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  1. Koch doesn't currently have a PR in place in the UK - I'll drop an email to the team who are looking after their games atm.
  2. Callous - once you've seen them die and done a loop, you can basically send them to their death with a conversation option that mentions being callous, telling her to go to the temple despite you knowing it's gonna fall. In regards to saving them, you have to talk to them and tell them to not go into the temple.
  3. Underworld Explorer: You need to look at all the shrines, I believe. I got this without trying, just make sure you've been to the shrines, looked at the fountain, and the gold guy on a wheel. Match-maker: It may take a few loops, but you'll be able to talk about him liking another woman. He asks you to grab a flower - doing so and completing the quest will get the trophy Nimble: When seeking tablets 2 and 3, there are three pressure plates that cause rocks to roll after you, you have to trigger all of them and dodge the rocks. Dead Shot: Start the game with the gun (second background option), it'll give you a new option when confronting the person, allowing you to shoot. Silver tongue: As far as I'm aware, you have to talk the mental woman out of killing you, the assassin, and the final guy - has to be done in one playthrough and you can't trigger them attacking you. Missable? Allergic: Has to be done the first time you enter the shrine - short it down and stand there for a long time as they damage you Italian Plumber: This has to be done first, I believe - I always used this method first and it triggered with no issues.
  4. If it says that, then it has both a PS4 and PS5 version of the game - two downloads, two trophy lists. However, on the UK PSN listing, the remaster doesn't say that on the listing for the remaster, only on the page for the new game (which is coming to both platforms).
  5. They may have updated the backend then - when it launched, it didn't give you the PS4 version for 'free' unless you bought the new version of it. After seeing that, I wrote an email to the PR asking if there was any way it could be assigned so existing PS5 owners also get the PS4 version. If it now works, then it seems they may have adjusted it.
  6. Yeah, got it on both the PS5 and PS4 version - PS4 trophies should be live later today I reviewed it here: https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/the-forgotten-city-ps5-review-plus-ps4-opinion/ I really enjoyed it, it's a re-imagining of the original Skyrim Mod which the developer created a few years ago, so the game kinda feels like Skyrim in certain aspects like when you're talking to the NPCs. The concept is great though, stop anyone from committing any crimes as that'll trigger the extermination of everyone living in this enclosed Roman village (2k years in the past), forcing you to jump into a portal and start the day over. However, as you're going through the portal, you keep any items you pick up. So, if you trigger the death of everyone by stealing an item you need to save someone, then 'next day' you can use it once you exit the portal and keep that person alive, opening up new conversations and events. It's all very interesting and works really well. The first play took me about 7 hours with no hints, guides, or help (as there was nothing out there when I played it and it's very different to the mod). After that, it took about 1-2 hours to do additional runs for various trophies and the PS4 version. The only issue is pausing whilst the game loads - it's a few seconds on the PS5 but much longer on the PS4 and via BC on the PS5. Other than that - great game. Obv, I have more info about it in the review, if anyone wants to read it
  7. I'd say Atelier Sophie, Firis and Lydie & Suelle - when the 'remastered' version launched a few weeks back, the original versions were pulled - so the only way you can play the originals now is via the physical editions. I think the Deponia collection and individual games may be too as a few have vanished off PSN
  8. They emailed this morning saying the devs are now investigating it and they'll let me know once they've discovered the issue and it's fixed or a patch is on the way. It could take a few days though, depending on what needs to be done. This is a different situation. Not being able to sync is a common issue - as a reviewer, I see it weekly with various games as the developer just hasn't enabled the game on the PSN servers yet. This is unusual as the trophies ARE on the servers but the local unlocks aren't syncing to the ones on the server - something I've personally not seen happen so far.
  9. Shame there's no platinum, some of the tracks are pretty hard as well. This list is the NA version, the EU list hasn't gone live yet.
  10. No, it's a new product - Merge don't tend to give free upgrades for the enhanced ports they put out - Spirit of the North and Alex Kidd were the same. Regarding auto-popping trophies, I doubt it as, once again, their games haven't supported importing saves so I can't see this allowing you as it's not a free upgrade, so it's mainly intended as a game for people who haven't played it before primarily, and those who liked it the first time and want to play it again, not those looking for a quick and free platinum.
  11. It's the weekend, I imagine they probably won't do anything until at least tomorrow. Plus, it depends if it's something that can be fixed on Sony's server or if it has to be a patch pushed out - server issues are usually fast, patch issues may take a few days as Sony has to approve it first. But, they are now aware of it and are looking into what's causing it. Regarding syncing, yeah. It's the same as when you have a game that isn't currently on the PSN servers (in regards to trophies), they'll appear on your console but won't sync until the link is enabled, then they'll just automatically sync once you earn a trophy or manually sync and the connection is fixed. That's how it usually works but I've never seen an issue like this before, where we can unlock them but they're not syncing with the trophies - even though they're on the PSN servers - but I imagine it'll work the same way.
  12. Thanks Codemasters are now looking into the issue, had a reply and it's been passed to one of the Devs to investigate. Hopefully it'll be a fix on the server, so it doesn't need a new update, but we'll see
  13. Okay, calm down... Some people are getting far too worked up about this. The trophies are on PSN, they wouldn't be on here if they weren't, but if you've unlocked them but it's not syncing then there's something wrong on the backend. Has anyone got a picture of them unlocked on your console? If so, post it here. I take it that it's only the PS4 version as the PS5 version has people with the trophies unlocked. Also, what region are you in - it's a shared trophy list but each region has its own specific CUSA code based on the region, so it could be that certain regions aren't linking up if you're all in the same one. I'll email my contact at Codemasters once I've seen the proof - I only have the PS5 version installed atm with no room to install the PS4 one and try to unlock a trophy or two.
  14. Yes. The physical edition and the NEW digital edition has a free upgrade - the original PS5 version on the PSN store doesn't allow you to upgrade as it's PS5 only. It's confusing - I've asked if they can delist the current PS5 only edition and only sell the cross-buy one.
  15. The game is cross-buy but the OP may have received a single-platform only review code. I've had a few games in the past where it literally only gave me the PS4 or PS5 version, even though the retail version had a free upgrade. This is very rare though and usually comes down to an error. If, as you say, the PS4 version was on PSN, then get removed, and now it's back (as I can see PS4 trophies on here again), then they probably pulled it due to the upgrade not working, re-launching it with the link to the PS5 version. In that case, you'll have to either tell Sony about it and see if they can fix it (I had to do that with Yakuza LaD) or ask your PR rep for a PS5 code, as the PS4 ones are possibly now linked to the non-linkable version.