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  1. Been browsing German gaming online magazines trying to find a decent one to apply for a job with. Turns out, 90% of the articles are vids from the Tubes where they added 3 lines of text. Fuck that

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Start small and see if there's an audience for your content first, before changing job. You can get basic video editing advice and tutorials online, on YT and things like that. If you wanted to pay, there's a site called Linda or something like that which does lessons on that type of thing. 


      Quality of your stuff can improve if you find that you're growing and there's the potential to make it a full time job. Look at Matpat - his early videos are terribly edited compared to his stuff now he's doing YT professionally. Just as an example. 

    3. timey77


      Good advice. That reminds me of Mtashed, a Destiny streamer/tuber. I remember one of his first vids was actually called something among the lines of "I suck at editing but I'm great at killing". Over time and thx to massive input/support from the community he managed to grow and ever since the quality of his work has improved vastly. I mean, they're still not free cam mod masterpieces resembling works of art, but they're visually solid. And, most importantly, he had some quality advice and knew what he was talking about.

      Ok, I guess the most important thing for me right now is to lay out the basics of what exactly I want to achieve/who exactly I would like to reach and then just go for it.

      Someone once said "Even the longest journey starts with a single step forward" (or something like that, English is not my mother tongue).

    4. StrickenBiged


      It's a near enough translation of the saying. I knew which one you meant! xD