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  1. Got 100% in Vice City and 3 which I never got when playing the originals. Played the PS2 versions on the PS4 as well. Controls are awful. San Andreas is the only 1 that was buggy for me. I think that's why I left it till now to play again.
  2. I'm having the same problem. Did you ever get it sorted. I have tried multiple times in different years and still won't pop.
  3. Nope. I did it and started playing the game again after it didn't work. Lost my save when the ps5 had to reset for some reason and it put the PS4 save back on it. Never realised till I went to play the game a couple of days ago. Trophies didn't pop
  4. Good to know. Think I'll do that once I get the platinum on the ps4 version
  5. Just got tge trophy myself so finally got the platinum.
  6. I'm annoyed. Just seen this post about the glitch. Have just been busy playing it the last couple of days. Was really hoping to get the platinum in it today. They really need to buck up there idea's. Especially as it was working after an update and atopped again
  7. So the problem is I would get banned of the leaderboards but not from seeing my profile. I would happily take that as don't care about the leaderboard as just like collecting trophies and playing some of these old games online again. I'm loving Motorstorm again. Feel like I'm a teenager again. 1st game I ever played online.
  8. I just did a couple more goes on cone crazy after I posted that and it unlocked for me but that will hopefully come in handy for other people.
  9. How did you get it as im having the same problem
  10. Yep. Have to finish story. I have heard of a bug that stops you getting 100% if it isn't a car getting dropped of as the last thing you do.
  11. Anyone notice percentage complete is a bit weird. All I had to collect was the fbi car for export and was on 95% I was getting worried then as soon as I dropped car off the trophy for 100% and platinum came through. Then looked and it was at 100%. So if you get worrried looking at the percentage like I was don't worry
  12. So is it only 100k needed now as it was my kast trophy to get and never bothered after I got the butcher rating and went on gta 3. Once I complete that I will go back on and get the platinum in this.
  13. I'm going for the 100% and got it by doing everything on the 1st island and a couple of things on the 2nd. I hadn't even done any of the main missions on the 2nd island.
  14. Glad to hear that as I knew the rrophy was gkitched in Vice City so was waiting till update to go for the last trophy in it as I have all the rest. Looks like it might make it a bit easier
  15. Anyone noticed the criminal rating jump after the update. I checked it when I finished last night and it was 1900 and went on today and the 2500 trophy popped basically straight away and its now sitting at 2900