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  1. Kill everyone = bad Save everyone bar the one you can't = good Get one optional death = normal For me, I saved everyone but killed off the one in the first office building chapter) then continued right to the end.
  2. "Review Embargo (including all stream/video content)" Are you new to the review process? An embargo usually means you can't talk about the game, acknowledge you have it, or mention any gameplay elements of the product until the date has passed. If the streaming embargo was loose then sure, you can talk about gameplay elements as it's going to be seen if you streamed it anyway. However, this game has an embargo for all footage and reviews - which 99% of the time means you can't say anything about anything if you agree and take their offer of a code. Ah well, end of the day it's up to you - I just would personally watch what you say, especially in forums about the games, as technically, you've discussed more than the embargo allows.
  3. Are you a reviewer (the reason you have it early)? If so, well done on breaking the embargo...
  4. Many thanks! An yeah, it's out tomorrow! I've been swamped with things this week, so I only just managed to get my review out in time! Here's the link (it's a long one): https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/spirit-hunter-ng-ps4-review/ I may be a little biased as I loved Death Mark, but I don't care the game had me hooked from beginning to end four times. If the Vita version was a separate platinum, I would have probably picked that up as well - but it isn't this time by the looks of it.
  5. Got the platinum last night (review copy). Review will hopefully be out tomorrow. To answer some questions, it’s not technically a sequel. There are some references and nods but it’s a new threat, curse, situation and set of people. Also, not sure why the trophy page on here has an alternative name of ‘no good’. That’s not what NG stands for. think it took me about 40-45 hours to get the plat. That’s one full playthrough of all bad endings (easy enough to do) then holding skip and working out the purification’s for each spirt for the other endings. will explain more in the review, like I did with death mark, but some things are better in this game but there’s one thing I didn’t like. But I won’t mention that here oh, nobody’s brought it up yet but all western versions are identical to the Japanese version, no censor, no blacked out images, nothing removed or altered. Also, you can pick the amount of jump scares randomly in the scenes. I had it on scary and i jumped a number of times.
  6. That's a pathetic way to get the online matches trophy. I feel sorry for those looking to try and play against someone only to end up with the same idiot trying to get a trophy without even being there. Kinda defeats the point of playing the game.
  7. You can back out to the timeline at any point and jump back into any point of the story. Each ‘day’ on the timeline has various points, such as when you visit different places or start each stage of interrogations - these are also all selectable so you can jump back to whatever point you want.
  8. It's considered the second game in the series and, as far as I'm aware, it has the same gameplay mechanics of overcoming the evil spirits via defeating them or bonding with them. We've not got our review copy yet but Death Mark was one of my most popular reviews last year so I can't wait to jump into this one.
  9. The original was published by a different publisher. PQube are doing a thing at the moment where they are publishing physical editions of their popular digital games - games such as this one, Songbird Symphony, Nippon Marathon and others. Plus, I believe the last physical was a NA edition, this is EU (as are the other games they are bringing to physical). However, whether the list is in relation to the new physical edition is anyone's guess. Maybe ask PQube over on Twitter about it? **nevermind, This was in their first batch a few months back, so most likely isn't the EU physical edition. Must be a new region**
  10. PQube are publishing a bunch of their game’s physically themselves. So I imagine this one will be that. Although, they aren’t limited from what I understand, unless you mean the previous physical edition which was by someone else?
  11. I wouldn’t mind playing the game again but I know for a fact this isn’t the EU or NA digital versions. Either the physical Numskull edition has its own list or this is an Asian (either JP or Chinese) version. I’m thinking maybe it’s the physical as the trophies are English?
  12. They aren’t hidden that bad - the are big glowing eyeballs, so easy to spot in most cases. There are a bunch of trophies for viewing certain things within the Somnium segments. They require a bit more thought as they can involve performing a few actions in a certain order or looking out for things you wouldn’t usually look for - such as items to put on your head.
  13. GOTY for me. Our review: https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/ai-the-somnium-files-ps4-review/ spent about 50 hours to get the plat pre-launch with no guides or help. Majority of trophies are straight forward as you work through the game but some require you to think about the Somnium puzzles and experiment with the environment. no missables due to the timeline you can use to jump back and forth in - also has a few fast skip modes for your second playthrough - as you’ll want to play normally and read/listen to everything the first time as the story is great and the narrative is the writers best game (guy behind Punch Line and the Zero Escape Games)
  14. I think some people may be confused. From what I gather - the press conferences will still take place, just like every year. So Bethesda, EA, MS, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, PC, and Devolver will be the same. But the actual event people attend will be reorganised into a more user-friendly layout and experience, with set times so you're not queuing up all day and other events and things to do in-between gaming. Don't forget, E3 isn't just the conferences, it's also a big convention for showing off games over a number of days. The thing is, up until a few years ago, the event was mainly press - now the public can pay and enter most areas as well. So, it's shifting the focus from press and reporters and onto the consumer and entertainment side. Personally, I don't mind the shift and I imagine it'll probably attract more people and enhance the experience of people going to it. I just don't see whatever choices they make affecting the press conferences before the main event begins.
  15. I thought it was a really good game - really surprised me as I'd not heard of it until the publisher emailed me a copy for review. We reviewed it here: https://www.gamepitt.co.uk/psychotics-agatha-knife-ps4-review/ It's rather dark at times and a bit morbid, but it's all sandwiched between lots of comedy and references. It even has Marilyn Manson in it!