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  1. mcp2k7 Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition wtf is a savegame user? you can't use someones savegame on PS4. it won't work. <br /> <br /> have the reporter ever considered a bugged trophy? some trophies popped before I completed the requirement. here are some examples:<br /> - the extra mile trophy in the crew: it popped before I finished all missions with a platin trophy.<br /> - demolition derby in diablo 3: it popped after I destroyed about 20 or maybe 30 breakables
  2. Yes it won't work unless she got some attention on you before the suplly drop hits her. That's why you need the parasite armor. With it you can avoid an one hit kill.
  3. If you already got an S-Rank on that mission by taking her down with the "Serval AMR-7 Grade 5" then simply use the parasite armor to keep her attention on you. This is how I made the non-firearms task. Tag her. Call a supply drop on her position. Activate the parasite armor when the yellow distance timer is below 90 or less. Wait until the timer is below 25 then start running to keep her attention on you. She will start aiming (see indicator) and when she hits you the supply drop will hit her. Repeat this about 8-9 times. Use D-Dog as your buddy because after the 4th or 5th hit she will try to regenerate her stamina somewhere on the map. Check your surroundings for a sparkling spot with a rainbow. She won't aim at you while she's in this regeneration process and it's a perfect timespan for some CQC-attacks. After the first hit she will lay on the ground and will stand up quickly. When she stands up try to hit her as many times as you can because she will try to escape. When she escapes repeat steps 1-5 until you take her down. With this strategy I took her down within 10 minutes and got the last two tasks.
  4. Hey everybody, somehow the "I'm Super Awesome"-trophy won't pop up for me. I already collectet 6,600 coins for each character twice. Has anyone the same problem or a solution for this?
  5. Now I have 100% in Shantytown. The Aura-tutorial was missing. Somehow it didn't count in my campaign but after starting a new coop game with a friend it worked.
  6. Hello everybody, I hope I'm not the only one with this problem. I completed all open world gameplay in the district "Shantytown" and the whole area is purple but the challege "100% Shantytown" shows that only 17 of the 18 neighbourhoods are completed. Did I missed something? best regards, mcp
  7. PSN: mcp2k7 Feel free to add me