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  1. I can't..i just.. can't wallet ... 😭😭




    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Waifu > Wallet

      Alphabet works.

    2. Saionji


      what a nice figurine, I didnt knew they made something like this lol

  2. Fortnite(save the world status update) Kinda wanted to do this for a quite awhile took some screenshot of my stats and some weapon,trap,and hero collections.


    (the mythic hero i just got it yesterday from a llama :D )

    This gun is my favorite one.


    And my survivor squads:






    Only need a mythic close assault lead survivor.



    Im at canny valley havent done any of the story mission(well only two or was it 3) for that map yet bc of the recent event they have(blockbuster)and its a grind.also apparently theres no story on that map at the moment but did heard some dev update and its gonna be out soon it think.. so that good to know(remember this game is not finished yet thats why is in early access phase)still continue playing it, i seen the 100% club and only 8(8 Holy Shit last time it was 5)got the plat so yup this is my quest by the end of 2018 :P .


  3. went to my first miku concert had ton of fun. and here are some goodies (hmm look like my sock got stuck in the chair again )
  4. Ghost - Prequelle album (funny thing is I already own it digital mp3 very. on Amazon but you know it good to have the physical copy and keep it to your collection.
  5. Download fortnite battle Royale on switch to try out and I made 3rd welp that's a good start. Oh BTW if your trying to link your epic account on your switch you have to make another account bc of sony. 

  6. bought some figures at the convention yesterday and sat. (also bought a plush doll ,Shidare Hotaru from dagashi kashi) left Ryobi from senran kagura,right Saber of red from fate apocrypha. Tamamo from fate.
  7. Wish I had today off so I can hang with my bros at the convention T_T. Ateast I have weekends off so that's good. 

  8. So apparently Lego are planning to make Lego overwatch sets. I would love to see them make a Lego minifigures series overwatch edition. 

  9. Looks pretty great, planning to order one and try it out myself. Thoughts?
  10. You can't have a soulcalibur without yoshimitsu. Sweet


    1. mecharobot


      Why Yoshi sound like Starscream? Nice to see he isn't a squid-monster now.

    2. PooPooBlast


      ^ haha the earlier TEKKENs made him look like the predator. He slowly morphed into a squid xD

  11. New update for fortnite they heard us fans that we want a perk re-roll and they did called perk recombobulator and heres a screenshot of one of my favorite gun im working on pretty good.ZLwLCCl.jpg


  12. Won my first victory in battle royale :D:D. haven't play BR since Jan(hell i dont really play it often,just stw) 




  13. Went to best buy today and bought some good stuff. Batman Beyond :The complete Series(Always wanted to watch it ) Batman Gotham By Gaslight(same with this when i saw a trailer) Sony Xperia XZ2(they also gave me a $100 best buy gift card)
  14. God of war: hmm when  ever I do the boss battles I never get killed. But when it comes to enemies I get killed. Shouldn't be the other way around..  🤔