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  1. The game slows to a crawl all of the time, especially at the beginning of the second chapter. Great game, but very, very slow. As the PS3 is dying while the game runs. The worst is when loads.
  2. Dear players, if someone has a digital version of the game - let me join. I started the boost session Thank you for your cooperation.
  3. I'm working on plat in Tomb Raider: Underworld and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
  4. Stevieboy, thanks for the explanation. Very bizarre online set-up. What a little probability to find partners. People who have a digital version, are from Europe and are ready to boost. Interesting.
  5. Thanks, bro. Is your version of the game perhapse digital? Otherwise, congratulations for platinum K & L 2
  6. Mostly wondering if the servers alive? I have a digital version of the game. Are there any players? I am interested, because I intend to do boosting sessions.
  7. Is mp still alive? I have a digital version of the game.
  8. I have about 700 hours invested in Resident Evil 5 in mercenaries mod, and mercenaries reuninon mod. I enjoy killing zombies. The second game in a row by the time spent is ACB, The third game is RDR.
  9. When I compare the previous sequels, this is one of the best. The story, graphics, choreography, depth, excellent dlc and history. I really like the story was not pathetic, and it shows the good and bad side. I have not played AC4, it will soon play. I play chronologically. Judge to AC1, AC2, ACB, ACR and AC3 and for now it is definitely one of my favorites. Psychological characterization Connor could have been better, but ok. I was not so tied to the main character as with Ezio and AC2 and ACB. Of course, the Renaissance in Italy is beautiful, but recent history is excellent. The impression that I'm Mel Gibson in the movie The Patriot. Priceless.
  10. I agree. I intend to get ps vita, but for now I like only Uncharted. I do not see a great variety of TPS game.
  11. Nine men morris is easy. Always attack the three corners. AI do not think diagonally and I have won on the first try. For example, you put a chip in the first corner and diagonally to the other corner. Then take the third angle and 100% you're ahead. The hardest part was to win the game Fanorona. I played three hours until I mastered the technique. And in general, do not like that Fanorona. Chess is a million times better and more intelligent. Fanorona is very bad and I do not like. The mill is similar to tic tac toe. A similar logic of attacking. Fanorona is just bad and not supposed to be in AC3. It would be better to put poker as RDR or chess.
  12. Hidden blades, bow and tomahawk.
  13. When you in the search engine type easy trophies 1/20. Each mission takes literally one second. If it hangs, look for trophies such as 5/20 or 13/20
  14. Great game. My favorite in the series.