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  1. Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to all.
  2. Platinum #68: Little Deviants Trophyumphant Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 8/10 After 4.5 years, I finally have this platinum! Thanks again to @crisding89 for the original honour upheld guide, @TheYuriG for the updated guide and @Hoagie324 for spending his day off helping 16 people get honour upheld. I wouldn't have this without you all. Overall, I enjoyed this game. It did a good job of demonstrating the vita's capabilities, even though some of the minigames could be a bit awkward to operate. Some of the gold spaceships were quite tricky, but once I had the motivation to get them after getting honour upheld, they proved to be surprisingly doable with practice. Platinum screenshot:
  3. Thank you @Hoagie324 Extremely patient and kind to give up so much time, and did a great job leading the session. An absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks also to @TheYuriG for the excellent guide. I'll be sure to post in the most recent platinum thread once I get the last few gold spaceships.
  4. @Hoagie324 is showing up for Rolling Pastures and Shack Shover. It looks like a high (possibly maximum) on rolling pastures though, so shack shover may be required. We will have to all arrange a time and date this can be done. Hoagie, do you have a save file with these games unlocked? Remember not to open the game online in any case. Everyone else, wipe your saves and beat Hoagies by the minimum possible amount. We can do this.
  5. All TH get the minimum score and wait on the challenges screen. The first player sends challenge, SP opens it from messages (and disappears, so other THs need to be on the challenge screen in advance), beats it, sends it back. TH1 can then beat it in his own time. TH2 then sends a challenge, which they will still be able to do as they are still on the challenges screen, SP beats it and sends it back using the button on the results screen. TH2 beats challenge, and so on for all players. The THs don't need to be visible for the SP as the SP just uses the return challenge button. Indeed, the only time SP is in game is when he is beating a challenge opened via the messages app and sending the challenge back, before closing the game in preparation for the next challenge. The SP never goes on the challenges screen.
  6. All trophy hunters will be waiting on the challenges screen before the first challenge is sent to the SP. As long as they don't leave this screen, they will still be able to send the challenges, even after the SP has launched the game online for the first challenge.
  7. @jasondm300 You're not showing up as I believe you permanently disappear from challenges as soon as you open the game online, which you must've done just before I added you. Multiple people are only possible when done in the same session. @Hoagie324 If you accept my request, please don't open the game until myself and anyone else have checked if you show up, and until we are all ready to go. Although I'm not sure if you will show up as you have a trophy earned in late April 2012. Fingers crossed. @athanasios_osfp No worries, although I'd recommend always reading a guide carefully before taking any action.
  8. Just checked the game, and @jasondm300 isn't showing up?
  9. Could I please also be added to the group? I would be extremely thankful for the opportunity.