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  1. So many silly comments still being said within this thread. Of course the store won't give you these for FREE if you have the collection - they're the same game but it's a different version, so why would it give you an alternative edition of the same game for free?
  2. To the guy who bought one of these separate games - when in the game, hold the ps button then scroll to the name of the game near the top. That will list the trophies relating to THAT specific game. They should all be unachieved. if it’s showing as you already have them, then these may be a new physical stack? However, I imagine it’s the ones that went on sale today
  3. I published my full review here, if anyone is interested: https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/those-who-remain-ps4-review/ The game does have its flaws, and it's not the most smooth game as of today, but there should be some performance patches soon. took me about 10 hours to complete on my first go, if you remove the time spent when I was lost and had no idea what to do!
  4. Three playthroughs unless you back up a save. You have to finish with saving everyone, killing everyone, and at least one of either (so all save but one kill). Takes about 8-10 hours per playthrough, probably faster when you know what you're doing though.
  5. Ohhh, I never even thought to look at the mafia 3 thread haha! although, at least mafia 3 did get some improvements (it finally got the HDR patch that the Xbox one X had since launch). I just wish people knew how to read
  6. This never happens, psn has two NEW products listed in the backend, with different references. Ffs. Look at the previous comments, a guy even posted a picture of the new references from the database. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE DOUBLE PACK FROM THE COLLECTION. What are you on about? the bioshock collection remaster was a FULL remaster of the first two games. Infinite was pretty much a port of the PC version as the PC one never got a revamped edition, but the first two games were remastered both on consoles and on PC. New textures, new lighting, new assets, updated code, it was a full remaster. these two games are the SAME games from the collection. The collection though had both 1 and 2 in a single product. They are now going to sell them as 2 separate games, so they are ‘new’ games - although they are the same as the collection. seriously, why is this so hard to understand? Read all the previous comments, these aren’t remasters of the remasters.. they are split up digital rereleases due to them once being combined into a single product. Ffs... infinite is Already a single product on psn. 1 and 2 are a Combined tile/game. It’s a double pack. They are releasing individual versions of 1 and 2, so you can buy just one of them if you wish. Read the previous comments and looks at the image the guy posted showing the database listings. what can’t anyone on here read? I usually don’t care about wild theories and guesses, but every few hours people are posting silly things when all the evidence and info has already been posted in this thread. Nobody bothers reading before posting though.
  7. Yeah, but it's not locked to 30fps... There's an option in the settings to uncap the framerate - most likely added because everyone moaned when they told IGN that it was going to aim for 30fps. The Pro does around 45-50fps and the base PS4 is about 35-40 when uncapped - so not exactly a 60fps game, but it's not 'capped' at 30 if you change the setting. Also, yeah, it's a 9-year-old game, but the entire thing has been given a massive makeover - hence the 60gb size. As such, all the new effects affect the performance and what the engine can push (also, the weak CPU doesn't help). Turning off the motion blur and film grain seems to make the gameplay a little smoother though. Also, the game is full of quirky bugs and glitches but none which affects gameplay - much. I only had one trophy not pop - playing for 30 hours. A reload of a save fixed that though. All the others popped when they were supposed to. However, people spawn on cars, there are a few rooms with invisible walls which trap you, shooting enemies with rocket launchers causes them to get stuck in the floor as they wobble around, etc... They are all fun glitches which don't really affect the game.
  8. Why is it greedy? You don’t HAVE to buy them... simple. If you’ve played and completed them, these aren’t for you. it was originally launched as a trilogy, just like Uncharted remastered. Now, they’ve decided to split and sell separately, just like The Uncharted games did. The only difference is that uncharted kept the same trophy lists yet these got new ones - again, either to make the games appealing to those with a compulsive disorder to buy and play everything, or because they couldn’t link the trophies together due to the original game having one backend reference and these now having 2 (which is the most likely answer). with the upcoming releases on the Switch, they most likely thought they may as well separate them here as well, it costs them nothing and it may lead to more sales as people new to the series may only want to pick up one at first to see if they like it. should they have been separate from the start? Maybe. It would have meant 3 disks in the physical edition or included download codes for some of them and maybe one physical disc. It also would have cost more to ship with more discs, which is why publishers cram as many as they can on one disc. Either way, it was a collection, now they’re going to be separate - Nobody is forcing anyone to rebuy them and theres nothing wrong with offering choices to people.
  9. I’ve already addressed that a few times, but let’s do it again... do you remember the Nathan Drake collection? That was around £15-20 when they split it into Three games and sold them at £10 each. You can still buy them at that price even though the collection itself is about £10 for all three. some people may only want one of the games, who knows? Thing is, by giving them another trophy list as they split them up (remember, these are exactly the same as the games in the collection), people who obsess over trophies, and feel they ‘have’ to buy and play everything as their life depends on it, will end up grabbing these as well, basically paying 2k for doing no work at all. Also, so far we only know that they are being split up digitally, so it’s just a few more options for people to consider when looking at picking up the games. Not everyone may want all three games digitally, if they only want one, it will now be a cheaper option for them. regarding the ‘why is there a new trophy list’, I’ve talked about that Previously - they are technically ‘new’ games in the backend even though they are the same games which were once merged into a single product.
  10. Nobody is forcing you to buy the game. These releases are for the people who want to simply buy one of the games any play it, instead of the whole collection. They are literally the same games as the collection versions, only individual games, not combined into one collection/disc.
  11. Look at my previous comments. It’s not a remaster of the remaster and it’s not really pointless. They know people who like trophies will re-buy their games if they had a new list, a list which is the result of the collection being split into separate products (1 and 2 are combined into one product at the moment). Not a remaster... they’re the same games we got in 2016 - as they are already remastered. they're literally just splitting up the current collection into three products instead of two. 1 and 2 are both in one game atm, they are pulling them apart and selling them on their own, thus creating new trophy lists due to them getting new reference numbers in the background. I don’t see why this concept is confusing so many people? It’s not a cash grab, it’s not a lazy remaster, it’s not a rewording or changing an image in the current list, it’s two ‘new’ products which are literally single versions of each game rather than a double-game edition. Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if it even gets a physical re-release in individual cases, just like the Nathan Drake collection.
  12. Took me around 12-14 hours (hard to accurately guess due to losing progress via a bug - which is now supposedly fixed). I thought it was a decent length, it didn't outstay its welcome and the pacing kept me interested throughout - there was no fluff or hours of doing nothing like in some bigger games.
  13. I'm sure 2K will announce something soon - or it'll just pop up on the PSN store - but these lists are NOT the games we already own, even if the images have changed on PSN in your lists. That's not how the trophies on PSN and how they pull through to here works. Each game has it's own CUSA code, an individual reference which tells PSN what the game is. These two (well four) games have different codes to the original games which were part of the collection - meaning these are 'new' editions of the game. So, My guess, as I said before, is a split individual version of each title (as they were previously sold as a double pack, two games coming under the same CUSA code). Splitting them into two new codes means they can be listed and sold as two individual games. The only other time something like this is done is when a game launches in different regions (creating a stack) and the publisher chose to have separate lists rather than merging them (as long as the content is 1:1 the same), or in the case of things like The Witcher 3, where the GOTY edition had the DLC on the disc rather than a code. This meant the base code for that game was different to the base code of The Witcher 3 which came out before it, thus it got a new reference CUSA and a new trophy list. We'll find out soon, I imagine, but I can guarantee that these aren't the 'double collection' disc and digital download which came out a few years ago - even though the content is probably going to be identical, these are individual versions - like the Nathan Drake collection (only they merged the lists rather than giving the new CUSA a new list. It won't unlock trophies on these lists - the games we currently own don't link to these CUSA references, meaning these are new versions of the same games. I've just grabbed my EU version of the collection - both Bioshock 1 and 2 came under the CUSA CUSA-03985 and infinite was CUSA-03986 However, The 'new' listing for Bioshock is CUSA-13058 and Bioshock 2 is CUSA-13059 - they have been split up, they are now single entities, thus new trophy lists - they are nothing to do with the original collection double-disc.
  14. My guess - it's going the route of the Nathan Drake Collection, for the extra revenue. Previously, the Bioshock collection contained two games - Infinite and a double collection of 1 and 2. I presume they are going to split up 1 and 2 and sell them as separate games, instead of as a single bundle. This would, most likely, result in new trophy lists as they now operate as single tiles on the dashboard, so they'll have their own SKU and CUSA code, thus new trophy lists. They'll most likely also go live when the Switch versions also go live, on the 29th May.
  15. Yeah, sorry - the first image didn’t load properly for some reason. what collectible is it? I had no issues with any of mine, it just lost some progress when it crashed on one occasions but the notes say that shouldn’t happen anymore