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  1. I hope it doesn't take you much more than double that you did so far so I'll say 71
  2. Was this account created mainly to get sony rewards? Since you claim to be a philosopher who are your top 3 philosophers and why?
  3. Platinum #500 Grand Theft Auto 4 Difficulty 5/10 Enjoyment 7/10 Time 54 hours This game was a good amount of fun and playing GTA 5 first I can definitely see where they got most of the changes from. This game is no where near a 10/10 difficulty like the guides say especially if you boost the mp. Sp is really like a 3/10. The only thing I hated was that there wasn't a silencer for a gun. Got really tired of shooting a collectible and having the cops chase you. I want to thank @ProfBambam55 for making such a great mp guide. He made it a piece of cake to follow and have everything pop when it should. Also want to thank @Mapa for all the mp and co-op help. Now I just need to play the older games. Seems like I'm playing the whole series backwards haha.
  4. Kingdom Hearts 1 2 and 3 haha
  5. Yeah making people unhide their trophies would be the only way to solve that if the system isn't catching them. I know people who have been back on the leader-board from day 1 of the name change cause they kept the trophies hidden. I'm not going to name them since its games where they ended up in hacked lobbies and that crap should be whitelisted to begin with. I honestly stopped caring about the leader-board after getting passed by like 30 people who only play stacks upon stacks of 1 hour or less games. The top profiles are all looking the same with nothing but common plats. The one flag sucks unless you do a whitelist for games and become waaaay more lenient on games where there may be a couple of trophies out of order that you can't prove they cheated but it looks weird. I'd be up for it if we stopped counting stacks haha or implemented a second leader-board that doesn't include them
  6. Voted but as others said don't include me. Great of you as always to do another giveaway. Good luck to everyone!
  7. I hope this doesn't affect Sony being able to make the next couple of Spiderman games. No idea what kind of deal they signed. I can understand Disney wanting a bigger cut but 50/50 is too much. They already earn all the money from merchandising and I'm sure that worth way more than what they would make from the movie. Hopefully something will still be worked out.
  8. During today's announcement that a new car DLC is coming out today, the producer Vitor Leaes mentioned in the comments that a future campaign DLC is coming out with trophies. Hopefully it's free but if not, just wanted to give people a warning if they want to wait and see before starting this. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/07/23/horizon-chase-turbo-summer-vibes-dlc-out-today/
  9. What part of Missouri are you from? Do you prefer the humidity, tornadoes, floods, hail, or snow that Missouri brings? Cardinals/Blues or Chiefs/Royals? Favorite Missouri food?
  10. For the people complaining about Overcooked being couch co-op just use Share Play. There isn't any lag unless your internet really sucks. I got the 100% through Share Play without any issues. Both of these games are great but I get the anger of people wanting something that is more Triple A'ish. They really should give three games away if they're doing all indies. That would make up for it. Also throw in A VR title once in awhile.
  11. Batman Arkham Asylum. I never could figure out how to get golds on the fighting trials so that would be a must pick for me. Impressive list of games
  12. If you could plat one of the unfinished game series on your list of Assassin Creed,God of War, and Batman; which series would it be and why? What's your favorite NFL team and how was the Superbowl this year to ya? If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
  13. I'm totally in. Great trilogy. Thanks for the giveaway
  14. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to see another Onimusha game or a sequel to Okami. Also would love to see a new Fatal Frame game or a remaster of the first 2
  15. Just got the email and the way it reads is that you won't be able to see your trophy rewards. You will still earn the points for your trophies and then after November 1st you will be able to see the trophy points again. They never once said you won't earn points during that time so no reason not to sync your stuff