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  1. Don't forget, you can also teleport the bike to your location at any time by selecting the bike icon on the map, and press Square. So even if you get sidetracked and run far from it, your save point is easy to return to. This even works in survival mode, despite fast travel being locked.
  2. I can confirm you can get the 45 skill trophy in Survival mode, I just unlocked it today. I am on Survival mode and have the trophy now. This means only one playthrough is needed, for those that haven't started yet. It will unlock at level 43, or 42 if you have the pre-order bonus that gave an additional unlocked skill at the start.
  3. Is this confirmed? The 3 abilities have a check mark next to them when you start survival difficulty, as if they were unlocked like any other perk. It just has red text underneath saying they can't be used.
  4. The trophy and point system is fine the way it is, if anything they could add a separate rarity ranking that doesn't affect the current system.
  5. I've been wanting No Man's Sky VR since day one, so that makes me very happy. Blood & Truth looks greatly improved over what they showed originally. I'm glad Sony is still pushing PSVR. The next wave of titles look fun.
  6. The codes were a good way to find digital only games that got delisted from PSN. Thanks to them, I was able to buy Plants vs Zombies on Vita, and LBP Pirates DLC months after hearing they were delisted. This is one less option for trophy hunters, and anyone else who was late to picking up certain titles.
  7. You are not required to use the headphones that come with PSVR. You can wear almost any headset of your choosing with them, or have the sound come out of your tv or speakers
  8. You can play it offline. I just confirmed this myself. I unplugged the internet to my PS4 and started up FFXV. It had multiple warnings about not being able to use server features, but Comrades started up just fine. I'm in Comrades right now, doing a hunt, with no internet into my PS4. The only differences I see, AI partners only, and no daily quests. If you are worried an update will make Comrades unplayable, it is safest to just leave your PS4 offline while you get the trophies.
  9. @GTRP_Lancerlover On your page, look for your published levels on the left, and select one to see all it's recent activity.
  10. I hearted everyone on the last few pages that needed it. I just started so I need a lot of hearts for levels and author as well. I will continue to check back for any new posting.
  11. No Heroes Allowed VR is another quick one
  12. The paid currency would only get you things that you would unlock while grinding mutant kills and 10 missions trophies anyways. The plat seems doable in about 2-3 weeks of heavy grinding.
  13. New club Stormalong for any new or active players, I plan on being very active in this game til I get 100%, join if you are in the same boat looking for an open club. Stormalong is currently lvl18, for those that want to join for the lvl10 trophy. A couple spots are still open.