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  1. Holy Shit!! Happy to see Armor King And Marduk screw Julia And.. Insane!
  2. JP Version of P3DMN & P5DSN Pins
  3. Been watching this a couple of times xD


  4. Good thing sony made a right choice , this year sony e3 and the rest were disappointing (bc pretty much is the same thing) hope they have something better in 2020.
  5. bought this nendoroid D.VA
  6. this made my day xD 

    1. Renzissimo


      Cool! Wish it was made for ps too : (  Is that the new smash?

    2. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      @Renzissimo the middle bit is Smash but I have no clue what the beginning and end are from.


      Here's the full Smash thing, it's the intro to the adventure mode.


    3. Nitroman65


      The beginning was from final fantasy online trailer, the tweet that guy post  was funny because the smash trailer was a lot like the final fantasy, it just needed some few edits 

  7. Man.. can anyone recommend me a ps4 controller stand or charging dock bc I have like 4 controllers stack up to each other next to my TV. 

  8. Some stuff i bought when i was at twitchcon Fortnite goodies and twitch swags follow by free cup noodles(havent had that since i was 13) the white shirt with the robotic anime girls i bought it from BIBISama(owned couple shirts from then from past con) and the pearl abyss goodies i got it for free for trying out there game black desert online. and another controller to my collection. Its not the vintage xbox clone controller,its actullay a custom scuf impact "the joker" ps4 controller.really love the design of this and it cost pretty much $200(well $234.57 bc of the accessories)

    Had fun at twitchcon for the past 3 days. Didnt get to see my favorite streamers in person(-sadface-) but had fun mostly watching fortnite tournament(congrats to ttfue and cloakzy) , the black ops 4 doritos bowl champ(also congrats team shroud) ,bought some merchs, and 6 cans of red bull(not in one day like 2 cans each day)

    heres some quick twitch merchs i bought:


    Duffel bag(backpacks sold out :( ),hoodie and 2 pins

    also from the playstation booth:



    3 days of changing my identity from the same person xD )




    Red bull is doing a promotion today for pacman.


  10. my 3 days off starts today(all that 10+hrs work for the past couple of weeks) and guess where im going.





    1. dokkanexpert


      WHAAAAAAT!!!! You're so lucky!!!!

  11. I have today's off and i have this.


    On my left i bought it yesterday when i was at target(took all 8 pack) and on my right the two booster boxes and the super mario party came in the mail sweet :D 


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    2. Lorajet


      I can remember playing GTAV and calling sick to work - it was so good!!  I think I did that a few times :giggle:

    3. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      @Lorajet yeah, he he back in 2013 i went to the midnight release where i live and played hookey the next day lol so worth it

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      I see the lewds, but I first saw the YGO :awesome: 

  12. My first time eating a ghost pepper and my last time. Never again

    1. Lorajet
    2. PooPooBlast


      I have an almost zero tolerance to spicy food so even a regular hot pepper will give me trouble haha

  13. Woke up this morning went on twitter to see whats happening ,and got a bunch of tweet of artist(who i follow)posting pic of Princess Bowser...Holy shit.

  14. Man I don't want to go to work. I just want to play more spiderman, I'm at 78% on the story and half way done with the side challenge/side mission. 

    1. Spaz


      Life is life.