seems the Publisher doesn't know what kind of sequel they want.
  5. Those games are published and developed by two different companies. They don't need to wait for Dying Light 2 to do anything...
  6. Yeah they should of had her being gang rapped and then later she loved it so much she ends up cheating on you with them later in the game. That would of been the one thing to make this GOTY material. 😒 Well at least you would of enjoyed it more.
  7. There are a lot of games that will auto sync your trophies for you, especially online games.. Honestly that is probably how it happened. If you are already online and you load up the game, there is a good chance it just synced your trophies. An easy way around that is to be signed out and load up the game. Then when you enter the online part it will ask you to sign in like normal. When you make the game sign you in online, it doesn't sync your trophies. At least that's how I've noticed it. I've done that with a lot of mp games on the ps3 just to make sure I can get all the mp trophies before I worry about syncing.
  8. Your only choice is to game share then and use their licenses. You can either activate someones account or just login into their account and play on yours. The latter works without activating it. Depending on your skill it should only take a couple hours. Hope you have friend who has it.
  9. Entry 2..The dagger from Prince of Persia so I could rewind time. I need it for the many times my sarcasm was taken seriously.
  10. Taco Cart from Taco Master....I just want tacos handy anytime I feel hungry
  11. I hope it doesn't take you much more than double that you did so far so I'll say 71
  12. Was this account created mainly to get sony rewards? Since you claim to be a philosopher who are your top 3 philosophers and why?
  13. Platinum #500 Grand Theft Auto 4 Difficulty 5/10 Enjoyment 7/10 Time 54 hours This game was a good amount of fun and playing GTA 5 first I can definitely see where they got most of the changes from. This game is no where near a 10/10 difficulty like the guides say especially if you boost the mp. Sp is really like a 3/10. The only thing I hated was that there wasn't a silencer for a gun. Got really tired of shooting a collectible and having the cops chase you. I want to thank @ProfBambam55 for making such a great mp guide. He made it a piece of cake to follow and have everything pop when it should. Also want to thank @Mapa for all the mp and co-op help. Now I just need to play the older games. Seems like I'm playing the whole series backwards haha.
  14. Kingdom Hearts 1 2 and 3 haha
  15. Yeah making people unhide their trophies would be the only way to solve that if the system isn't catching them. I know people who have been back on the leader-board from day 1 of the name change cause they kept the trophies hidden. I'm not going to name them since its games where they ended up in hacked lobbies and that crap should be whitelisted to begin with. I honestly stopped caring about the leader-board after getting passed by like 30 people who only play stacks upon stacks of 1 hour or less games. The top profiles are all looking the same with nothing but common plats. The one flag sucks unless you do a whitelist for games and become waaaay more lenient on games where there may be a couple of trophies out of order that you can't prove they cheated but it looks weird. I'd be up for it if we stopped counting stacks haha or implemented a second leader-board that doesn't include them