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  1. Well I know I never pmed ya but I just took it as you were busy to update but the contest was still on since you never said it was suspended. Just assumed you would call a winner at the end or just tell us to post scores ourselves down the road. It may have lost interest with people who weren't going to try much but you're upsetting people who did have interest and are trying. I wish the dates stayed the same cause 6 months is super long but that's better than the contest starting now and everyone who tried loses everything they worked on and can't redo. Updating should be easier now technically since you can count pages of trophies since it's been 2 months. That's faster than starting anew and counting every week. Everyone could post their scores for this last month if you decide to keep original dates every week to make it easier on you. That would also show who's interested in the contest. Or some of us could add up all the people scores for you as well. I basically did that anyways to see where I stood in the contest haha so I know who the top 6 are somewhat. I hope it goes back to original dates like I said or to keep it fair for the people who did care about it and just extend the dates but still count the original start date. Could just add a month only and end it in February so it's not crazy long contest. Anyways sorry if it sounds ungrateful cause it is a very super nice thing you're doing in the first place.
  2. ummmm are you seriously changing the dates of when it starts? Not to be rude but that's bullshit for people who planned ultra rares and played them and now cant play those games again. Should keep the dates the way they are or if extending it to march, fine but a lot of us have been playing as if the contest has been on. All of this is kinda nuts changing everything when 2/3 of the contest is over. Sorry if this comes off as dickish cause I don't want it to but this just blows my mind for a contest haha
  3. Sega Mega Drive because I can't find that game anywhere or Neverwinter since that game is looooong but a great plat
  4. Drawn to Death does this. The other version that pops is the JP version
  5. Yeah saying it was a trophy bug doesn't help his case on that
  6. That's why I'm saying in general and not specifically him. I know you said something about the mod menu. I've seen many other people flagged for this trophy though which is what I'm talking about. But if you have proof of that then close the dispute or show him the proof to close it
  7. Well if it wasn't intentional then yeah it shouldn't be flagged if that is the only trophy in question. A person is still putting a bounty on you like before. You need to survive like before. Basically nothing changes. Most gamers wont know they took that feature away or to delete their profile afterwards. If the rest of the game is legit then this is beyond the most idiotic thing ever. I have no idea if the rest of his game/games are just saying in general. This is way different than someone using a save or cfw to pop trophies
  8. You can be invited by other people to levels you haven't beat yet. I know I was invited to some of the last levels
  9. I wasn't saying him specifically since I read you believed he used a mod menu. I was replying to him that everyone getting the trophy is a cheater, which they aren't and still get punished.
  10. Well they aren't cheaters. This site just screws people over who wouldn't know about it and play the game as normal. Most wont know that feature was shut off or to delete their profile off the ps3 so the trophy doesn't sync. Hopefully a white listing feature gets implemented in the future or mods don't bother accepting these disputes to begin with. I get flagging people who cheat but this is kinda low for the average gamer to be called out on.
  11. Gaming comes first. Being a good dad comes second, sheesh haha.
  12. Sign me up for that hat contest, Good luck everyone
  13. oooooooo and they made them look like the best movie versions from the 90's. Now I want this game
  14. Although I do agree with you on J visual novels, to say someone can't have fun on a game like Mayo is dumb. I myself was in a bad mood when I played that game but I looked at every pic and read the description and they made me laugh. That game was worth the dollar since it did just that, made me laugh and I had fun with it. Also who said games need to be rewarding to play them? Aren't games supposed to be fun and you get enjoyment out it? Hard games can be rewarding but so can easy ones depending how you define rewarding. I've played plenty of easy games that were better than a lot of triple A games that people play. There is also a lot of ur plats people boast about but they're shitty games like far cry 2 and red faction. Why should I be impressed you boosted a game that took all the hardness out of it. The game was still bad but because of it being an ur plat it makes it a better game? That's silly. In the end people should have fun playing whatever they want.