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  1. Been browsing German gaming online magazines trying to find a decent one to apply for a job with. Turns out, 90% of the articles are vids from the Tubes where they added 3 lines of text. Fuck that

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    2. timey77


      This is a freaking shame.

      Germany needs its own Rich Stanton. Smart, opionated ppl who don't mind pissing the narrow minded off, even if that means that those folks will look for other sites to have their views confirmed...

    3. StrickenBiged


      Be that guy. Make your own site, YT channel, etc. Do it the way you think it should be done and see if there's an audience for that. 

    4. timey77


      Yeah, I was thinking about that as well. I'd love to do YT/Twitch and I talked to some folks willing to introduce me to basic video editing. The thing holding me back is my ISP. In my hometown, I'll get a max download speed of 10 Mb/s with the upload somewhere below 1 Mb/s. In order to move, I need to work full-time which in turn means that the time I can invest in YT/Twitch is reduced dramatically. Hence, I was looking for a job in the industry so I can combine my passion with my job.

      But you're right. I often spend too much time focusing on what I don't like instead of initiating a change myself. Thx for reminding me of that!

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