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  1. Woke up this morning went on twitter to see whats happening ,and got a bunch of tweet of artist(who i follow)posting pic of Princess Bowser...Holy shit.

  2. Man I don't want to go to work. I just want to play more spiderman, I'm at 78% on the story and half way done with the side challenge/side mission. 

    1. Spaz


      Life is life.

  3. Finally arrived my megurine luka temptation figure. The smile 😊 But that back view..
  4. cold pizza
  5. Went to Target and Gamestop And got some good stuff. Spider-Man Crash Bandicoot hat The Joker Hat Yu-Gi-Oh 2018 Mega tin box Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side Of Dimension Movie Pack Special Edition 4 Yu-Gi-Oh Shadow In Valhalla Pack(Yeah thats alot of yugioh stuff)
  6. Umm... did anyone else see this??



    1. Dragon-Archon


      Seems 27 people already have the plat.

  7. Went to target and bought these. The Death Of Superman Batman v.s. Two-Face Philips HDMI Switch Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection
  8. Robbie Rotten R. I. P you'll be missed. 

    1. thepeaguy


      Only 43. Shocking.

    2. Spyro


      @thepeaguy He had cancer

    3. ee28max
  9. Move to a new home 3 weeks ago(long story) got internet back couple days ago and today just got my figs and poster set up(jesus it took hours),looking is to get my bros stuff set up too but we need to wait for our cabinet and small table for the tv to be deliver tomorrow(but we have work so..we need to do it next saturday and sunday .Great really hate seeing unopen moving boxes in my closet)



    and one more view.


    Now i need to head off and get some food and fresh air(been sneezing from the dust)


  10. And dont forget they released it on the same days as season 5 of fortnite battle royale was launch..
  11. I can't..i just.. can't wallet ... 😭😭




    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Waifu > Wallet

      Alphabet works.

    2. Saionji


      what a nice figurine, I didnt knew they made something like this lol

  12. Fortnite(save the world status update) Kinda wanted to do this for a quite awhile took some screenshot of my stats and some weapon,trap,and hero collections.


    (the mythic hero i just got it yesterday from a llama :D )

    This gun is my favorite one.


    And my survivor squads:






    Only need a mythic close assault lead survivor.



    Im at canny valley havent done any of the story mission(well only two or was it 3) for that map yet bc of the recent event they have(blockbuster)and its a grind.also apparently theres no story on that map at the moment but did heard some dev update and its gonna be out soon it think.. so that good to know(remember this game is not finished yet thats why is in early access phase)still continue playing it, i seen the 100% club and only 8(8 Holy Shit last time it was 5)got the plat so yup this is my quest by the end of 2018 :P .


  13. went to my first miku concert had ton of fun. and here are some goodies (hmm look like my sock got stuck in the chair again )