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  1. I found it fairly easy and unobtrusive, as long as you have decent setup and leveled materia. Probably the toughest boss in the game is Hell House because of annoying immunity phases and hard to figure out and hit stagger mechanics (turning on God shield when my fire spell is already on the way for the 10th time...) or Arsenal for final attack (although at this point you have Gotterdammerung, so that helps) although this one is way more mechanical than it initially seems. No idea where you've seen all those 1-hit attacks. Other than things like Pride and Joy's slam (interruptable), Arsenal laser (interruptable and you can hide) or Mega Flare (telegraphed for literary 5 minutes), I don't recall heavy attacks taking more than 4-6k HP, which shouldn't kill any of your characters that use 2x HP Ups. Of course, it's a numbers game. It's a jRPG, not an action game. You farm for levels to get up to the challenge - it's the staple of the genre. In FFX you spent tens of hours just farming items and using them on the sphere grid to get to high enough stats to beat hard bosses. Here farming from "just finished the game on Nomal" to level 50 and all materias maxed takes like 4-5 hours. It can hardly be called a grind. I honestly can't relate. You finished Payday and Payday 2 where grind is in tens of hours/game and 5 hours of grind where you don't even have to pay attention, so you watch a TV show in the background broke you.
  2. The story can be cleared in 20ish hours if mainlined. I forgot you had to complete all the locations in this one - for me that's a dealbreaker. No skirting around riding for hours all over the map.
  3. He seems to have bought all the abilities for Helix points before even starting the game properly since he activates master ability right after Prologue. Then, I'm guessing, he got every other boost he could and just went at it. AFAIK PS4 trophy system is not compromised, so I don't know what else are you looking for. The guy who is 2nd on the list, with 2 days 20 hours have 2 sleep/work breaks, amounting to 20ish hours, so the difference in actual playtime is around 12 hours. You could probably cut that much by spending a lot on boosters, abilities and just never going after anything unnecessary. Changed my mind
  4. People can report for whatever they damn please in any system. The strength of any platform with reporting is data analysis and verification of reports, not excessive limitations put on possibility to report. It's kinda weird that OP had to even dispute that - it's not something that can be objectively judged, like timestamps being too close together or trophies in wrong order. All you should have to do is say "I'm that good", EOT. Especially with platinums for Sekiro, NINJA GAIDEN Σ PLUS, and a bunch of other extremely hard trophies just sitting there.
  5. Since, other than those 2 there are no primarily BR games on PS4, I have no idea what are you talking about. Fortnite have no BR list, because they will likely want to have completely separate one for BR when they are closer to release state, so it looks more like a complete product than an addon. What other BR games are there on PS4 at the moment? Still, too bad they didn't care enough to include plat. The list itself is pretty underwhelming too. Haven't played much, but one of my Fortnite buddies won a couple of solos in his first week, so I'm guessing it's not that hard. Other than that, all the trophies can be done between 2-3 games and a day or two of playing, depending on skill and luck, so I'll probably 100% just because it's easy.
  6. Superhot VR from me as well. Must play. Personally, I love Eagle Flight. Headmaster is an early favorite for many people, Sprint Vector is pretty cool and a bit less popular, and maybe some simulator/car game? DIRT 3 VR, RIGS, GT Sport, Eve Valkyrie. Not sure which one would be best, but I found cockpit games really selling VR well. Edit: Resident Evil VII is, from what I've heard, also a must play. Pretty much only AAA VR game currently available. Not for the faint of heart.
  7. Dreadnought Brawhalla Orcs Must Die! Unchained Marvel Heroes Omega and probably many more I can't remember now and in the future. They might have been some plans for rules at the beginning, since most, if not all, early F2P games only have 300p lists, but those are long gone. Like with every other game, Sony have absolutely no hard rules for trophies. You just have to ask. And then maybe ask again, and again a few more times. At the end of the day, there are hundreds of 45 minutes visual novels with platinums, and My Name is Mayo have 2 separate lists. Nobody at Sony really cares, you just have to push for it a bit, if they say no.
  8. After roughly 15 hours of running through zones, porting through zones, changing difficulties etc. looking for Doop, I sat down to AIM op to try once again in the evening and within 30 minutes (so ~10th tun) on normal I've found 2 in the same spot. Finally. Thanks to Sergen. I was planning to run some OPs anyway, done like 20 runs of Church of Purification before, and some others here and there, but picked AIM because of his post and it paid off. Finally done with it.
  9. Are they marked from afar? Like, when I enter operation, do I see it immediately, or only when I'm close?
  10. Anyone have some tricks on locations to finding this one? Was looking through web a bit, but it all seem random. At the same time, I've put 65+ hours in the game and never saw one.
  11. You can easily do platinum before it goes down. I finished leveling legendary from 0 in a bit less than 30 hours, with some of that time probably wasted as well, playing at most at cosmic. It seem fairly easily doable in no more than 50 hours. As to leveling itself,due to treasure rooms being considered the quickest, I feel like Scarlet Witch will be easiest to level - she vaporize her enemies in some circumstances (you can force vaporize by using signature and black AoE storm, whatever it's called), which makes clearing treasure rooms trivial in almost every case. This and other strong AoE also makes Hero For Hire fairly easy. Personally, after finishing 14 ops and legendary missions, I was running Church of Purification Op, because it's simpler than MODOK one, trash is easy to take down and it gives 2 chests at the end. Don't waste time on doing legendary quests like Doom Op on high difficulty - not worth it, lower it, breeze through, go back to farming easier ones. Maybe I suck, but Doom Op and the last one at Times Square are massive time sink due to bullet spongy bosses. Don't sweat Gazillionaire before finishing everything else - legendary missions, ops, treasure rooms, all drop gold. Look for those Cosmic Doops - finished everything else, never seen one. Not sure about what other people say - that you need 5 characters on 60 at the same time to make the trophy. I'm 100% sure I only leveled up 2 legit at first and gave 2 others Omega prestige and it popped when I finished leveling 5th manually. I would argue it should work if you omega prestige 4 and then level up your main to 60 before first prestige. And ofc remember to put up those synergies and always keep up 5x buff on everything. If you miss shards, just buy 5x chests packs, you will pull a lot from them. edit: if you have troubles with Cosmic trial, open some SHIELD drops (ones from buff) while at 60, you will get a bunch of hihg level gear, including Cosmic, that will make it significantly easier.
  12. Ubi servers just went down briefly and it works again. Just got a convoy at 578, 885 People are getting events again.
  13. "Reach floor 15 of a ranked tower" seem like it might possibly be hard. Depends of what "ranked tower" is - if it's some kind of MP tournament, where you have to win 15 matches in a row or something, it might be nigh impossible for most people. Other than that, I see nothing problematic.
  14. Only destruction that doesn't already use good weapon from the get go (eg. all kinds of rocket launchers, tanks, choppers) and doesn't have helicopter /w machine guns available is grapple challenge, but you can do it fairly easily, when you find good route. When you use helicopter on eg. sniper challenge, it becomes child's play, because score is made for sniper rifle, so you will probably get 5 gears with something like 15-20 seconds to spare and end up 10-15k above limit. In general, only hard part are 3, maybe 4 wingsuit courses, but those few are in the league of their own. I've already spend at least 4-6 hours on last 3 alone, and they always screw me over (I'm on 4 gears on all 3, sometimes missing as little as 500-700 points on 70-80k) - long and/or fast, with tricky turns and allowing 1-2 non-perfects at most. There is nothing even close in difficulty and no other course will prepare you for those. Unlike most other challenges in the game, there is no way to trick wingsuit, no upgrade (except maybe air break, if you are lucky or god like with it) will help you, no shortcuts, requiring near perfection. Personally, I would rate this plat at least 7/10, just because of those last few wingsuit challenges. Some people will never get this plat.
  15. Following in BF4 footsteps - good list. A lot of single player trophies, maybe a bit too many just for finishing chapters, but still cool to see a lot of misc. Multiplayer limited to stuff you would get, more or less, naturally, so that there are no bunch of people spoiling fun for everyone else, trying to get some very specific MP trophies (although I'm sure those will come in DLCs). All unlocks seem fairly easy, so we should be done with other MP trophies maybe even before The Big Score is finished. Great. Pretty excited for single player TBH.