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  1. True words seem to occur after a fight. I imagine that’s the teachers word so you’ll probably have to be aiming for the bad end after beating you - not the good or best ending. The ending that previously caused an infinite loop. I’m not sure if that is where you get it, but that’s all I can think of.
  2. I have PSNow and it's great - but I mainly use it for PS4 games these days. If you've not used it before, you should use the 7-day free trial you get and see if it works decently on your connection. It works fine for me, but my friend (who is on a different ISP) has lots of issues when trying to use it.
  3. Hey, do you remember how you got the good ending on Kotodama? Also how yo get the special cgs? I though they were tied to who you choose after the true ending but loading a save just before and choosing someone else didn't unlock anymore.

    1. turniplord


      The special CGs are beating each person on hard in the puzzle - just press Options on the main menu and fight them on there. Doesn't matter which underwear you choose but it has to be on Hard.

      Good ending - pick every red option until the last one - choose to look at the principle instead, then carry on playing as normal

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  4. The PS4 patch is due out today - I got the platinum a few hours ago. I just loaded up a save from chapter 5 and killed myself so it repeated and I could select all the red words (as I kept missing one in the first chapter).
  5. It depends. If you grab PSNow in EU or NA and load it up with your secondary account, install a PS4 or PS2 game (so the tile appears on the Dash) and move back to your account then run the installed game - then it'll work fine. However, you can't stream any PS2, 3 or 4 games if the PSNow is a different region to the account you're running it from. So you can't stream PS3 games from an NA account via your JP account - if that makes sense? TL;DR (or didn't understand as it's a bit messy): PS4 and PS2 classics - yes, as long as you install them on your PS4. PS3 or any via Streaming - no, unless you play via the account with the same region.
  6. There's a patch currently being put together as the issues were on the PC version as well. Patches take a little longer to get approved on the PS4 though. There are a few other issues which have been flagged which should be fixed also. @salabama91 -I don't think we're supposed to defeat her multiple times as I've beaten her six times in a row and it still repeats. I believe the next scene isn't triggering correctly. In context though - the issue was that certain 'choice' screen caused save corruption (manual or quick saves). So, if you save on a screen with multiple choices, it could corrupt the same upon reload. To be safe, try and save manually in the screen where you pick a location to move to until the issue has been resolved
  7. The final season is fine. It was relaunched as a Skybound game, so that one won’t leave the store. Wouldnt be surprised if someone swoops in and gains gains the rights to resist them all as a buyout for the lawyers. Regarding those asking about season disks, you’ll always be able to download the extra episodes as it doesn’t download them from the store as new purchases, the disc has a license for them so picking ‘download’ just goes to a hidden download for the episodes.
  8. It must have come back to the NA store then, it wasn’t there yesterday. It’s still not on EU. I got a reply from the dev though. There was an issue with the ratings in both territories, so it was pulled until it was fixed. If it’s back on NA, then EU should have it back soon as well. my colleague reviewed it so I’m hoping to buy it once it’s live as it looks great. Checked both, as well as cached versions of the page on google search. The dev did say it was back soon, with a winky face, so I imagine it’s already in the process of reappearing. They probably didn’t think anyone would notice it vanishing for a few days
  9. If anyone has any further info, please let me know. The game has apparently been pulled from all PSN stores (other consoles seem fine. I've reached out to the publisher and developer and I'll update once they give me an answer, but it's a bit of a shock considering how much fun the game is.
  10. You need to bike. You can't burn calories by using your fingers...
  11. That other scene is 'censored' on the Xbox and PC version as well - that's what made this even stranger, as this single 0.5 second view of her butt is the only scene that isn't censored on the Xbox and PC, all the other ones are. That made me think they forgot to add lighting to those versions, but I imagine the backlash it had of correcting the PS4 version has resulted in them just undoing it rather than adding it to the others.
  12. Version 1.3 came out the other day. It now runs fine on the PS4 Pro again
  13. Correction - over the restrictions coming into use. The article doesn't mention Sony at all. Don't forget the rating boards have their own rules as well and they have become a bit more strict. So many of you instantly blame Sony for everything at the moment...
  14. No MP in the remaster
  15. Really... All they've done is remove the costumes which rip and the removed two items - one lets you blow a girls skirt and the other makes the boobs wobble a bit more. How is that "censored to hell and back"? It doesn't impact the actual gameplay of the game or change anything about the game other than losing the ability to do a few questionable things. Don't forget, the PS4 version has full VR, so you can still go in VR and watch as they wobble themselves in front of you. Also, the Switch version isn't 'superior' just because you can get your frills on with the above things - that version has no VR and runs at 30fps and a much lower resolution. So, if you're interested in the game and possible VR then the PS4 version is the best - if you like running it at half the framerate and a much blurrier image, but you can make her boobs wobble a bit more because you don't know how to search for things on the internet, then pick up the Switch version