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  1. I got it by simply replaying the final battle and choosing to not suck up the girl and run for the gate myself.
  2. The latest patch has put the music back to how it was on the PS4. It wasn’t intentionally removed, it was just a bug! they’ve updated some textures which weren’t loading, as well. I'm giving away a code for the game (any region) next week on our twitter (GamePittReviews) - if anyone’s interested
  3. If you've not confirmed them then they should be in another list as, as I said, a few games on the list don't actually have trophy support at all due to being experiences and now actually 'games'. If you can confirm some don't have syncable trophies, have you emailed the developers and publishers of each one? If not, making a list is pointless as it means you're highlighting the issue but not pushing the devs in the right direction to resolve it. When I realised over 70 PS4 games were missing off the PS5 PSN store (as they were for about 4 months), I contacted every single dev and got them all to pester Sony to update the store listings - within days they all appeared on the store. Sometimes the devs and publishers aren't aware things aren't as expected until you explain to them what's happened. Especially with the new store and the way they publish the games. **I've emailed my contact for SMB and Mittelborg, asking them to enable trophies. I'll look through that list at games I own and contact those I know and can confirm are actually not syncing.**
  4. because it’s nothing to do with Sony. The publisher has to enable the trophies from their end, a contracting Sony themselves if there’s an issue or they aren’t sure what to do. have you contacted the publisher of all the games you’ve listed? As long as they’re still active, all the PS4 games could get their lists enabled without any issues. I contacted the publisher about Mahluk and within a few hours the trophies were enabled. you’ve listed a lot of VR experiences. Do you know first-hand that there should be trophies to sync? A lot of experiences don’t actually have any trophies - if you put your PS4/5 in offline mode, you won’t see any listed for the game. For example, you list that 3m Spain VR experience, which I own, yet I don’t recall it actually having any trophies built into it. I’ll email the publisher about SMB, not sure where they’re located but the trophies shouldn’t be missing much longer
  5. If a game's trophies aren't syncing, just tell the dev on Twitter or go to the dev/publishers website and use the contact form to tell them they need to activate the trophies on PSN because they're not syncing. It takes them a few minutes to activate and should appear as soon as they submit the request on the backend - as a reviewer I email them all the time as a lot of games launch with the publisher forgetting to activate the trophies.
  6. Of course he would say that - he throws out so many rumours and guesses that guy. He's had one or two that coincidentally came true, so now everyone believes everything he says, ignoring the countless times he's been wrong. Also, just because SE may have offers, doesn't mean they'll sell - look at Bloober Team
  7. Looking online, that may explain why certain 144hx monitors didn't work at launch with the 120fps modes. Essentially though, the setting has always been there - it's just been set to auto in the background. The new update just gives us the ability to disable it if the game is auto-enabling it (like in DMC 5). I have HDMI 2.0 on my TV, so 1080/120 has been there since day one, but if it's now working for people with only 1.4 then that's a cool update - it just wasn't listed as such in the patch notes
  8. The console has supported 120fps/hz via 1080-2160p since launch, I’ve played BL3, TH1+2, and DMV 5 at 1080/120 via my tv (as it doesn’t support it at a higher resolution). the toggle they’ve added is supposed to just help if using a monitor that the console doesn’t realise can handle the higher framerate.
  9. You can still backup the console - which backs up all games and saves. Then restore later, and it puts them all back. The only reason people would want individual saves backed up to USB is so they can abuse the games and obtain trophies easier - or if they wanted to take them to a friends house, for some reason.
  10. Ah, okay. That's strange then because redeeming the PSNow edition after the disc upgrade literally gave me the digital PS5 upgrade - may have been a glitch or something they fixed?
  11. As imaged above, I 'bought' the digital upgrade (which I shouldn't have been entitled to, but activating the PSNow version gave me the option to 'buy' it for free. Later on Tuesday, I downloaded BL3 - the PS5 version - and it ran fine, with no disc in the PS5 console. It's as if the PS5 saw that I had the disc upgrade active on the account, then 'bought' the digital version, thus allowing me to convert the disc upgrade into a digital upgrade. This PS5 version of BL3 is also, as above, not timed or even linked to being a PSNow activation, it's as if I simply bought the game and it's now mine on my account. Would be interesting if anyone else with PSNow and a disc version of the game could test it out and see if it also works for them. 1. Insert the disc and activate the free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game 2. delete the game and go to PS Now and activate the PS4 version via the service 3. Go to the mobile app and search for Borderlands 3, click on it and then pick the PS5 version via the "other versions box (with the arrow) 4. See if it has the PS5 version listed as free - if so, 'buy' it 5. You should now have the PS5 edition of the game without needing your disc anymore. I don't know if this'll be the same with Avengers (as I only have the digital version of that), but it might be.
  12. I did a review for the WD_Black P10 here: https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/western-digital-wd_black-p10-5tb-external-hdd-hardware-review-and-ps5-setup-tutorial/ As they asked for the unit back after the review, I bought myself the 8TB version and it's been fine. However, I've literally filled it (I have over 3k PS4/PS5 games) and that means it gets slow, like takes a few seconds to scroll through the library, the dash is unusable for about a minute or two if updating, installing or deleting a game whilst it rescans the database, and if it crashes they you literally can't do anything for about an hour until it's fully rescanned everything. But, 9/10 times, the HDD is perfect. I found that once it hit 500 games (doesn't matter about their size), that's when the operating system started to get a little sluggish. I have about 800 installed atm. So, keep it under 500 and it'll be fine In regards to rest mode. For me, if I have a game running, so it suspends in rest mode, or I have downloads running - it's fine. If there are no games running or downloads, it can sometimes 'crash' the PS5. My theory - if the HDD is doing nothing, it may turn itself off after a few hours, as a built-in power save feature. That could be why it crashes and turns off the system. So, if I have no game suspended, I just turn the console fully off each time instead of putting it in rest mode.
  13. No. Having a disc and enabling the upgrade means I can download and play the ps5 version if I have the disc in the drive. By 'buying' the digital PS4 edition via PSNow this morning, it let me 'buy' the digital upgrade instead - for free. So, it gave me the full PS5 edition, digitally, without having to put the disc in the machine, for no extra cost. So, I could technically sell the disc now if I wanted to. For some reason, enabling the disc upgrade then grabbing the digital version of the disc has confused the PSN store and it literally converted the disc upgrade into the digital upgrade. So yeah, it has everything to do with the PSNow version, I just don't know why. Also, the digital PS5 version it enabled doesn't have the time limit in the info screen, like PSNow games do. It's literally the full PS5 version as if I've just bought It for myself.
  14. I actually got the PS5 version, and I don't know how. The only thing I can think of is, I have it on disc and enabled the ps5 upgrade a while ago. However, after grabbing the BL3 digital edition PSNow, I was able to grab the PS5 digital upgrade via the mobile app. It's not timed like PSNow, it literally just gave me the digital version for free So, if anyone can try and replicate this, it may actually work with avengers too. How is this useful? If it works then you can rent or borrow either game and technically get the game free to keep forever. When searching on the app, you go into the PS4 BL3 then click other versions and go into the PS5 one, that's where it gave me the free upgrade.
  15. Final Battle is literally the original base game plus the new expansion which adds the third season. You don't get the costumes or the extra missions, they're sold as extras. If buying physically, as long as it's in the same region, then you'll be fine. The saves will work as normal and the expansion will, you'll just have to delete it and install the disc instead (if you chose to run it off the disc for some reason). Also, unless you really want to collect it, you may as well just buy the AOT2 physical because, as far as I'm aware, the FB edition simply has a code in the box for the expansion and the disc just contains the same as the original version.