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  1. Same. Though I'm pretty sure they would have used the same image as the game cover. Couldn't they have used something else for the updated one? =/ The art on the collector's box is so nice and they could have used any one of those images, in my opinion. It was sold out way before I even found out about the remastered edition, unfortunately. My wife was able to find a copy from someone she knew, so she ended up paying retail thankfully. Everywhere online kept saying stock would be refilled, but that never happened. Oof. It's an expensive hobby for sure.
  2. I know it's supply and demand and all, but the inflated price of the Collector's Edition isn't worth it in my opinion. Yes, I love physical collectables and, yes, I'm thrilled to have something to display for one of my favourite RPGs of its time (and I mean the original in 2012), but what's in the box just isn't worth $180-$200 dollars (which is what I'm seeing it trend at currently). The soundtrack is just okay, and the included figurine has some paint spots/bleeding. I do love the art cards and I put the keychain on my keys. I did an unboxing, if anyone is interested :3
  3. I had intended to reload, but you're right. I invested way too much time just getting this trophy and now my playthrough has been altered. Ah well, there's always next playthrough. I got it! Thanks guys :3
  4. Thank you! I think I'll do that on a separate save file then...
  5. I'm stumped. How the heck do you fail both missions without completing one or the other? I've tried just plain waiting around the Wasteland, visiting and then leaving both locations, and even killing the family myself. Nothing has worked. Maybe the few people who've gotten the trophy can give me some much appreciated pointers >~<
  6. Ugh. It didn't help that she wasn't even lucid for most of it ;-; Broke my heart. I'm still slowly working my way through it and other titles in my backlog!
  7. Holy crap, this is good. I don't often buy games on a whim, but the moment I saw Spiritfarer's art style and read that there was crafting, farming, etc, I had to get it. And let me tell you, it exceeded expectations. Not only is Spiritfarer gorgeous, the sound track is beautiful and the writing is great. Triple threat. It breaks my heart every time I have to guide a spirit I've befriended to the great beyond ;-; Proof of how powerful the writing is. Gameplay is engaging and, honestly, this may be the best indie game I've played this year. Check out my first impressions video and please give it a like :3 I don't talk through all of it, for those just looking for gameplay. Update: another video! I'm about 15 hours in at this point.
  8. If anyone is interested, I created a review video for Rainswept. It's a pretty easy platinum and all of the trophies come from playing naturally. I believe the only missable one would be in the beginning where you need to talk to everyone on day one, but there aren't very many people in the first place. Just make sure you don't go to the inn before the trophy pops. To get the photo from the puppy, you need to ask Grandpa to buy a donut and he'll give you biscuits. Before this, you can talk to the cafe owner and end up with a bone that the dog will turn down. I'm not sure if you can skip that step. Another place where I had trouble was getting the boat up and running. The order is: Get scissors from truck > cut rope > tie rope on posts > drive truck to pull posts out > take fuel from truck > add fuel to boat > push boat. In order to distract Allan, you need to interact with the puppy you took the photograph from earlier. Cheers!
  9. Agreed. I don't like when you get a platinum way before the game actually ends, especially one as short as this one. It just feels unbalanced? If that makes sense.
  10. This isn't regarding trophies, per se, but having a successful park is 95% of the list. For the "Surrounded by Kairobot" gold trophy, you simply need to build a pool using the tiles you get from the certification test asking for a rainbow pool with palm trees. Palm trees can be unlocked by fulfilling wishes, so keep on doing so until you have. "The Gourmet that make stomach growls" silver trophy just requires you to cook until you get to level ten. There's a wiki if you can't be bothered to try figuring them out for yourself. For those having issues with any trophies feel free to ask me for help while it's still fresh in my mind!
  11. If you haven't already, to get this you just need to unlock the Kairobot pool lining or whatever you call it. I can't recall which one, but one of the certification tests gives it to you. I hope this helps!
  12. I plumb forgot about this post :x Oops. Here's a list of PS4 reviews for your convenience~ And also LE boxset unboxing, if that's your thing:
  13. Thanks for visiting! If you've got a moment, there are some PS4 reviews riiiiiggght here:



  14. Looks like your typical anime dungeon crawler list: trophies for the story, trophies for the first time you do something and then for milestones after, and then your typical "achieve/collect everything" trophies. I'm definitely getting this as I love MAGES. and I can't have enough dungeon crawlers :3
  15. Agreed. The bulk seems to be achieved naturally, with only a few that will have you going out of your way to grind/struggle.