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  1. I've already emailed them about this - it'll be fixed soon I imagine.
  2. The games had some graphical issues since the PS5 launched, but there was a patch a month or so ago which made all three games (and the trilogy collection) 100% backwards compatible. I just wish they'd do the same with the others that still have issues.
  3. You need to contact Indigo Pearl, they're the PR
  4. Yeah, you don't want to talk to Atari - you need to talk to the PR who deals with them. [email protected]
  5. I presume you need to have listened to the tape earlier with Erin, so she assumes Charlie is behind everything. Otherwise, she'll have no reason to doubt him when they meet up.
  6. It wasn't that bad - I've not played the game since launch on the PS4 and I was able to grab the speedrun on my first try with under a minute left. It was increased to 35 minutes, like on the PS4, rather than the original 30 minutes - so it's not that bad.
  7. Nah, it works fine, I just can't be bothered trying to solve the puzzles with the limited number of jumps and grabs
  8. Just in case you've not noticed, there's a free PS5 upgrade out now. It's practically the same as the PS4 version but a new trophy list.
  9. By default, the game loads up into 4k/30 mode if you're connected to a 4K TV and there are no in-game graphics options other than the usual gamma setting. But, if you set your PS5 to output at 1080p via the system settings before you start the game, it'll run at a flawless 60fps! I also believe it's not technically 1080p as the visuals look very clean and sharp on my 4K TV, so it may be downsampling. I've asked the publisher if they can add an in-game toggle as a lot of people will miss out on the mode due to not realising they need to change the above setting. I've yet to hear back regarding if they're going to do this though. But, playing it at 60fps felt much better than the standard 30fps
  10. Zero Time Dilemma is back on PSN, reduced to £15.99
  11. The game has returned to PSN at a new reduced price
  12. Just in case you didn't know, the PS5 version has two modes - 4K at 60fps and 1080p at 120fps (I think it could go higher, but they locked it at 1080p). However, there's no in-game toggle and setting the console to 'performance' doesn't trigger it. You have to manually set the output of your PS5 console, in the system settings, to 1080p. If you do that before starting the game, it'll load up in 1080p/120fps mode. I've asked my contact at NIS America if they could add an option in the menu, but I don't think it'll happen.
  13. Thanks, I've submitted the change as you can make edits yourself. Let's see if they adjust it and it pulls through
  14. Who do we contact regarding the wrong Publisher info on here? They've put an 'r' at the end of Prime for some reason