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  1. All, these years and the plat has a typo? Lmao.
  2. I really like your trophy showcase except for MK9 x2 for no reason. I know you're a purist and put hard work in it, but it's mucking up your trophy showcase, however, you do what makes you happy. I'd like your 100% Uncharted 2 & 3 over the collection anyday. Takes dedication for that MP.
  3. 1. It wasn't though. Ugghh, it's frustrating branded a cheat. I care about the flag, if I wasn't I would have just hidden it and be done with it. 2. I can show you the rest of my trophies if you like as well. No problem, on your request (and if the feature on PSN wasn't so shit half the time). Thought mods had access though. Your second statement about it not mattering, in the long run, is true. Since I will be hiding the game anyway or was going to due to my stances above. I just wanted the flag off before I did since I like this community. 3. News to me. Never used it. I play all my games for me and myself only as a completionist. 4. I don't have any issues at all besides this game and AC:B with missing timestamps. You can lock the thread if you like, if I can't persuade or convince you further :). I personally don't really care for the leaderboards either tbh. It's all good. Thanks for the help. Sort of. Have a good day. I didn't know this as mentioned by the mod above. Thanks for the help. Cheers.
  4. You are correct with the Honor Roll to Star 69. How is it possible though, to use someone else's save file, does it work? Didn't pre-order the game at all. I doubt the servers were even online before the release date? Earlier trophies were played on another date before they stopped popping. Lol, yea since I got on Steam I have become particular about what games I want to showcase online for trophies (probably will get the next X-Box as well due to BC). - 3rd Party Exclusives - Console Exclusives - Sony Franchises - Games I feel are Sony Franchises (3rd Party) but really are multi-platform (aka Tekken). This also coincides with completion lists where all games are available on a platform. I might also hide games that are multi-platform and just go with the above mentioned. There's a completionist site just for Steam users and is just as cool as PSNProfiles. P.S. I don't mind hiding this game at all since I'm not a COD fan. P.P.S Mod can take a look at all my hidden games and find one other flagged game. I'd be impressed.
  5. Fahdi Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hey guys, just recently noticed COD:MW2 flagged for me. You guys can check my whole profile and there isn't even one game I would have cheated on to get my trophies; except somehow this was reported on timestamps. I have some of the hardest trophies from the PS3 era, all earned the old-fashioned way. <br /> <br /> I don't remember much 8 years ago, but what I do remember is panicking that my Spec Ops wasn't giving out trophies, I finished the mode anyway after I finished my Veteran run since I only had 1 or 2 more missions to play with a buddy (doesn't care about trophies) and all the trophies unlocked close to or during the same time at the end weirdly enough. Of course, it was a sigh of relief. I have no idea of any exploits on how to unlock trophies (don't even think it's possible?). I know about save game data, but I don't think it's possible for this game since it is under your own profile?<br /> <br /> I also have missing timestamps for AC:Brotherhood. I have no idea how that happened, but they are all random trophies.<br /> <br /> Have a good day.
  6. So let's get together as a community and decide how we're going to tackle this? Someone wanna make a google sheet and rows and columns with people added? And then the downloads and uploads etc.
  7. Ace Combat Series PLEASE!
  8. I Platinum games for the same reason many have already exclaimed here: - Accomplishment or Mastering - Completionist - Conclusion I usually will never touch games again that I have Platinum'd unless it's a favorite or a remaster in which case I hide the older one on PSN Privacy settings. I do have an OCD problem though when: - The earlier game of a franchise does not have trophies, such as Assassin's Creed - Trophies are in the wrong DLC; see Driveclub - Online Trophies that may have imminent server shutdowns without any other way of getting them - Game name on trophy list is Bolded or is named different than the game; Street Fighter III is named Street Fighter 3 - Game is given same trophies as older iterations; Ultra Street Fighter 4 is named the same as Super Street Fighter 4 - Weird Trophy Icons like Assassin's Creed Black Flag without any mention of the name of the game on it There is unfortunately no consistency...
  9. This thread is not for purists... this is for those simply wanting to get the Dark Aeon's over with and get the Perseverance Trophy as fast as possible. I did this on the PS4 so I am sure it is identical to PS3? So the Dark Aeons were a joke until I got to Dark Yojimbo. For the life of me I couldn't beat him, even with Yojimbo doing 4/5 Zanmato's for the fight I lost at the last one. 5 soft resets later, I devised a plan. I don't know if this is common knowledge, but I just did it. Instead of maxing out hours upon hours for the Luck and Fortune sphere's I decided to just max out 3 of my best already at 255 stats for everything except for 47-48 luck since I was already close to maxing them out. I did not use Yojimbo and Zanmato at all after, for Dark Yojimbo, however for the whole Dark Aeon strategy I would suggest training Yojimbo and always have Yuna's Grand Summoning JUST IN CASE. What worked here? Magic Stat (the one everyone says is useless later in the game). No literally it was purely Yuna's Celestial Weapon's 1 MP usage for Doublecast Ultima and Copycat for Tidus/Rikku since they don't have 1 MP usage. Armor for Tidus/Rikku was Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Defense +20%, Auto Potion (X-Potion Only) and for Yuna I substituted Auto-Protect for Ribbon (don't have the patience to grind for 99 Dark matters for everyone). Strategy: - Make sure Rikku's Overdrive is at full (Yuna, just in case for Yojimbo). - Super Mighty G with Rikku. - Cast Auto-Life on Everyone (if Daigoro hits Tidus/Rikku, (Auto-Life let's you live for 2-3 turns before you shatter from Petrification? Not sure if just normal or you can't let life hit 0 for the player to shatter - cast Esuna in case you are Petrified), out of the 5 battles, Tidus shattered on me one time, so heal up!). - Cast Doublecast with Ultima from Yuna everytime conserving MP, and then Copycat with Tidus/Rikku for 3-6 turns. It takes out 40-50k per turn depending on your luck and magic stat. If you however get hit with the Dagger Throw move by Dark Yojimbo, it will cut down in half. - Brace for Impact for any of Dark Yojimbo's moves (if party survived which it should, Auto-Potion works wonders). If someone does go down, just use Full Life and Super Mighty G again provided Rikku is on Comrade Overdrive. Pray to god, that the stupid dog goes for Yuna everytime. - Cast Curaga on Yuna (she basically has to survive everything and especially for Zanmato). - Rinse and Repeat until Zanmato is almost full. - Use Yuna to summon Valefor or an Aeon you just hate to be the victim of Zanmato. - Resume Assault after Zanmato. - Win and kiss your dog, cat, mom, dad whatever the hell is closest (and then easily use Yojimbo for everyone else after). I would also recommend using Zanmaro for the Dark Magus Sisters altogether. No need to fight them 1 by 1. Yes, this will take about a good 25-40 minutes of your time for Dark Yojimbo but it's totally worth it because after him, it's easy streak. Also it's sooo much better than grinding Fortune and Luck sphere with those stupid Earth Eater and Greater Sphere for hours. The worst boss in this game for me was definitely Dark Yojimbo, but an ever worser boss is the Sphere Grid itself, I'll probably die of monotony and boredom. 2 more idiots left, and then it's off to kill that stupid ball called Yu Yevon.
  10. If you're calling DOA as an accomplishment in Skill Based fighting games... you need some serious help. As far as help goes: True Ogre: f, f+triangle Paul: qcf+triangle Heihachi: Same or d+square, triangle Jin: b,f+triangle, square, triangle or u/f+o,o,o,o Kazuya: Same as Jin for the spinning kicks Bryan: f,f+triangle Lei: d/b+o,o Good luck.
  11. Lol, yea, I finished the campaign twice. Had to back up my PS4 game save on the cloud from my friend's house, then when I backed it up on my own PS4, the save didn't even work... this happened on 2 occasions. I realized this only happens if you tend to go into MP. Play offline SP just to make sure, although I don't even know if that would work.