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  1. You need to bike. You can't burn calories by using your fingers...
  2. That other scene is 'censored' on the Xbox and PC version as well - that's what made this even stranger, as this single 0.5 second view of her butt is the only scene that isn't censored on the Xbox and PC, all the other ones are. That made me think they forgot to add lighting to those versions, but I imagine the backlash it had of correcting the PS4 version has resulted in them just undoing it rather than adding it to the others.
  3. Version 1.3 came out the other day. It now runs fine on the PS4 Pro again
  4. Correction - over the restrictions coming into use. The article doesn't mention Sony at all. Don't forget the rating boards have their own rules as well and they have become a bit more strict. So many of you instantly blame Sony for everything at the moment...
  5. No MP in the remaster
  6. Really... All they've done is remove the costumes which rip and the removed two items - one lets you blow a girls skirt and the other makes the boobs wobble a bit more. How is that "censored to hell and back"? It doesn't impact the actual gameplay of the game or change anything about the game other than losing the ability to do a few questionable things. Don't forget, the PS4 version has full VR, so you can still go in VR and watch as they wobble themselves in front of you. Also, the Switch version isn't 'superior' just because you can get your frills on with the above things - that version has no VR and runs at 30fps and a much lower resolution. So, if you're interested in the game and possible VR then the PS4 version is the best - if you like running it at half the framerate and a much blurrier image, but you can make her boobs wobble a bit more because you don't know how to search for things on the internet, then pick up the Switch version
  7. was fine for me - I got it when first in the prison and the ape is going to help me escape - I just beat my chest and it popped
  8. Okay, I cover all the reasons why in my review here: http://www.gamepitt.co.uk/pode-ps4-review/ Basically, this game is so cute, emotional, and visually stunning. It was a Switch exclusive, where local co-op was the focus, but you can play with one or two players and it works great in both cases. It's just so vibrant and some of the puzzles take a while to work out. No platinum but don't let that put you off picking it up. The general gist is, a star falls to earth and a tiny rock see's them. They decide to work together as they try and get to the top of an ancient ruin so the star can return to the sky. You do this by solving a lot of puzzles which require the abilities of each protagonist. Really fun game
  9. It just didn't have the trophies live on PSN. Riot: Civil Unrest is another new game that's out but the list isn't on PSN yet - I emailed my contact and NIS America and they've got the lists live on PSN so they sync - it happens on a few games when Sony doesn't activate them because they have the wrong launch date or their system forgets to push them live. They're live now though - two platinums, one for each region (which I wasn't expecting).
  10. After a delay of a few days, I managed to push NIS America to get the trophies live on here so people can see it's actually out! The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is a beautiful hand-drawn 2d puzzle-platform game in which you must guide the blind prince through a number of levels as you overcome obstacles, fend off creatures and command him to do things (as he's too blind to do things himself). You can turn from a princess into a wolf in order to both hold his hand and guide him or attack the creatures. It's a very emotional and gorgeous game which everyone should play I did a full review of the game here: http://www.gamepitt.co.uk/the-liar-princess-and-the-blind-prince-ps4-review/ In regards to difficulty - it's an easy platinum. Without any kind of guide, you'll get about 90% of the trophies easily as it's just working through the 5 hours story and collecting all the petals and flowers on each level. However, there are a few trophies I had to look up a Japanese guide for as they were a bit cryptic. Nothing is missable though as you have a scene select which shows you exactly what you've missed on each scene (in regards to flowers and petals). I highly recommend this game and think you should all check it out
  11. I didn't have any issues with the pacifist run. It was my first playthrough pre-release for review purposes, no guides were out there, no easy mode added to the game, no balancing patches or updates - I really didn't have an issue with it. As long as you killed everything and invested your points into moves you used regularly, it was quite easy - oh, and use guns! The end boss lost about 80% of their health to my shotgun from afar before I had to run in and melee it to death from what I can remember.
  12. It does have its own list - but just like a few NIS Games, it's not yet live! I've contacted NIS America who is chasing it with Sony as the trophies should have gone live before release. This happened with Tokyo Tattoo Girls as well, that took a few days so I imagine this will as well. However, unlike Tokyo Tattoo Girls, all the trophies are unlockable and work perfectly this time around!
  13. Okay, I completed it early this morning - There is a part where you have to run around and avoid getting grabbed by one of many creatures - This makes the 'do not die' part pretty hard as I had to literally glitch my way through it - I'm sure there's a simple solution but I couldn't figure it out. Really dark and atmospheric game though
  14. I'm really enjoying the game - it's like a horror adventure game where you have to look for objects and clues to move on. It's based on a HP Lovecraft tale, so there's Cthulhu references and what not in it. Regarding deaths, you can die if you don't read the notes and do something you shouldn't - like I did when I didn't realise the elevator went up! Good game though - we should have a review tomorrow hopefully.
  15. As the title states, this is a great puzzle game which you shouldn't overlook. I've done a full review here: http://www.gamepitt.co.uk/xing-the-land-beyond-psvr-ps4-review/ It's been out on the PC for a while but the PS4/PSVR version is out today in America and tomorrow in EU. About 10 hours of puzzles depending on your skill level with no penalties or time limits - just lots of time manipulation, rain creation. wind blowing, moving blocks, throwing things, finding items etc... It's also a fairly easy platinum - I completed it in two sittings, as I couldn't stop playing it. Nothing is missable as such, as you can go back into any level - but you do have to re-complete it in order to have it count. The story is great as well - four main stories which are told to you via poems left behind by the deceased. You're basically following their footsteps as you find their final resting place and uncover what happened to them in their final moments alive. Like I said - really good game.