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  1. It just didn't have the trophies live on PSN. Riot: Civil Unrest is another new game that's out but the list isn't on PSN yet - I emailed my contact and NIS America and they've got the lists live on PSN so they sync - it happens on a few games when Sony doesn't activate them because they have the wrong launch date or their system forgets to push them live. They're live now though - two platinums, one for each region (which I wasn't expecting).
  2. After a delay of a few days, I managed to push NIS America to get the trophies live on here so people can see it's actually out! The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is a beautiful hand-drawn 2d puzzle-platform game in which you must guide the blind prince through a number of levels as you overcome obstacles, fend off creatures and command him to do things (as he's too blind to do things himself). You can turn from a princess into a wolf in order to both hold his hand and guide him or attack the creatures. It's a very emotional and gorgeous game which everyone should play I did a full review of the game here: http://www.gamepitt.co.uk/the-liar-princess-and-the-blind-prince-ps4-review/ In regards to difficulty - it's an easy platinum. Without any kind of guide, you'll get about 90% of the trophies easily as it's just working through the 5 hours story and collecting all the petals and flowers on each level. However, there are a few trophies I had to look up a Japanese guide for as they were a bit cryptic. Nothing is missable though as you have a scene select which shows you exactly what you've missed on each scene (in regards to flowers and petals). I highly recommend this game and think you should all check it out
  3. I didn't have any issues with the pacifist run. It was my first playthrough pre-release for review purposes, no guides were out there, no easy mode added to the game, no balancing patches or updates - I really didn't have an issue with it. As long as you killed everything and invested your points into moves you used regularly, it was quite easy - oh, and use guns! The end boss lost about 80% of their health to my shotgun from afar before I had to run in and melee it to death from what I can remember.
  4. It does have its own list - but just like a few NIS Games, it's not yet live! I've contacted NIS America who is chasing it with Sony as the trophies should have gone live before release. This happened with Tokyo Tattoo Girls as well, that took a few days so I imagine this will as well. However, unlike Tokyo Tattoo Girls, all the trophies are unlockable and work perfectly this time around!
  5. Okay, I completed it early this morning - There is a part where you have to run around and avoid getting grabbed by one of many creatures - This makes the 'do not die' part pretty hard as I had to literally glitch my way through it - I'm sure there's a simple solution but I couldn't figure it out. Really dark and atmospheric game though
  6. I'm really enjoying the game - it's like a horror adventure game where you have to look for objects and clues to move on. It's based on a HP Lovecraft tale, so there's Cthulhu references and what not in it. Regarding deaths, you can die if you don't read the notes and do something you shouldn't - like I did when I didn't realise the elevator went up! Good game though - we should have a review tomorrow hopefully.
  7. As the title states, this is a great puzzle game which you shouldn't overlook. I've done a full review here: http://www.gamepitt.co.uk/xing-the-land-beyond-psvr-ps4-review/ It's been out on the PC for a while but the PS4/PSVR version is out today in America and tomorrow in EU. About 10 hours of puzzles depending on your skill level with no penalties or time limits - just lots of time manipulation, rain creation. wind blowing, moving blocks, throwing things, finding items etc... It's also a fairly easy platinum - I completed it in two sittings, as I couldn't stop playing it. Nothing is missable as such, as you can go back into any level - but you do have to re-complete it in order to have it count. The story is great as well - four main stories which are told to you via poems left behind by the deceased. You're basically following their footsteps as you find their final resting place and uncover what happened to them in their final moments alive. Like I said - really good game.
  8. See my sig - review copy.
  9. Yeah, my EU version isn't syncing yet - so it'll be a new list
  10. Not sure if you're clarifying the length of asking if I think 5-6 hours is long To answer both, yeah, at a standard pace, it's about 5-6 hours but you're best playing it a few windows at a time unless you're just in it for the trophies. If you do then it'll last a lot longer as it's a very relaxing game with no restrictions or limits like set times or moves. The game is about £10 I think, so I felt the amount you get for your money is worth it. The OP said, based on the trophies, that it's a 1-2 hour game, which is not correct. It's not a quick platinum like a lot of games out there, it will take a while to complete. That's a pet peeve of mine - people presuming what a game is going to be like and if it'll be easy or short, purely based on the trophies. It's like the old saying, they're judging a book on its cover, but in this case, judging a game on its trophies and coming up with presumptions without simply asking someone who's played it.
  11. Fun yes, short no. Takes about 10-15 mins per puzzle and there are 25 of them. Took me around 5-6 hours to complete from beginning to end. Its very relaxing as it has a timer but there’s no pressure or requirements to go fast. Unlike normal jigsaw puzzles, you’ll be matching the shapes rather than the images due to the abstract nature of the art. Heres the review view I did yesterday: http://www.gamepitt.co.uk/glass-masquerade-ps4-review/
  12. I got a reply back from my contact. Supposedly, it's only affecting Ps4 Pro consoles, not the base ones. They are looking into it and they have had a few studios try and resolve the issue (not just the one who developed it). They are still investigating a fix though and will update me once they get any more info about it. It's not the answer I wanted tbh, but there's not much more I can do at this point. Just booted up my base PS4 - works fine on there
  13. It may still be trying to connect to the home one. When you boot up remote play on PC, press settings > change which PS4 to connect to > quickly press set manually On the PS4, go to settings and remote play setup - type that code into the pc - it will now lock that console as your connection. Then try to log in again on your PC
  14. the last update kind of killed the game - I emailed the publisher and they said they were looking into it but I didn't hear back - I'll email them again to see what's going on Sent them an email - I think the devs are working on Truck Driver, can't remember if it is them or not. Either way - I've asked for an update as it makes the game impossible to play
  15. Okay, here’s the guide I used (I hope you like Engrish!) Satsuki Around19 recovery course and annihilate ED & common ED chart) the 10/13 Yu乃or jujube or indeed Corresponding Around 19 can be collected (options on the road are not negated & do not meet & do not respond) October 13 after school A month Around 7 October 14 All day (pool) Truth October 14 All day I do not ring October 15 Morning denial October 15 Morning Have the decor pinned October 15 evening I do not respond October 15 Night To make a big voice October 16 lunch break It is a man's intuition. October 16 after school Hero's Home October 16 Night ... ... Do you want to join us? October 17 Morning denial October 17 lunch break I am busy. October 17 after school School school gate October 18 Morning denial October 18 After school (night) Long talk with friends October 19 Morning denial October 19 Night Cramps in the abdominal muscles October 20 Morning denial October 20 in the morning I do not ring October 20 after school Say it is a professional wrestling game October 21 All day (Mon Jun) I do not respond October 22 in the morning I do not ring October 22 after school Let's both do our best October 23 lunch break I will be back soon. October 24 in the morning nothing October 25 after school Please take care. October 25 Night They also will be back soon. October 25 Night I did not think that it was in October 26 after school All from the beginning October 26 after school I do not ring October 27 after school I will not talk to anyone October 28 Night I will not talk to anyone October 29 lunch break Thank you. Around 19 October 30 Night I will not talk to anyone October 31 Annihilation END October 28 MISAKI Directly from the chart October 29 denial October 30 MISAKI October 31 Common ED Basically, choose Satsuki before the pool and follow this through. Options won’t be identical, but they will be very similar. Shoukd get you the ending - no skippping on the chart though, you have to play it in one go. You can use text skip, but not jumping to later events.