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  1. It's a combo of the 2 for sure. Like, I got 44 when I won... but also 44 when I lost. Same skill and success on my part, but win or lose after that was basically a coin toss out of my control. Being really good definitely betters those odds though lol
  2. I have been trying for over half an hour straight, tying numerous times, and I just tied 44-44, and I'm ready to just end my life now. The frustrating thing is... it's not that skill is irrelevant, but it literally doesn't feel like skill is the determining factor at all. First you have to be perfect, then better than perfect, then better than perfect at lightning speed, and then you have to hope that the RNG gods happen to give him a lower score at the same time you do all that. You can lose with 44 or win with 41. edit: oh praise allah yahweh buddha zeus and the lot of 'em, i finally won. I'm Finished.
  3. https://www.powerpyx.com/resident-evil-3-remake-how-to-unlock-infinite-ammo/ This guide will help you know exactly where to make the extra save spots, too, so you know where to return to to farm. (I'm still only on my first playthrough so far myself, but looking at it, it seems it might be wise to focus on getting the infinite ammo machine gun first, to make farming the rest easier)
  4. Yeah. I never played the original, but I read something saying that "entire locations and boss fights" are missing. Very odd.
  5. Oh sweet! I thought it was coming out Friday; this is a pleasant surprise.
  6. Yeah, this is the only bug I've had my entire playthrough, and I've been putting off making too much progress until it's fixed. Very glad it's almost here. (Also very fortunate that I noticed the quest had fallen under Botched soon enough to load a save from just before speaking to Parvati)
  7. Ah, I see. Thanks. (One less thing to worry about, then)
  8. So I'm aware that there are some trophies related to different choices you make in the story. But, as I want to avoid reading any specifics, can anyone provide a spoiler-free guide of when to make extra saves for those divergent paths (so whichever choice I end up deciding to make, I can still go back and get the trophy for the other)? Thank you.
  9. November 5, aye.
  10. Very weird how the trophy list has been up for like a week now, but based on Google, there are otherwise no mentions or discussions of this port's existence. And nothing I can find from the developers even alluding to this. Wonder if they're planning to Beyonce this around Halloween. Sure hope so.
  11. Wow, this turned out to be a massive disappointment. Only 4 songs. Would've been fine with them only having the newer songs (disappointed, still, but fine) if they at least delivered the amount we've come to expect, but this is quite a letdown.
  12. "Guys, we still need to come up with one last bronze trophy for the game! What should it be?" "Uh... shit... I dunno... just stand around or something I guess." Looking forward to this. The trailer looked awesome.
  13. Panic! at the Disco is coming to Beat Saber next week! Very excited. So far the only confirmed track is their song from The Greatest Showman. Which songs are you hoping will make the cut? In a perfect world, we'd get the entirety of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, but alas. Outside of the obvious ones which are practically guaranteed to appear (I Write Sins..., High Hopes), I'd love to see There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet, Build God Then We'll Talk, and Let's Kill Tonight. I feel like they'd be pretty fun to play.
  14. So it seems it's even weirder than not getting the trophy. I compared my fervor bar to that at the end of the guide, and mine is significantly lower than what the maximum should be. (And I've gone back and double checked every location) Major bummer.
  15. Going through the guides to wrap up all the upgrades and collectibles, and, while checking through the video to see which fervor upgrade I must be missing... I find I am not missing any. I got all 6, but no trophy. What's the deal.