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  1. Man, I'm at my wit's end. I'm combed through this thread, checking every place that people have missed, and still nada. Says I'm at 99.53%, yet I can find no stone left unturned. I got all the small islands that were missable (at least the ones that have been mentioned in here). Got the valley of two kings, the valley of artemis. What could it even be. edit: lol, it was the swamp of thermes at the top of the map. blended in with the out of bounds area, so i overlooked it. feel so silly.
  2. For the last 2 phases, I used the "run like a coward, bait him into using the leaping overhead strike, dodge, attack, run, repeat" strategy. Had to actually beat the Demon of Hatred by getting good, though; didn't find out about the suicide cheese until afterward. (Looking forward to revenge in NG+ though)
  3. It doesn't kill them. Only reduces Unseen Aid, and prevents really being able to talk to them, since they're always coughing and wheezing. (I've read that this can cut off certain questlines and gains associated with them; can't confirm this firsthand, but dragonrot is reversible anyway, so it's no great worry)
  4. I feel like FromSoft already had a perfect consequence in Dark Souls - if you die, you lose your souls, but if you're good enough, you can still get them back, but if you die again before reaching it, it's gone. Not totally consequence-free, but still fair and related to skill. This is literally just RNG. Sure, if you don't die too much the RNG is marginally better, but it's still random. You could do amazing for a long time, die, and then take that hit against what you earned. Or, you could do terribly and die right away, but the die rolls in your favor anyway and it won't matter. Unlike Souls, skill isn't really the final determining factor in whether you get back what you lost. Dying a lot is an inevitable and natural part of FS games, and I feel like the Soulsborne games did a good job taking that into account, not handing you an easy win, but not being unnecessarily punishing either. I get it's a new IP, so they probably wanted to experiment with a new method of failstate consequences, but here's hoping they don't carry this particular formula forward to future games.
  5. $20 on PSN now as well. Time to dive in, then.
  6. I like some fighting games, but I find a lot of them tend to have a higher skill floor than I might prefer. How does this compare? Just lookin' for a fun ol' time.
  7. They both got onion'd, really.
  8. My understanding is that time is the only thing that really affects ranking.
  9. Last I heard, I think it's supposed to be coming some time around the end of January.
  10. Looks like the story in this one might be a little longer than the other DLCs? Hope so. edit: ha ha, i was so wrong. just side mission trophies. so short.
  11. Same happened to me. Never had any problems with the first 2 games tho. Year of the Dragon though... nothing major or gamebreaking, so much as a vague pervading sense of things not working quite right, ya know.
  12. I've always been intrigued by the irony of people get offended by the thought of other people getting offended. Especially in cases, as in this thread, where no one actually got offended by the thing in question, and then everyone just kinda... imagines hypothetical people being offended, and then gets offended about it. Wish the people who longed for the days of people being laid-back were, themselves, so laid back (I tease, of course, but really, it's nowhere near the big deal it's being made out to be here; even calling it censorship feels dramatic, though I feel that word gets thrown around quite a bit these days, especially with games; developers are hardly allowed, of their own volition, to make any changes to their own games without it being called censorship, even though no one ever forces them (which by and by would be what actual censorship is; and, by and by, a change being suggested isn't censorship either, I mean like actually legally forced; but oh well))
  13. I remember playing one of the RPG Maker games waaaay back on the PS2. Had a fun time messing around with it, although eventually I stopped; realized "why am i spending so much time building all this stuff if no one else can ever even play it". I might keep an eye on this, since "level creator"/"game creator" type games have always appealed to me (the desire to create + the laziness and lack of desire to actually learn how to make games lol).
  14. Haven't played this before, and very excited to finally do so. Are there any missables to keep an eye out for?
  15. Really wish they went with the Yakuza 6 path of only doing X amount of things on the completion list, instead of all of it. I absolutely love these games, and I dabble in everything they have to offer, but it's just too much. Otherwise tho, looks groovy. I'm excited.