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  1. Are we keeping the same games or do you mean we need to do another set of games for this? If keeping same games guess add Far Cry 4 to my list for collectibles category. I'll wait and see what your 15th is before I name that game
  2. Yeah you would need to play nothing but 2 hour plats to win this sadly. You will always be the winner in our minds haha. Congrats to @cjshaitan you hands down won this if you keep playing the way you do. I think you're like a 1000 points ahead of second place. There seems to be a very tight battle for second and third place though. I think there's like 7 people close to those spots so good luck to everyone.
  3. Which guide that you wrote are you most proud of? What game would you love to write a guide for but never have? Since you're hiding one trophy, what game is it for? Which game would you like to be made into a movie?
  4. Yes I do actually and with your response it's obvious you don't. I understood what you said. My point is if you play games blindly first to enjoy the story and then you skip these games (nonary) which have better stories than any game on your list seems a bit idiotic. If you read it halfway or something and it wasn't for you and decided to skip the rest then I would understand. To skip everything and judge it just cause it's a Japanese game which btw the story has nothing to do with anything Japanese or anime seems silly since you like to enjoy a story in a game first. Hence why I said your logic is backwards. Maybe you just don't like to read in games which would of made more sense if you said that. Just saying, you missed out on great stories. I get your point on the sony rewards though. I've played some easy plats for that reason from my friends account but I've found some gems that I wouldn't of played otherwise cause of the rewards. Enjoy your day and give Virtues Last Reward a chance if you ever want to read a great story and like escape room games by using your brain or well a guide haha.
  5. You play games blindly to enjoy story first but for a story driven game only (some of the best stories of any games made btw) you skip it for platinum. Some great backwards logic there haha.
  6. haha man I don't know why but I was totally expecting an old, gruff, get off my lawn type of voice. Great interview and glad to hear that there's another salmon man out there.
  7. Sorry I haven't been active in this contest. Had some friends let me borrow a move and a lot of games so my focus was all that so I could return them. I might play some of the games on the list but I doubt I can be competitive with everyone so far ahead. Congrats to the 3 or 4 people going strong in this contest. Good luck to whoever wins.
  8. What made you want to join the flagging team for this site? Why do you like to do so many giveaways and what was your first ever giveaway? If you were the owner of this site, what would be one major change that you would implement? Are your children trophy hunters? Steak or salmon? Seeing that you're a heavy sports gamer, would you want those games to have crossplay? What game or series of games from another competitors console would you want on Sony?
  9. Like to do another update for cabin 8. Finished hanging out with some friends with Eye Pet and Friends. Game was awful since half of the mini games were broken and the rest of the game is just buy all items. Also finished my sports camp by beating El Chavo Kart. I thought this game was going to be a somewhat easy kart game but man was I wrong. The challenges in this game are beyond frustrating. If this game was actually sold in places besides Mexico and Brazil it would for sure be an Ultra Rare. Was still a fun karting game though challenges aside. Maybe enough time has passed for me to start singing to the campers again and try my luck at Parappa Rappa 2
  10. Not going to have that much time to play coming up but for Spiderman I'll give it a go. Good luck to everyone for second and third place since @angelgrievous won haha
  11. Quote 5... "Well I don't like to brag, but I did upgrade my crotchitizer with a vibrating function I like to call the 'Happy Platypus" Quark Ratchet and Clank
  12. Quote 4... I'll say something really teary at the funeral, like... "HOW AM I GONNA GET CHANGED BACK NOW?!!" Daxter from Jak and Daxter
  13. Quote 3 "Times like these, I really start to question the meaning of my existence. Then I get distra-hey! What's this? This looks cool!" Claptrap Borderlands
  14. Wish I could of logged in sooner since i'm way behind haha Quote 2 There's no use in crying over every mistake, just keep trying till you run out of cake.....Glados from Portal
  15. @RockyJokerPL @Evil_Joker88 @NetEntity Yeah Rayman can take a long time to plat depending on how well you are at the challenges. I think I had 39 Diamond cups so it took me only a month to get. If you're only getting gold cups it will probably take you around 3 to 4 months if you play every day. I would say that it also depends on what platform you're playing on. To get diamond cups on ps4 is way easier now since it was free on plus and has more players. I would assume ps3 and vita are harder to get diamond on. Don't give up on the game though. The challenges are very fun and don't stress going for diamond cups. I usually tell people to save your time and stress and just go for gold. You can usually get gold with 10 minutes of trying