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  1. Kinda like how people who are privileged enough to have enough money to buy private servers in many mp games like battlefield and boost the trophies in a private server while others need to play public matches.I know it's not the exact same thing but who cares. People can get advantages that others can't all the time. That's life. As long as the servers aren't modded to give trophies instantly and they act like normal severs then it shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure the moderators are smart enough to figure what looks legit and what doesn't. If anything the site should have sanctioned server times for games if it comes down to it. Say one month is demons souls month and one is bulletstorm and whatever else comes along. Be a nice thing to add to the boosting sections. If all people are worried about is the know how(assuming the servers are identical to before) ,then post how to do it in the game forum or the guide. As soon as someone figured it out for demon souls it was all over this site and facebook groups. I'm all for this if the servers are just as normal as they were before. This site cherry picks so many things that are ok and that aren't it's getting kinda ridiculous.
  2. They cracked down on vpns. You can earn points still but you won't be able to finalize any purchase
  3. I have to ask why metal gear solid 3 which takes like 3 hours and alien isolation takes like 25 or more is worth the same amount of points?
  4. You need to earn another trophy in any game for them to show up again and then re sync
  5. Yes you can as long as you delete the patch and you need to uninstall the dlc before you do the trick to use the devil horns Here's steps from a guide 1. Complete Classic Mode (WITHOUT INSTALLING AWAKENING DLC) 2. Delete your game data if you have Patch 1.01 or higher. 3. Backup your save files to a USB drive to be safe. 4. Re-download any DLC that you purchased from the PSN Store EXCEPT for Awakening DLC or you won't be able to proceed 5. Load the game, but do NOT install any patches. Load your Classic Mode save file so that the game detects that you've completed it 6. Select New Game+ from your Classic Mode save file and choose to start either Pure Survival or Hardcore, or load up your existing Pure Survival or Hardcore save files. 7. You will get a message saying Devil's Horn have been unlocked. 8. Play Pure Survival or Hardcore up to Chapter 3 or resume from your last save file, check the first workbench you come to and look at your inventory for the Devil's Horn. Equip them then save and quit. 9. If you wish to continue playing Co-op, re-download your Online Pass from the PSN store then reinstall the patch. Doing this will not remove the Devil's Horns.
  6. Hunting games off the top of my head would be Horizon, Far Cry Primal, Outlast 2, Aliens Isolation, All Dark Soul games, maybe Destroy all Human series since you hunt humans technically. Technically lots of mp shooters could count depending on what type of hunting you mean or if you want easy games then those Cabela games.
  7. Think he meant how did you invite someone online because you can't do it until 1-2. Also the last soul you need for a spell you don't get till the end of the game which immediately puts you into the nexus in new game plus afterwards unless I'm mistaken
  8. Thanks for the opportunity Wolverine. Sounds weird saying that haha
  9. That's cool. I hope you stay with it cause you got some of the best platforming skills I've ever seen and they need to be shown off haha. Keep up the good work
  10. Oh I'm not trying to be rude or saying you're cheating or not following the rules so sorry if that's what you thought. Aren't you brandonsmity_ and brandon_smithy and BDBJS_ and pretty sure another one. Again I'm not trying to be rude but if you win I hope you stay with the account, otherwise it feels like someone who stays with their account a long time losses out
  11. @Smzthy- Isn't this a wasted contest for you when you start your account over and over and over? haha
  12. You can still have a trophy card and use all the forums and boosting sessions. The only thing that changes is that you'll be removed from the leaderbords meaning you wont see a world and country rank on your main page.
  13. You can play all plus games on your other accounts except for vita games. Those are tied to the account
  14. EXTENDED MINI GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! Hey everyone, after talking to @Mapa and thanks to the generosity of @grimydawg of this great contest, we've decided to give back part of our prizes to the people who competed in this contest as a very late Christmas gift haha. We thought it be fair to include everyone who had at least two ultra rares during this period since it was an ultra rare contest. There will be 3 prizes of $10 each. The names will go in a list randomizer and be completely chosen at random. Again all credit goes to @grimydawg for providing this contest/prizes to begin with and a thank you to this great community for competing Names will be drawn next week
  15. Congrats to everyone who competed in the contest especially @Mapa and @HcG Clawz. I agree no more jvn Clawz haha. @Mapa I see I lost by one ultra rare but it looks like you were close for another one so well done. Was cool to see how many people had gotten ultra plats during this contest. Thanks again to @grimydawg for this amazing contest.