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  1. Went to gamestop and got these Nendoroid God of War Kratos Totaku Parappa the Rapper Dualshock 4 Controller Gold color BOY!!!
  2. Quick reminder tomorrow is daylight saving make sure you set your clock up. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Most of my clocks reset automatically, but thanks.

    2. Cobby


      In America.


      UK isn't till the end of March, dunno about other countries.

    3. PooPooBlast


      You know, I wish they'd get rid of it all together.. I don't even think there's a Journal article that concurs that daylight saving time saves money like its original purpose claimed.


      Not to mention there's always a higher incidence of accidents be it car accidents or workplace accidents the following day..

  3. I always keep forgetting that February is the shortest month xD

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      It so short nobody managed to reply to your status before March!

  4. Holy shit SanDisk made a 1tb micro SD card 



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Masamune


      Could certain devices even support a card that big? & It would definitely suck if the thing ever died on you (which big cards do have a habit of doing).

    3. skateak


      @MasamuneThat is a good point about support. Looked into it and all the major phones that support expandable memory seem to top out at 512GB. I would guess maybe the new Galaxy S10 line would support it. At least the S10+ I would hope. 

    4. AlchemistWer


      Oh dude, now I really want another playstation vita successor with SanDisk card support...

  5. Yes its finally here! my cd has arrived :D


    cant wait to listen to it.

    oh here the info for the album

    Album: Draw - Yuyoyuppe

    Vocal: Megurine Luka 

  6. Here the emblem i made in black ops 4


    It's the Team Venture logo from Venture Bro's xD

    1. Precision-Playyy


      What game mode do you play?

  7. And its here my new chair arrived,thought it would be little tricky to built but luckily it wasn't (took me 20 mins)

    now i can relax when gaming.



  8. I haven't said any fortnite stw or other gaming update so here it go:

    Fortbite: good news done with quest on canny valley and on to twine peak(man finally) I'm just gonna farm some stuff until epic give updates on twine peaks(no story so far). 


    Black ops 4: just playing multiplayer(playing team death match) and zombies, also made an emblem but I forgot to screenshot to show it(I'll show it later so keep an eye out :ninja:). 

    Non gaming related :

    Just work as usual nothing new, waiting for my new chair to get delivered (between today - Feb. 11)hated the one I'm currently using . Also this came in last Friday 



    😊(dont know If the picture is showing plz tell me it is. I don't want to be a fool XD) 


    1. Blood-Stalker1


      Good luck with fortnite is a pain to platinum 


      and black ops 4 is lacking content in every mode to make it fun 

    2. Nitroman65


      I been playing fortnite since the launch and for sure I will get the Plat, as for blacks ops 4 not really I just play it for the zombies and multiplayer. 

  9. got paid on friday so i went to get some yugioh cards . Yu-Gi-Oh! - Zombie Horde Structure Deck Yu-Gi-Oh! - Legendary Hero Deck Yu-Gi-Oh! - Legendary Duelists Sisters Of The Rose(14 packs took every single one at target) this came in the mail yesterday but i open it. this morning GUMI GRAPHIXXX book YUYOYO EP CD VOCALOUD X XIII SESSION CD
  10. AUERoVQ.png

    Jesus 571 hrs!!




  11. can't believe no one never mention the red screen of death on the PS2 This shit scare me.(i don't recommend u searching up on YouTube bc some asshole put a pop up scare at the end of the vid)
  12. Damn hated when  game needs to update and it said not enough space, I just deleted my brother saved games and  don't worry he was cool(he owned a pc so he doesn't care.).