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  1. (forgot to post this yesterday but anyways)went to a game shop and mostly bought psp games for my collection. -SSX 3 on the xbox(getting rdy for the backward compatibility) -Spongebo squarepants the yellow adventure -Persona(japan import) -Persona 3 Portable(japan import) -Japanese from hell(not a game but a video and its sealed which is cool) price $74
  2. Fortnite: Oh yes powerbase lvl 50 and another legendary hero let see if I can finish the event quest. 


    (time to farm some  hero XP )


  3. zvVjWvx.jpg

    And they got delivered finally.been waitng on them especially the cds. now I no longer need to listing on youtube when I now own an actual copy. :D 


    1. PooPooBlast


      Holy guacamole. That is the most scantily clad women on a poster I've seen in my life xD

      Or box cover rather :P

    2. Nitroman65


      @PooPooBlast the one on the right is a mouse pad not a poster :P

      Oh you meant the box cover whoops my bad xD

  4. My poster arrived yesterday and today I re-arranged my old ones so I can put the new one. Now I need to get ready to head off to work. 

  5. My new controller just got delivered. gonna try this out 



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    2. mecharobot


      That options button looks smooth. Wish I could press it.

    3. ruffedgz


      oh I believe I found it.. its the Razor Raiju



      Wow. Even has its own case. Must be for rich people.

  6. More fig to my collection. Tamamo and Luka
  7. For all you mercy mains blizzard announced a Mercy statue up for pre-ordered link:


    your welcome

  8. Fortnite: getting annoyed from players asking for a trade weapon or materials then get scammed,  like seriously epic make a trade system already. 

    1. Nitroman65


      And no I didn't got scammed I just hate when everyone on the global chat spamming for a trade and then a spammed for getting scam. 

  9. My bro was listening to some old afi albums for couple of weeks ago and just today I'm listening to it right now man I miss the good old days. 



      I'm still living in those days...

  10. don't see why not.Just remember to turn off aim assist.
  11. Should I buy a razor ps4 controller Or go to those custom controller site like Scuf controller etc??

    1. Temmie


      That 150$ razor one looks amazing.

  12. FF6BGy9.png

    YES!!! they increased it I'm so happy right now!!!! 

  13. My God.. Really want that makoto (from P5) figure but why it has to be $300?!?! :shakefist:

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    2. Leaderboards


      Lol is that Shadman art in your profile banner and avatar?

      Lol it has to be!

    3. Nitroman65


      It is. I also own a shirt of his on shark robot 

    4. Leaderboards


      Shadman is awesome >:)

  14. uploaded a new vid today its fortnite(no its not battle royale) 

    enjoy. :3