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  1. Warning on that game is if you're planning on getting 100% I think they delisted the DLC if you haven't got it yet
  2. Haha I dunno how to respond to that. All I can think of is IT'S A TRAP! haha anyways yeah was an awesome gift and thanks for checking it out. Haha it's all good man but I dunno if I can want someone playing a shitty game. I would say do orc slayer but man that just feels mean saying it.
  3. Yeah I've seen the game on sale many times but never the dlc. I think I need to pay attention to the UK store more often since they have sales on dlc all the time.
  4. That will be an amazing milestone so I hope you get it. I want to play that one as well but I'm waiting for like a dlc bundle since I'm cheap haha
  5. I wasn't having a go at you either haha and just like you said I gave my opinion as well. You think what you think and I think what I think. This is what I wanted when I gave my input so you saying how a montage should be doesn't make it so. I know it's a bit long and I agreed with ya but this site isn't dedicated to the average anyone haha. We're all dedicated gamers so I think they will appreciate it and if they don't that's cool. Just wanted to share it Yeah I know she put lots of hours into editing all this stuff and finding footage and everything else. Good thing she didn't charge me lol. I had no idea how much work people do when they edit things. Now i know why movies take forever to come out after the filming is over haha. Thanks for checking it out, much appreciated Yeah I planned most of my milestones by either it being a game I loved or a game I played with my girl or just being an ultra rare plat. I didn't know about this site when I first started gaming so my first milestones are random I think. This site made me change my gaming habits lol. Which game are you looking to get done for the 100? This site is perfect for getting people to help with it
  6. Haha it's cool I wasn't taking credit for it. Yeah it was a surprise at first and she put a lot of work into it but she wanted help picking out music and stuff so I knew about my gift by then so I helped with some stuff to ease the process. Yeah it was thanks for checking it out. Why don't you make Ac2 your 100th plat then? haha
  7. Well I was just pointing out to the person what the video was going for and what it wasn't. I was being nice to reply to him since he commented. Although I would defend something I like especially if a friend or loved one or family member made something for me and I liked it. Don't people defend music, movies, and games they like and argue about them? I mean that's what most sites are based on haha and this is more personal so of course I defended it sort of. Also yes I didn't technically make it but I did pick out all the songs, order of the songs, picked out footage on some games since she never played them and came up with funny scenes to match music like dead pool and goat. So I was like a Director haha. She obviously deserves all the credit though cause she put a lot of hard work into it.
  8. Thanks for checking it out and the kind words. I know she appreciates it. Haha well that's one way of doing it but I see you play some nice games so I'm sure it will be a good one
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah she worked really hard on it especially since that's not something she's used to like the audio mixing. Yeah it's long haha. I was eh screw it just do the 200 not thinking it be that long but now we know. If she does another i'll just ask for the next 50 or 100. 100 should be like 20 min so no that bad I think. Thanks for the congrats and thanks for checking out the video. Much appreciated. I see you're close to 200. Any ideas what the plat will be?
  10. Thanks, she made it for my birthday. I know she worked hard and a lot of hours went into it so the nice words are welcomed. Haha yeah thanks. I think I need to go outside more haha
  11. Hahaha thanks that was my idea to have that with that song. Was lucky enough to get footage for it and thanks for checking it out
  12. Well I do agree that it's long and next time will do only a 100 or maybe 50 plats at a time. I don't agree with anything else you said since I wasn't going for a montage and I never said I was. I wanted it to show every plat in the order that I got them and show enough footage of every game so if people never played them it gives them an idea of what the game is. That way they might be interested in playing it.
  13. Hello everyone, my girl made a video as a gift for me that shows my first 200 plats. She put a lot of hard work into it so I wanted to share it. She matched up a lot of scenes from the games to the music and added some funny cut scenes. Let me know what you guys think. My favorite parts being after Borderlands and Goat
  14. Dunno why Run Like the Wind would even be flagged when it's basically the same thing when it comes to getting a bounty. Before you would put a bounty on someone. Now the difference is a mod person is putting a bounty on you. Someone is still just putting a bounty on you just like before. The person still needs to live with the bounty and not get killed. It doesn't automatically mean the person will get the trophy just because the bounty was put on him so all the elements of survival and the point of the trophy is still there.
  15. The only reason I don't like that argument is because I personally could get this plat as well cause I made the mask on alt account when I was going to play with my friend. I dont have any other trophies for it as well. I dont care about my alt account though so I'll never do it or maybe i should for the fun of being flagged lol.Yeah I highly doubt the majority are legit but as MMDE said it's like impossible to prove your innocence at this point with it. Also proving your innocence is crappy if you got a glitch so that sucks you say you need to do that. I get obvious save files proving it or a bunch of trophies out of order or whatever but if I have to prove one glitched trophy I rather just give up if that's the case.