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  1. Thank you.
  2. When you go from new game to new game+ can you choose the difficulty? Can I play new game on casual then new game+ on casual, or do I have play new game on casual then new game+ on normal?
  3. That 1 frame per 5 second lag every 10 minutes is a real passion killer. I did a 10 hour play yesterday to get all main story trophies. Fast travelling to a location or entering a building really pushed my patients. My save file is 10mb.
  4. So I take it that to have our trophies updated you have to pay now? Because I just noticed yesterday that my profile isn't automatically updating every 24 hours, now it just says updated 1 day ago.
  5. This is the reason I don't solely rely on psnprofiles for trophy guides. I also checkout playstationtrophies.org as well.
  6. Just got the trophies for finishing the game on veteran mode. I think I swore on every level I played on lol. I got through the hall way of doom and it was mostly plain sailing until I got up to the tank stage on rebirth island - that tested me. I also had slight problems on the very last mission near the end you have to get to the computer terminal. There was an enemy that was hiding that kept one shotting me, to make matters worse the underwater base would shake every few seconds.
  7. I think I'll give it miss when I buy a PS4. I don't want to get those collectible trophies all over again, once was enough.
  8. Just got platinum. Now I don't have to play this horrendous game ever again.
  9. I have been playing/platinuming this game the last few days and have been using a guide from over here: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/bound-by-flame/260618-bound-flame-trophy-guide-roadmap.html It hasn't been easy playing on hawk difficulty and not putting points in skills until lvl 19 (at the moment I'm just shy of lvl 18). I was almost ready to start overafter realizing I had made a big mistake. After fighting the flying creature boss in the cave I went back to the village thinking that I would be able to relax, but after fighting some zombies that had gotten into the village the game then forced me into another boss fight with the Deadwalker General wtf?! I wasn't prepared for another boss battle so soon, I had used a lot of potions and things on the flying cave boss. So I thought I would leave the village and go grind some enemies in the swamp. I couldn't leave the village because the game wants me to fight the Deadwalker General. My only option was to load a previous save, which was right before I fought the flying creature in the cave and now I have to stay outside the village to grind another level.
  10. Why is the platinum trophy so rare 8.92%? Is it possible to platinum this game within a month?
  11. I didn't have to wait very long at all to find people for death-match and then a co-op game, maybe 30 seconds to a minute.
  12. I just went online to get the two online trophies in the standard version and actually had fun playing the deathmatch to get the trophy plus there was a number of other players online as well. I thought the deathmatches in Uncharted 2 were better than Tomb Raider's multiplayer (which is an unfunny joke) and Uncharted 2 was released five years ago.
  13. This happened to me just before. Except the trophy popped when I picked up a pendant and I still had 5 more pendants to find and some artifacts.
  14. It's just dodge counter, not counter kill. I started going for the trophy when I got to the shipwreck beach and easily got it. You can also do dodge counter on enemies with auto rifles. Just shoot them in the foot with the hand gun and stay close to them. When they get back on their feet roll next to them and they should swing the butt of their rifle at you causing the prompt to come on screen.