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  1. I realize this is an old topic but I will post my findings here since I could not find an answer anywhere. The trophy guides list the old method for getting her to spawn, now she only spawns on Normal or above. On normal difficulty she will spawn every in game hour. You will hear a clock go off then shortly after she will appear. So if you want to farm the Faint Hello trophy, try to save your game as close to an in game hour that you can, then wait for her to show up, then reload and wait again.
  2. So like many others I for the life of me could not get this scene no matter what I did. I saw the head banging scene on the first day of Spring Chapter 3 but could not get the cow scene. So I eventually said screw it and carried on with the game. Next year on Spring 1st at 6 am I got it. I only had one cow, the horse and one chicken (I sold most of my animals since I was getting ready to just sleep through the rest of the game) but decided to buy a second cow in Summer Chapter 3 and I impregnated my original cow on the First of Fall chapter 3. I dunno if the extra cows made a difference or not but I got the scene and that is all I care about. So yeah if anyone is in the same boat as me and trying to trigger the cow scene right after the head banging scene, just move on to the next year.
  3. For anyone in the future who is playing this game. Saving and reloading near the places listed above is much faster to get the bosses to spawn rather than run around.
  4. No problem, the original post was months old and I didn't really expect one. It was annoying playing through this game multiple times for nothing and it made me frustrated. I am glad the developers were cool and told me what exactly I needed to do and now future players will not have to struggle as I did.
  5. Here is the instructions for Psyche Devourer as instructed by a game dev. This is how I got it. You don't have to fight Margraves either. Thank you for playing Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion. The Psyche Devourer spell is one of the trickier spells to find in the game. There isn't one way to do it and you're right the margrave is the key. You have to make brutal decisions to make him come back and some of those choices start at the very beginning of the game. In the first level where you can make choices (the one where you play with Antoinette and the two soldiers) choose "Experiment" on the deserting soldiers. Then choose "Execute" when the 43rd infantry battalion leaders have been identified - this is the next level where you can make choices. When you see "Rations are running low" a few levels later choose "Experiment" and after Leuar that level has a choice about "An infantry captain is caught before they can assassinate you," choose "Experiment" here. It's not always "Experiment" though. If you unlock the level where you rescue Agnes, "Draw & Quarter", a red/Prime Legion choice advances the margrave story line. The other choices come much later in the game when you see "Nearly half of the 18th Archery century has a deadly, infectious disease" choose "Cover Up." Near the end of the game pick "Execute" when "A small plot for several soldiers to defect to Octavia is uncovered" and in a few levels later "Raid" when "Several of the 7th’s infantry centuries are running low on supplies." You'll know you're on the right track since you'll get Bywwdi's Blessing essence and then the margrave will talk about how their research has been stolen. Good luck!
  6. Three playthroughs and still no Psyche Devourer. Anyone have any more info they would like to share because clearly something is still missing. Edit: So I tried reversing the experiment and execute, so I choose death over experiment and I got Margrove 3 during Agnes' mission. So I think death is the most important choice for psyche devourer which makes sense since the Margrove guys talk about culling the weak. Edit 2: 5 playthroughs and still no Psyche Devourer. This is so damn stupid, I have no idea what I am doing wrong. If I go all Experiment first then Execute I never get step 3. If I go execute over experiment I don't get step 4. Edit #3: I finally got it after asking the game devs how to do it. I'll post the exact email I got in the next post.
  7. Yup those are the last 10 you need, it counts for fragments as well. It is all random so there is no way to get the NPCs to show up, you just gotta be patient and talk to them when they do show up.
  8. There is no way to get them to show up. What I did was save scum to not waste ingredients. I would sleep and then if I didn't get at least 3 npcs in a day I would reload and try again. An NPc visiting twice in one day counted towards the three. When I had 6 recipes I would settle for 2 a day.
  9. The last 10 recipes come from the Story visitors. So Poncho, Huey etc. It is a very time consuming trophy because they each have to visit your cafe Several times (like 40-50 each). Eventually they will give you their recipe when you talk to them.
  10. Ok so the current theory is that the 10 story npcs have to eat at you cafe a certain amount of times. I have finally achieved the platinum for this game and it is based off times visited.
  11. So you are supposed to get the last 10 recipes from the story npcs but people can only get Poncho and Huey's. None of the other 8 will give up their recipes.
  12. I got the Platinum last night on the PS3 version so it is fixed for sure. They fixed the Men's clothing shop in Verensha that wasn't registering as a store and now they sell the Chino Pants.