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  1. Do you have the DLC? If not, how can you possibly guess how long the DLC will take?
  2. It has the Infiltrator mode and a new expansion - something the PS4 version doesn't. Guaranteed new trophy list
  3. It's only for the Arkanoid game mode and most likely because it was originally a mobile game - so it's mimicking the original input. You have to quickly move the paddle and also thrust it forwards to initiate special moves, so I can see why they've done this - but having stick control with a button to thrust could have been added I guess.
  4. The platinum won't be easy - most are easy enough and pop without doing anything, but obtaining an S rank in the Extreme game will be a bitch as it gets very difficult. Also, completing all 150 Arkanoid levels on Hard will also be a pain as its 150 level and your only control method is to use the touchpad on the controller, you can't use the sticks. At least it isn't 'obtain the highest grade on all 150 levels' as so far, I've not got the gold on any of the levels I've played through on the normal difficulty.
  5. See the video posted above your message - that's version 1.0 The latest version still has a lot of issues but no where near the disc version which is the one a lot of people have been pulling videos and image from (from what I've seen on Twitter). I'd still say don't buy it on PS4 or Xbox One - only get if you have a Pro upwards
  6. No spoiler comparison and frame graph of all consoles: Basically, the PS4 is 'okay', but it's 20-30 fps. The Pro is more 30 and a little sharper. The PS5, surprisingly, looks a lot better and runs at 50-60fps all the time (no toggle like on the Xbox Series X) Xbox isn't as pretty - 14-20fps on the One (s), around 30 on the SS and 50-60 on the SX. But, Xbox is washed out, the colours don't look as defined and 'dark' as on PS4 so there may be an issue with that version as I've seen that in a few games. The above is with the day one patch - the funny, really bad videos going around social media are the disc-based version 1.0
  7. I wasn't actually talking about you tbh. Just in general looking at all the threads where people go mental over a game not being free, as if they're entitled to have every version on every console free just because they bought the original version on sale years ago and they want the 'free' platinum. It's the same with those who complain when the PS5 upgrade doesn't just auto pop all the trophies for them. Those threads get pretty crazy as they act like they're 'forced' to replay a game just because they wanted a one-second platinum rather than an actual upgraded version of a game they liked.
  8. Posted the reason here: Also, they didn't 'just slap ultimate edition' on it. The game came out for the Wii U then was ported to the Vita and PS4. The game was then updated with new levels, music, mechanics, assets and music, and released on Switch and Xbox One as the 'ultimate edition'. This is why this one isn't 'free', it's not the same game as we got on PS4. If it's not like-for-like, don't expect a free upgrade. Look at Tesla vs Lovecraft. The PS4 and 5 versions re the same but it's not free - why? Because the PS5 version has the DLC included - so you now have to pay to get that version rather than getting it free like other 10Tons games. This site is full of people who feel they're entitled to everything for free.
  9. A bit of incorrect info here... Concept Destruction was cross-gen in EU and NA, allowing you to grab the PS5 version for free. Not sure about AS. In regards to Twin Robots, it would have been free but this isn't the same game we already have on the PS4 - hence not a free upgrade. We have: https://www.ratalaikagames.com/games/twinrobots.php This is: https://www.ratalaikagames.com/games/twinrobotsue.php What’s New: New levels with new 3D backgrounds New music Improved physics & puzzles Improved camera system This is why it isn't free, it's the 'improved' version which came out on the Xbox One and the Switch AFTER the PS4, Vita and Wii U. It contains new levels and modified gameplay. So yeah, if it's a like-for-like release, it'll be free like Concept was. If it's a modified version or one with added DLC (Just like Tesla vs Lovecraft) then it won't be free as it's technically a new game with different content.
  10. The patch doesn't add to the size, it replaces files. So, if there is another patch due out (like the devs said) then once it's installed it'll still be around the same size due to replacing and not adding files.
  11. Just tap on the three dots and pick the PS4 or PS5 version to download. Then, I imagine you do the same to play if installed on the internal storage. If you have an ext USB drive, the PS4 version will appear on there and the PS5 version on the internal drive as two separate tiles.
  12. Horizon was previously a timed game, now it's a perm addition to the service. We'll probably start getting other timed ones added fully like Spider-Man.
  13. One time, no. They're coming down on those who are charging money for it. I actually think they've probably done what I've seen publishers do when they see review copies being sold on eBay pre-release, I think they've 'bought' the service from the sellers (with their own account) and then followed the IP it's been activated on and used that as a point of reference to catch those who are doing it and punish accordingly. That way they will have evidence of the illegal activities being performed, just in case the person doing it decides to try and take action against Sony for wrongful banning. I don't know where people are getting this 'over 50 accounts' from either. That sounds like someone has pulled a figure out of their arse. If they catch you selling the service on eBay, it doesn't matter how many accounts you've done it for - you'll get punished just like the rest once they clock on to who you are. Next, we need them to target the people who sell platinum trophies on eBay as most of them simply use tools to illegally unlock them or simply resign saves to the payer's account which auto-unlocks the trophies. Some sellers actually charge more than the price of the game in order to unlock them! Don't people actually buy games to play and enjoy them anymore? I guess that's a different discussion though...
  14. Right now - yes. There is no 'PS5 version' as it was delayed until next year. So, if you play it today, you're just playing the PS4 version but with a rock-solid 30fps with no framerate dips or issues when you bring up the map. That means your saves on the PS4 will work just fine if you wish to continue. However, once the official PS5 version releases, I imagine saves from the original version of the game (from launch) certainly WON'T work, and it's up to the dev and publisher if they wish to allow a transfer option for the 'Ultimate' edition saves. But, it'll probably have a brand new trophy list so I'm guessing they'll just want you to start again in that version.
  15. As I said previously, it doesn't matter about the logins. It only matters if you've redeemed the PS Plus collection a lot of times on the same console. If you have 10 accounts on your PS5, you've probably redeemed the collection once or twice, depending on how many accounts have PS Plus. The others are simply 'assessing' the games because they're on the same console as a primary account which redeemed them. Sony knows how many times the collection was redeemed via the same console ID. Those are the ones affected. As such, people with multiple accounts are fine - they're being used as intended. Those selling the collection are very easy to spot because they're not 'sharing' the collection, they're redeeming it many times - something nobody with multiple accounts would do as nobody will have 4-10 accounts on their PS5, all with PS Plus.