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  1. Same here. Management games typically give you bang for your buck (as long as the controls are good), so I'll probably be picking this up sooner than later.
  2. Hiya o7 Just a quick question: I saw you recently got the Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes platinum on Vita. How did you get the online component to finally work for you? Thanks in advance!

    1. Milktastrophe


      I never had an issue with the online, I've always been able to connect, so I didn't do anything really. While trying to find someone else who can connect, others have tried changing a bunch of internet settings, but it never helped. It's not just my wifi, I've connected on hotel WiFi too, so I dunno if that means it's not some special setting.


      At this point, we really don't know why some people can connect and some can't.


      Having said that, since you've changed your name before, that might be a contributing factor to your connection issues. Although other people who have not changed their name also can't connect. I've asked the dev why the PS4 version doesn't have multiplayer and he said that Sony forbid it, which made me think this multiplayer is not compatible with the name changing and Sony wants all PS4 games going forward to work (and probably don't care about Vita).


      All I can say is good luck if you keep trying!

  3. Hey, are you still offering to boost the multiplayer trophies? Though... I keep getting the error message when I try to get on Dx
  4. I changed my name a few days ago, then happened upon this thread. My case is displaying the message in reverse. When I type in my new PSN name, I get the "This profile has been merged" error rather than when I type in my old name. I tried popping a trophy and syncing without luck. I also tried logging in using my new ID, but then I get the "No account found, you must sign up first" error. Am I doing something wrong? Old: PyroSylvir New: Shikikan_Dawn Edit: my issue seems to have resolved itself.
  5. I literally just got one for Lara Craft Go. My 68th platinum. I'm sad I left it in my backlog for so long! Clever puzzles, a great soundtrack, and unique aesthetics made this a great game for puzzle lovers. Plus the platinum wasn't difficult at all
  6. Well then... Thank you for the entertaining and informative PSA. Guess I won't be getting this one >~>;
  7. I certainly think so. The gameplay is unique and the puzzles are genuinely fun to solve. As a fan of the written words, this game is easily worth the asking price (though a sale would be good, too). Trophies are pretty simple to earn as well. I'd say 6~ish hours even without a guide, though that depends on how good you are at puzzles. Here's the link to my playthrough, for those looking for gameplay. I also included trophy tips, noted in the titles. Let's Play Haimrik: I'll have a review up as well, at some point soon. Thanks for looking
  8. I noticed there aren't a lot of people who have platinumed this and I'm thinking it's either because people are wading through their backlogs or they're running into the same problems I did: the game just isn't as engaging as I'd like. I did play Rainbow Moon ages ago, on PS3, and I feel like Skies falls short. Does anyone else who bought the game feel the same way? =/ Here's a gameplay video for those on the fence. If you just want gameplay without commentary, skip about halfway in.
  9. Thanks. And, yes, you can turn off message notifications on your console so that you just use the app for messaging A lot less annoying that way.
  10. If you play smaller (read: indie) titles, you'll have no issues. It lasts about as long as a PSVita. Titles like BoTW and Odyssey will of course drain your battery and give you only a few hours of play without needing a charge. I love the Joy Cons' except for the minus button. It's in a weird to reach spot and I usually end up pushing the left joystick while trying to reach around it -.-; Tons of indie games are coming to it, so I couldn't be happier :3 The library is pretty good, from my point of view, but if you're into more popular games that aren't Nintendo exclusives, you may be disappointed. Lol. Thank you! Thanks! RPGs are the way to go. Sadly, I missed out on the older era of gaming >~< Oldest console I owned was the Gameboy Colour. I adore my Vita and am making a return to the PS3 bit by bit. My Fat model kicked the bucket some years ago and I just couldn't bring myself to start over the games I had lost data for. Thanks so much Feedback is always appreciated. I'm not very many or outspoken, but I do try to he informative! This is, by far, the best PlayStation based site I've seen. Thank you!
  11. Thanks~ Ugh. I'm absolutely trash at any sort of driving in video games Dx We mostly just chat about the games we've played. I mention sale highlights. So... Maybe just add to the backlog? I started with PS1 and jumped over PS2 (sadly) to PS3, actually. I've had my PS4 for about a year now.
  12. Hello, hello. My name's Dawn and previously I'd lurked PSN Trophies until I discovered the wonderful guides over on PSN Profiles. So I lurked here for a time, but it's time to break out of that habit Feel free to add me if you're the friendly sort who doesn't just collect PSN friends and never talk to them again. A bit about me: Love strategy games and JRPGs. I'm almost always willing to chat, though my response time may not always be the greatest (the PS Messages app hates me). I have a YouTube channel where I review and play games that are primarily indie called NeedtoKnow Gaming. Check it out! I'm seeking members for my PSN group, Backlog Warriors. No associated game as of yet because I have a huge backlog, but if you're the friendly type do feel free to join us! Sony is love, Sony is life. I have a PS4, PS3, and Vita (but I do love my Switch). If you'd like to introduce yourself here, that's cool, too x)
  13. Bump. Friendship is magic Added a few of you and am still looking for active players :3
  14. Hey, Spaz, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, YouTube makes it very difficult for smaller youtubers to get views as we take a back seat to the popular let’s playets. Here’s to hoping those looking for a more informative look at games will discover NeedtoKnow. I’d actually considered trophy hunting as part of the channel, but that’s quite time consuming and would kind of force my hand as far as what I’m playing actively, so I scrapped the idea. I’m kind of all over the place and tend to play several titles at once. Currently, we are pursuing the A Way Out platinum while we livestream it, so we’ll see where that goes.
  15. You are correct, Akimitsu. I played it on Steam and it’s a great little simulation game where you assign orders to your potato smiths and explorers. You have no direct control over them, per se, but you can tell them what you’d like them to do. The story line is moved along by of quests assigned by guests who hear of your blacksmithing prowess and in order to successfully complete them, you must create specific weapons with specific stats. Each smith has his or her own stats that can be increased by training and those stats influence the weapons they make, Tons of humor, as you can tell from the trophy list. Youll see familiar faces in potato form (Cloud from FFVII, GoW’s Kratos, Gladys and Chell from Portal 2, to name a few). Tldr: I’m totally getting this