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  1. Hi folks, just a lil heads-up, there currently is an issue regarding the save files. This might result in your save file getting corrupted/lost upon trying to quit back to the main menu, basically ruining hours of fun in what could generaly be described as a great game. While it doesn't affect everyone on PS4, it seems to be a cross-platform issues as there are people complaining about this on Steam as well. I have already tried contacting the developers via Twitter and I believe they are aware of the issue. Let's just hope they'll come up with a solution soon.
  2. Well, I was around for all the crap the pulled with TBOI, PS4 players watching from the sidelines while other platforms received content updates. Not only that, Nicalis didn't even freaking bother to release a patch to fix their broken game. And it looks like their trying to do the same again with TEIN. I even tried to play around those unobtainable trophies but when I happened upon a screen transition yesterday that caused the game to crash, effectively preventing me from making progress in that area as well, I have now reached a point where I don't want to just accept this stuff anymore. Seeing how we can't get a response from Nicalis in any way, I've thought about one more thing to do: Call your PSN service hotline, explain the situation and Nicalis' behaviour in the past, and demand a refund! From what I've been told, should more people contact them (Sony) about a refund due to the game not working as intended/expected, Sony themselves will get in contact with Nicalis! This appears to be the only way to reasonably be able to expect anything to happen in the near future, so please, follow my lead here. Just to clarify: I'm not looking to boycot the company or anything. Should I receive a refund I will most likey invest that money into TEIN again, you know, once the game works as intended. I'm just sick and tired of the way this company treats its customers and I believe that we as critical consumers ought to put a stop to this.
  3. Broken modem should unlock after a total of 25 wins in daily challenges, no need to streak. A little of topic, but: Can you unlock the Platinum trophy with AB+ by only unlocking 100% of items/secrets from vanilla Isaac? I still need Mega Satan with the Lost, but I'd be reluctant to go for that knowing I still have to complete some of those new secrets like Ace of Diamonds, etc.
  4. Hey man. I picked it up without knowing what I would get a couple of weeks ago. The visuals/score seemed really nice, besides, the trophy list had speedrun/no-death challenges, and I always love myself a nice no-death challenge. Actually getting those trophies, however, is not that easy! The game doesn't require tight platforming skills as much as it requires you to be able to manipulate the game's RNG. Dealing with enemies can be quite frustrating, and you will have to deal with them a lot. I don't have the time right now to go into too much detail but overall, I found myself going back and forth between getting really pissed off by the RNG crap and feeling quite rewarded when I did manage to obtain the trophies. Replaying stages and perseverance will get you there eventually. If you're prone to rage, however, I'd recommend staying away from this game. Sorry, gotta run now
  5. timey77, the Burning Light, became unusually popular to the male audience. Difficulty: 7 (Persevere for success) Appearance: 6 (I do look like a bum) Creativity: 6 (The Simpsons already made an episode staring me...) Sound/BGM: 7 Memorability: 20 (You will never forget the day we met...) Just for the fun of it. Tim, the Eater of Homework, is fought only if the player killed their friends. Natsche, the Burning Beer, is known for knocking inattentive players off the stage. Thx for sharing this, had a good laugh
  6. Been browsing German gaming online magazines trying to find a decent one to apply for a job with. Turns out, 90% of the articles are vids from the Tubes where they added 3 lines of text. Fuck that

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Start small and see if there's an audience for your content first, before changing job. You can get basic video editing advice and tutorials online, on YT and things like that. If you wanted to pay, there's a site called Linda or something like that which does lessons on that type of thing. 


      Quality of your stuff can improve if you find that you're growing and there's the potential to make it a full time job. Look at Matpat - his early videos are terribly edited compared to his stuff now he's doing YT professionally. Just as an example. 

    3. timey77


      Good advice. That reminds me of Mtashed, a Destiny streamer/tuber. I remember one of his first vids was actually called something among the lines of "I suck at editing but I'm great at killing". Over time and thx to massive input/support from the community he managed to grow and ever since the quality of his work has improved vastly. I mean, they're still not free cam mod masterpieces resembling works of art, but they're visually solid. And, most importantly, he had some quality advice and knew what he was talking about.

      Ok, I guess the most important thing for me right now is to lay out the basics of what exactly I want to achieve/who exactly I would like to reach and then just go for it.

      Someone once said "Even the longest journey starts with a single step forward" (or something like that, English is not my mother tongue).

    4. StrickenBiged


      It's a near enough translation of the saying. I knew which one you meant! xD

  7. Not when playing online. I'm prone to write hatemail after a match every now and then but I don't rage quit. Esp not when playing with other people. Single player, that's another matter. About ten years ago, I broke my big toe kicking an armchair while playing the Darksiders campaign but that was a time where a lot of things in my life where not in order and I believe that was what ultimately made me kick the thing. I had to wear some kind of orthopedic shoe for 5 weeks and that really taught me a lesson. Ever since I'm much more mellow when playing. Ok, Imma share my worst rage moment with you guys now: At the age of 11 I borrowed a friend's Sega Saturn along with the first Tomb Raider. The last stage (or, one of the last, I don't really remember) had you climbing up a huge chimney-shaped room using platforms. After making my way up there, which took me ages, I arrived at the last ledge only to have a winged demon appear out of nowhere and shove me off the ledge. Lara fell down for about 20 seconds and then formed a neat little pile down in the magma. At this point, I opened the console and started scratching the dics. Like a freaking DJ using a turntable. Well, I probably don't have to point out that the game was ruined after that, I guess I should consider myself lucky I didn't break the console itself. I was shocked by what I had done. Well, at least I did not hesitate to man up and confess what I did to my mate. I had to save my monthly allowence for a little while and paid him back with a new copy of the game. I'm very glad that this moment of weakness did not have an negative effect on our friendship.
  8. What? I went back to this mission twice yesterday and cleared the stage/defeated the boss. She did not spawn a single enemy in any of my three fights. This is why was so dissapointed with the nightmare boss, to me it was the regular boss with zero changes... Ok, leaving spawning mobs aside, was the nightmare boss fight any different in terms of her combos/aggro?
  9. Well, hello to land of milk and honey, m8
  10. Alright, folk, I need to know: How did you like the latest Nioh demo? Did you play the previous ones? What do you expect from the game after its release? Are there things that make you worry? I gotta say, overall I was very pleased with the Last Chance Trial. Having played the Beta (I haven't played the Alpha) I was extremely excited to see that we actually got to play another area of the game instead of just revisiting a stage we're familiar with. As excited as I was, though, playing through the stage felt a little less satisfying than in the Beta. Is it just me or is the game already getting easier with every version? I mean, you walk down a hill, you kill a handful of foes, enter a waterfall and there's a shrine. You kill a couple more, walk a little more and there's another one. A total of 4 shrines in this tiny area just feels like too many. Opening up a shortcut in the Beta felt like an achievement, in this one, I was like "whatevs". I also wonder about the game's end-game content and long-term playability. How many different enemies will we fight? Will it just be the same guys over and over again, just hitting harder and with a much larger health pool? Will they evolve and become more aggressive/unpredictable? Considering the Yokai I've fought in the Beta and the Last Chance Trial, those very much felt the same. Yeah, they looked slightly different and they've turned the second stage Beta boss into a regular Yokai (Tengu?), but basically all of the strats I've developed in the Beta worked out just fine. The nightmare stages in the Beta felt like a challenge but when I started up this one the first guy I defeated started dropping sweet loot immediately and shortly in I felt quite OP. Those bosses, though!!! I gotta say, it's been a while since fighting a boss had me so excited. There's hardly anything as satisfying in a game as watching yourself evolve from a punching bag into an overlord. You enter a boss stage and get demolished. Fast forward a little and you find yourself starting a boss fight over just because you took a single hit but feel like you could take him down naked on Level 1 and barehanded. I love this sense of personal evolution/progress the game provides with it's precise controls and easy-to-learn-yet-hard-to-master approach. Makes you feel great. I also love how the game crushes your confidence by letting you finish the nightmare stage quite easily and return to that Samurai dude only to find out that he'll still kill you in just a few seconds if you let your guard down. One thing that I would have loved to see is an increase in difficulty when I fought the nightmare boss, though. In the Beta, they've at least tried to by adding mobs. That was the wrong approach, the community feedback made that very clear, but at least they tried. Which they did not in the Last Chance. While it was exciting to fight the first couple of revenants I really feel like this game needs more PvP features, esp considering the possibilities. With the loot system being very different from the Souls games and resembling experiences found in Diablo or Borderlands as well as the intricate combat system, it's highly unlikely there will be a stale meta as there often is in Souls with it's fixed weapon/character stats. Furthermore, I wanna take the sick moves I've practiced against PvE foes and see if they'll do me any good versus real opponents. So, to conclude this for now, I'm both super excited and super worried about this game. As much as I've enjoyed the innitial experience I'd hate to see this game become stale and repeatitive after a while. I'm not predicting it will, just a little worried here.
  11. Finished the Nioh Last Chance Trial last night and, boy, am I excited for the real thing!!!!!!

    1. Wesley


      Game is shaping up to be Team Ninja's best game since NGII/S2. 


      Truly cannot wait. 

    2. ShadowReplicant


      Same here. Don't wanna jinx it but I think I might've gotten an early taste of my GOTY with the demo.

    3. timey77


      Certainly. At the same time, I can't help but worry a little about the finished product.



  12. That's absolutely right. Neither haters nor regular enemies must land the final blow on any opponent. People have been wondering whether small things like kicking frogs and rats will void this trophy, and for a while they said it did, but then someone posted a vid where he did kick a frog and still completed the quest. Let me assure you, these quests are bugged atm. I tried it so many times, entering a floor from different sides to get easy access to the hater, killing him first, never aggroing more than one opponent, never killing any critters, never completing the quests. I mean, I have completed a few of them, struggling with glitches as I went, but when I picked up the quest for killing the boss on floor 20 and it did not complete after killing him 3 times, I really started to wonder. That's why I contacted the devs. Welp, those guys are really busy, though. They have to scout the twitterverse for any streamers giving the game a positive reception and then tweet out their every moves. Oh, and they gotta thank people who praise it. Don't ever try to tell them there's something wrong, though. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting them to be like "Shit, we didn't know!!! We will forward your problem to our experts and then come back at you!!! Just wait a lil!!!" Them simply acknowleding that there indeed is a problem would be a nice first step, I believe That's your easy access right there. I mean, what reasons are there not to join, leaving regional pride aside? In terms of in-game benefits, that's the way to go!
  13. I found out that there's almost a reliable way of getting DM ingame. If you chose a big team such as California you're likely to fight a couple of times each week. Make sure to participate by raiding/sending fighters on expeditions, even accumulating as liitle as 100 fight points will do (if you're in Cali, otherwise you might want to make sure it's actually your team that's winning). Now, when the fight is over, rewards will be given out. In my case, I got SPL/KillCoins ranging from 10 000 - 50 000 and up to 2 DM per fight. Since a lot of the quests offered by the game seem to be bugged and may or may not reward you after you complete them ( I tried to inform the devs via Twitter about that, their response: "No, they work as intended. It's prob haters killing enemies for you, negating this trophy." When I told them that I had made sure the hater dies first and without killing anything on a floor I did not receive another message. The fact that the game won't even track me picking up fish in the tower also never was aknowledged by the devs...) this seems to be the most reliable way of acquiring DM besides buying it.
  14. It won't matter which weapons you use, whether or not you can knock out a fighter and capture him is completely up to chance. I did a little research on the TDM and I think I'll start a new thread to talk about it.
  15. Hi guys, If there's an existing thread about this topic please post a link. I couln't find one but I'd love to know! Two days ago, a new patch was released for the game Hyper Light Drifter and it added 3 trophies. I went ahead and earned two of them the same night. When I checked here the following morning I found that I was listed as the first to obtain these trophies (for this version of the game, there are two). I got a little hyped (silly me ) and earned the third trophy as well. Looking at the set just now, I found my trophies have not yet been updated and the game still shows 95%. However, the third trophy now shows another player who has earned the trophy ahead of me. Comparing our timestamps, it seems as if has he earned them several hours later, though. I get to my actual questions now: When my trophies update, will I be listed as the first obtainer again? Furthermore, a guy posted the screenshot of him earning the third trophy on the first night. Yet, he is nowhere to be found, his name won't appear with any of the two versions of the game listed. Should his profile update, will he take the first place? This also makes me wonder: Just how reliable is the tracking on Psnprofiles? Looking forward to your replies. Have a nice weekend, lads
  16. This reminds me of a friend of mine who struggled with alcohol for a while and got wasted every party we went to. One night, he tried to express his "love" for beer but in his inhebriated state he said something among the lines of "I'd love to like beer". I'll never know if that was a simple slip of the tongue or a confession uttered by his subconsciousness. Anyway, to paraphrase Schopenhauer: "Man can do as he wants but he cannot will as he wills"
  17. Well, how are you guys doing with the home defenses and capturing fighters?
  18. Likes to go all the way and it doesn't even take her long
  19. Ok, I will watch some of the new games/trophies and see how they move up and down the leaderboards. Now, if only I could make sense of the stuff in your API link. I'm such an idiot when it comes to tech-stuff Thx for kindly bearing with me here, guys, much appreciated!!!
  20. Sure, but how am I suppossed to know this? I can think of many possible ways in which this might work so I was actually hoping for some kind of confirmation, e.g. a thread named "This his how Psnprofiles tracks your trophies" or something among those lines. Had too many bad exp with people "assuming" stuff and propagating it as if it were the truth.
  21. It would make sense to see the middle ground disappear slowly, just look at the current state of gaming. Back in PS2 days, there was no Playstation store and, as a consequence, very limited ways for indie developers to release their games. Getting your content on a disc, having a sufficient amount of copies made, advertised, and distributed costs a lot of money and comes with serious risks. Back then, you needed a budget, something that very few indies have. Today, we got indie studios run by two people, technology is cheap and the finished product doesn't have to be printed on a disc, it just sits waiting for your download in the store. Indie, on the other hand, has come a long way, too. Back in the days, if someone asked me to name a few devs I could have come up with the Japanese guys, the "major players" like Kojima, Miyamoto, etc. Today, we got people like Notch or Ed McMillen. Movies have been made, documentaries shot. Plus, those games get a lot more exposure. Back in PS1/2 days, I had to buy magazines in a store when I wanted something gaming related. Since there were a lot of them and they were all competing in the same market they had to cover certain games/topics and we hardly got to see anything except the mainstream.
  22. How do you people know all of this? Is there already a thread discussing this?
  23. Well, I'm listed for Boss Rush 1+2, but not Boss Rush 3 despite having earned it yesterday. This is why I started to wonder and, subsequently, this post. Maybe I'm not expressing myself properly? English is not my mother tongue so I apologize if I'm confussing you.
  24. Ah, ok. So, if the forum guy updates his profile he will take the first spot, right? Or, at least a spot ahead of me...