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  1. Nope, I wrote a guide on how to downgrade games and it appears that the PS5 has been updated a while ago to stop you from downgrading any game on the system (Ps5 was always impossible, but PS4 via BC doesn't work). Your only option is to downgrade them on a PS4 or a Pro.
  2. I don't think you'd be able to bring it down to 10-15. Even the 'fastest' person on here atm is at around 2-3 days (impossible to know how much they played each day though). I guess we'll know when more people finish the game and the stats update - however, I don't know why anyone would play the game and opt to simply skip through all the dialogue and story, it kinda defeats the point in playing the game.
  3. That's why I said things like "Obviously, if you start skipping things, following guides (which officially shouldn't appear online until mid-July from those who got review codes), and getting help with the more cryptic trophies, you'll probably take half the time we did " I had the game about 10 days before launch so no guides, people to talk to, hints, etc... But, now it's out there it'll be much faster unless you devote yourself to not searching for any help and doing it 100% on your own. Also, I had a lot of backtracking because the trophies weren't live and I didn't bother going offline to view them, so I just played the game and then went back to grab the trophies - a number of which required me to reply quite a few scenes a couple of times.
  4. In case anyone reads this in the future - this issue was fixed a few days after launch It's all fine now.
  5. That's the PS4 version running on a PS5 (the game had compatibility issues which I don't think were every fully resolved) - this thread is based on the new native PS5 version.
  6. Worked perfect for me. There is an issue with an Xbox prompt being used in a QTE (the devs are aware), but the rest of the game ran fine for me. What mode are you playing in? I played it all in the 30fps RT mode
  7. It'll get trophies when it officially releases. at the moment it's technically in Early Access. The 1.0 launch is on the day we get it - I think it's also coming to other platforms at the same time. Same thing (kinda) happened with Temtem. That launched in early access with no trophies on PS5, they were added later (surprisingly before the 1.0 launch though)
  8. Tutt Tutt, there shouldn't be any guides until mid-July. I can't imagine a walkthrough or guide on how to obtain certain trophies being possible considering the things everyone agreed wouldn't be talked about or shown prior to the launch in all regions. If SC sees it, they'll probably not get codes off them in the future. It's also effectively posting spoilers, so I'd advise reading any guides if wanting to discover the story yourself I honestly don't know - I became absorbed within the game, clicking on everything in every scene, listening and choosing every dialogue option, pestering Kagami many, many times whenever he was there, etc... A lot of time was spent backtracking looking for the eyeballs, one took me almost four hours to find as I simply couldn't find it and had to replay the Somnium over and over - thankfully you can replay them with infinite time once you've completed the chapter. I got stumped on maybe two or three puzzles, which took up a little time, but most of them were straightforward. I also spent a long time on the Tamagotchi mini-game before I realised that the 20-minute timer between interactions is removed once you complete the game. I also gave up on looking at trophies before I play a game a long time ago, so I basically play through the game, and then had to go offline to see what I hadn't unlocked, which meant going back and figuring out what scenes would contain the trophies I need - something you can avoid if you know what to look for beforehand. Basically, others may do it faster, but having the game pre-release with literally no hints or help meant it took longer than usual - this happen to me with other games such as Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the first Somnium Files, and others.
  9. It took me around 90 hours to platinum the game pre-launch: Review here - https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/ai-the-somnium-files-nirvana-initiative-ps5-review-via-ps4-bc/ With no guides, support, or hints, it took me approx 80-90 hours, in-game it says over 100 (it stops at 99:99:59), but I did leave the game on playing music whilst I did other things on a number of occasions. Another person who was reviewing it on PC also took 119 hours to complete it with all the trophies. Obviously, if you start skipping things, following guides (which officially shouldn't appear online until mid-July from those who got review codes), and getting help with the more cryptic trophies, you'll probably take half the time we did. Regarding the 'mid-July' comment, there are certain things that those who accepted the early code can't talk about until a week after the EU launch, so they can either release partial guides or wait until then. I personally loved trying to figure it all out for myself - it reminded me of pre-internet days where all you had was patience and determination to complete everything. Regarding the trophy list, it's straightforward. you can use the flow chart to return to any previous chapter and scene for things you've missed, it even has a handy tally to let you know which Somniums you've missed the time challenge in or how many eyeballs you still need to find. I really liked this game, it's a little confusing but it becomes clear as you get further into the story. There's even a nice nod towards the producer's previous series'
  10. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP6532-PPSA08152_00-3882944499935026?nonce=jgrBmBCadRv7ZX2CDlob A free PS5 upgrade has just launched - trophies aren't live yet. I'll email the dev on Monday if they're still not enabled
  11. The Japanese devs announced this a few days ago, but NIS America just confirmed the Western digital version is also being delisted in August: The game is still out there in physical form, but this is your last chance to pick it up digitally. Or, if you want to play the 'best' version of the game, pick up the newly released Metal Max Xeno Reborn (but don't expect to complete the story as the new sequel to it was cancelled one day before it was released in the West...) This series isn't having much luck!
  12. As the above states, but you don't need to make a new account. Just load any game, PS Button, PS3 Home, then click on save management. If it says it'll close the game, allow it Then, find your save an 'copy' it to the online storage. The. You should be able to download on your PS3 I honestly thought this was automatic, but it mustn't be.
  13. Nevermind - found him Its a random occurrence in the photo you get from the old camera. Sometimes he's there, sometimes he isn't...
  14. If anyone spots the unicorn, and grabs the trophy, please tell us all where it is
  15. It's not a remaster - it's an 'Enhanced Port'