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  1. As far as I'm aware, the game got an update that included the Enhanced Edition content. IT doesn't show free in the store because it's a different product to the Plus version, but it should update to contain the same stuff.
  2. https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/beyond-a-steel-sky-console-release-various-regions-delayed/ I did an article the other day, as it's quite confusing. Other than the Switch (in some places), all regions have had some form of delay with both physical and digital versions
  3. At launch there were a few trophies that didn't work, but they were patched about 2 weeks later. I had no issues obtaining them all - I don't know if new updates introduced new issues, but if not then there's nothing wrong with the PS5 version.
  4. Yeah, can't remember off-hand what it's called but from the menu I think it's Database then Locations. In there, you can flick between all the places you've unlocked and it'll tell you how many scenes you've found - some you can go back and grab at any time but others are missable if you've progressed too far. But, you can grab them on a second playthrough once you finish the game and it'll carry over the ones you've already found.
  5. Sorry I was slow! Didn’t realise you’d replied. But yeah, graffiti was the one you were missing
  6. Which ones do you have?
  7. Trophies should now sync for both regions of the game now
  8. There are a handful of cases that have a trophy related to the final conclusion you come to. However, you can pick the choice for the trophy then reload and pick the option you actually want - there are no 'wrong answers', each choice has a follow-up in the newspapers but it doesn't impact the subsequent cases or story. Most outcomes arent' linked to trophies though, so you're free to do whatever you want - a lot of the case-based trophies revolve around completing Jon's secondary objectives or completing side-missions that only have one outcome. There are a few missable trophies that will require you to reload and/or start a new game if you miss them, but I managed to obtain almost every trophy on my first playthrough, having to replay the game to obtain a few choice-based ones I missed due to not looking at the trophies before playing the game.
  9. That's Digerati - I'll drop Matt an email and get him to activate them
  10. Didn't know they hadn't turned on the trophies - I'll drop the publisher an dev an email - should be up some time this week **Sent email to my contact at Lucas Film (who provided us with Vader Immortal) - advised they need to activate the trophies on PSN**
  11. Not in this game, it requires fast reflexes and smooth gameplay. It was only a bug though, which is now fixed.
  12. Just so you’re aware, there’s a bug atm which is causing the game to only run at 30fps on the PS5. to fix this, you have to manually set the resolution of your console to 1080p in the system settings before booting up the game. Once you do, it’ll run in 60fps. there’s a patch due soon which will fix this last nights patch has fixed the issue. It’s 60fps in 4K now Also, if you manually set the resolution of your PS5 to 1080 (as above), the game will run at 1080p/120fps - there’s no in-game option. You have to set it via the console.
  13. Just looked at the trophy video - it popped when you're shown the factory and the narrator tells you about the site. I played it on the latest patch, the 1.008 patch.
  14. That's your opinion but I literally played through the whole DLC on the PS5 on the latest update and had no issues with any trophies - neither did a few others on here. I doubt there will be an upcoming 'fix' as the game seems to be working just fine for those playing through it for the first time right now. I can't comment on those importing, continuing from an old save after starting the DLC, or starting a new game without first deleting all save data from the system, but for those looking to play the base game and DLC for the first time - there shouldn't be an issue. Two of my mates also recently started the DLC on the PS5 and had no issues either.
  15. If you want to be cautious. Go to the save settings on the PS5 and disable auto-upload for Maneater - that way, you'll still have an end-game ready save in the cloud if any trophies don't unlock, so you can easily re-download it. But, I don't think it'll be a problem - just remember you have to finally all collectables and do both races in the new area for it to unlock Island Queen. Don't see why not - it has an import save option. I never imported my save though, I think I deleted it by accident a while ago.