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  1. No, Persona 5 Royal had a few alterations in all regions over the original Person 5. They removed a scene which could have been seen as homophobic. That was nothing to do with Sony, that was due to altering the game so different cultures can experience the same game without getting offended or raising issue with the narrative. however, whenever a company does this, to make their games inclusive for everyone, the censorship police jump on it and treat it as if it's the worst thing in the world. They don't understand that Japan and their cultures/media is different to the west.
  2. Been a long time since I’ve played it but I believe it’s during the final chapter, the one which was originally DLC
  3. Nobody has it yet so I imagine it's not been fixed yet. We got the EU version for review but I saw an update for the NA version released when I last posted. No idea what the patch notes were though. I'll drop the publisher an email and see if they have any eta on it
  4. In the EU, you can get the untouched Switch version as well as the NA 'censored' version. I've asked them which version it is but I imagine it'll be the NA one unless they once again submitted a different version for each region.
  5. Quite the opposite. They need to add an option in the console settings that lets you turn on invert so that all games read that and apply it by default. There's a very large percentage of gamers, myself included, who can only play games inverted - non-inverted is 'wrong' and mechanically not correct. Thankfully, NACON sent me their Unlimited Revolution Pro controller for review a while ago and it lets you invert the axis' at a hardware level with the flick of a switch. So, if any games don't support inverted Y, I can do it via the controller
  6. Chests don't count and it doesn't matter if you sell them or keep them. Takes a while, I think I got it post-completing the game and doing the DLC. The probability is very low but you should get it without any form of grinding before you complete all the other trophies.
  7. Played the entire game through on hard with no issues. Think I died two or three times against bosses but that was it. The scaling has been adjusted in a number of ways. Previously, zones had their own min-max levels and once you entered one, they were set at that for good. So, if you're level 5 and enter a zone which is level 5-15, then it'll be set to 5 forever - even as you level up. If it was a zone for 10-25 then it'll be set to 10 (the closest to your level), so you may die but coming back, later on, means you're now much higher than them. Now, the zone levels adjust as you enter the zone. The min-max are still the same (some were changed), but it means returning to a zone that's level 5-15 means the enemies will constantly scale until they hit level 15, thus getting harder until they reach their cap. This also applies to loot. Previously the level of the gear and the items in the chests are set as you enter a zone. Now, they are scaled based on your level at the time you open the chest. Also, if you get poor loot, or don't pick it all up, the system increases the chance of you getting better loot in the background, meaning the next chest should have something better that you actually want.
  8. I personally loved it. I even played through it twice as once you've completed it you get to unlock a new mode where you can see what the characters are thinking - which actually changes the context of what's going on throughout the story. This is a pure VN though, there's no mini-games or romance like you see in others, it's literally reading through the story and picking various actions at set points. The timeline is simple to use and you'll experience everything the game has to offer without any guide - well, apart from one ending if I recall correctly as it's a little more hands-on to unlock it. But, if you like well-written horror stories with an interesting concept and set of characters, then you'll enjoy this VN. You'll like it even more if you've heard of 'Werewolf' before (the party game).
  9. Strange one, I'm going to email the publisher. Basically, on PC you can no longer buy the game because it's only letting you grab the enhanced edition - makes sense. But, the Xbox One version is still on sale and the PS version was discounted to £5 earlier this week. The strange thing here though is that the 'Redux' edition doesn't work on current-gen machines, it's S/X and PS5 (and PC) only. so taking it off sale on PSN seems pointless as it means only PS5 owners will be able to buy it - unless, if they've worked out a way to get a small pay-to-enhance DLC/MT (like they said they would as they are doing it for £5 on PC), then re-launching a compatible version would be very similar to the re-release of Control, only without the 'free' upgrade. Xbox doesn't allow devs to do this, so that may be why they're still selling the original version at this point? All speculation until the publisher replies, but I highly doubt it's anything to do with the rumour about MS buying them as both the Layers of Fear games and Blair Witch would have also been removed if that was the case.
  10. It's not that bad - tossing the gnomes and not missing any targets was a tricky one as you have to hit 8 targets in a row. I found the first minigame of it was the best to sit there are achieve it on. Once you've completed it though, you can't play it again, you can only play the next when you get enough gnomes. So, if you miss a target, purposely miss with the other gnomes to restart the one you're on. Also, the difficulty doesn't stack, so you have to complete the game on both Medium and Hard difficulties. Other than that, and a few well-hidden gnomes and socks in the levels, it's not that bad and quite an easy platinum. You can level skip before you end the game as well, so only the gnome tossing is technically missable - but you can easily start a new game or grab it on your second difficulty run if you forget.
  11. Sorry, missed this comment. The NA version got a patch shortly after my comment but the EU version didn't. I have the EU version and know ours certainly doesn't have the Steam update on there yet. But, seeing as the fix is supposedly live on PC now, I'd imagine the console version is just being tested or awaiting approval.
  12. Patch is coming Tuesday, apparently.
  13. It'll be some time throughout the day. Uk is out now: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4291-CUSA18671_00-1825939990749867 £24.99 - comes with a theme I'm not sure if the patch has hit yet (as I'm not at my console) but if not, the Ray Tracing mode on the PS4 Pro is a bit iffy. it blurs out about 1/4 of the screen in cutscenes and when aiming - the RT also causes distant objects to flicker like a Christmas tree, red textures to randomly appear, shadows to go a little crazy, and other graphical issues. The day one patch should fix these (I've been told). The other options - quality or performance, both seem to run okay - but the game does freeze every time it autosaves (which is very, very often), messing up your momentum. Not a deal-breaker but another issue being looked into. The game is fun, just like the original, but I've put it on hold for our review until the patch drops as otherwise it'll be outdated by the time anyone actually reads it then buys the game. *edit - just gone back on the game, in performance mode, and the assets are all glitching around. Swapped to RTX mode and it’s fine. So, it’s not an RTX issue with flickering, you just have to swap the visual mode and it’ll fix itself - still recommend waiting for the patch if using RTX though due to the blurred screen issue :)*
  14. The latest patch now gives you the trophy if you okay on hard or very hard. Thread can be closed and tire should be changed.
  15. You don't need to collect them all, just the amount that is in the base game.