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  1. There are a few things I'm surprised nobody has mentioned... First of all, the connection. On the PS4 you can enable a direct connection to your vita, this turns your PS4 into a hotspot and your vita connects directly, without going through the router. This method is good as long as you're within a decent distance of the PS4 as the signal isn't that strong. The second method is via the router, the Vita will see if the PS4 is on the local network and then should be as stable as the PC remote play app is on your PC, or if you're outside of the internal network, it'll connect via online - again, just like using Remote Play on PC outside of your home network. In regards to not noticing many games using the touchpad - literally, every single PS4 game on remote play uses it as, by default, R2/3 and L2/3 are done by touching the rear touchpad and the screen is the DS4 touchpad. However, you can change it and have the corners of the Vita screen on the front being the four missing buttons and the middle is the actual DS4 touchpad. If this does bother you, as some games are almost impossible to play like this, you can either use remote play on a phone or tablet and use your DS4 controller or you can get a case which adds the missing buttons - having the case mechanically push the rear touchpad when you push new buttons.
  2. Totally different thing though. Ratalaika get a PS4 and vita list for each region, that’s fine. They are the same game but different CUS codes and technically different games in the backend. More than likely, Limited Run games will share the same CUS code as the digital version, so having multiple lists would mean registering it as a new game even though it’s not a new game in the same region as the digital version. If that makes sense? For example A Ratalaika game may have a PS4 with CUSA001 and Vita CUSA002 In EU and CUSA003/CUSA004 in America. 4 games in the backend and therefore, it can have four lists. Limited Run simply put the digital version on a disk, so it’ll be CUSA005 on both the disc and digital. So, having another list would mean having two games with the same content on the same platform in the same region, but different backend codes. It would also mean any DLC and saves for one ‘version’ would be incompatible with the other as well, so DLC for a disc version wouldn’t work with the digital game. Look at the Witcher 3, GOTY edition came out with a new CUS code, so a new list but saves were incompatible and dlc wouldn’t work (not that it mattered as all the dlc was included in it).
  3. not that I can think of - the game does warn you that there is a point of no return, but pressing continue once you clear the game lets you continue in the world and look for all the things you missed.
  4. The game took me around 6 hours to complete, that's not including finding all the feathers and matching them to the right owners.
  5. There's a new contact for us at NISA so I've sent one final email to see if they can either fix it or just gimp the trophy to unlock upon boot after an updated patch. I'll see what they say but I can't see it getting fixed tbh...
  6. I don't think the OP knows what screen tearing is... The game, on the pro, has literally no screen tearing. However, it feels jerky like it's running at an unlocked framerate between 30 and 45fps,rater than a smooth framerate. Either that or the frame paving is off. However, literally no screen tearing.
  7. Both are required. The completion list is pretty hard. There are also 50 side missions and 50 friends to make within the game, both having hard criteria for some such as beating all the batting range games or coming first in all the drone races after finding and making all 100+ drone components. Its a long game but but it’s fun. I’m on over 100 hours and I’ve not even started my very hard NG yet...
  8. True words seem to occur after a fight. I imagine that’s the teachers word so you’ll probably have to be aiming for the bad end after beating you - not the good or best ending. The ending that previously caused an infinite loop. I’m not sure if that is where you get it, but that’s all I can think of.
  9. I have PSNow and it's great - but I mainly use it for PS4 games these days. If you've not used it before, you should use the 7-day free trial you get and see if it works decently on your connection. It works fine for me, but my friend (who is on a different ISP) has lots of issues when trying to use it.
  10. Hey, do you remember how you got the good ending on Kotodama? Also how yo get the special cgs? I though they were tied to who you choose after the true ending but loading a save just before and choosing someone else didn't unlock anymore.

    1. turniplord


      The special CGs are beating each person on hard in the puzzle - just press Options on the main menu and fight them on there. Doesn't matter which underwear you choose but it has to be on Hard.

      Good ending - pick every red option until the last one - choose to look at the principle instead, then carry on playing as normal

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  11. The PS4 patch is due out today - I got the platinum a few hours ago. I just loaded up a save from chapter 5 and killed myself so it repeated and I could select all the red words (as I kept missing one in the first chapter).
  12. It depends. If you grab PSNow in EU or NA and load it up with your secondary account, install a PS4 or PS2 game (so the tile appears on the Dash) and move back to your account then run the installed game - then it'll work fine. However, you can't stream any PS2, 3 or 4 games if the PSNow is a different region to the account you're running it from. So you can't stream PS3 games from an NA account via your JP account - if that makes sense? TL;DR (or didn't understand as it's a bit messy): PS4 and PS2 classics - yes, as long as you install them on your PS4. PS3 or any via Streaming - no, unless you play via the account with the same region.
  13. There's a patch currently being put together as the issues were on the PC version as well. Patches take a little longer to get approved on the PS4 though. There are a few other issues which have been flagged which should be fixed also. @salabama91 -I don't think we're supposed to defeat her multiple times as I've beaten her six times in a row and it still repeats. I believe the next scene isn't triggering correctly. In context though - the issue was that certain 'choice' screen caused save corruption (manual or quick saves). So, if you save on a screen with multiple choices, it could corrupt the same upon reload. To be safe, try and save manually in the screen where you pick a location to move to until the issue has been resolved
  14. The final season is fine. It was relaunched as a Skybound game, so that one won’t leave the store. Wouldnt be surprised if someone swoops in and gains gains the rights to resist them all as a buyout for the lawyers. Regarding those asking about season disks, you’ll always be able to download the extra episodes as it doesn’t download them from the store as new purchases, the disc has a license for them so picking ‘download’ just goes to a hidden download for the episodes.
  15. It must have come back to the NA store then, it wasn’t there yesterday. It’s still not on EU. I got a reply from the dev though. There was an issue with the ratings in both territories, so it was pulled until it was fixed. If it’s back on NA, then EU should have it back soon as well. my colleague reviewed it so I’m hoping to buy it once it’s live as it looks great. Checked both, as well as cached versions of the page on google search. The dev did say it was back soon, with a winky face, so I imagine it’s already in the process of reappearing. They probably didn’t think anyone would notice it vanishing for a few days