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  1. to please Reagan
  2. I'm more likely to impulsively buy physical media off of Amazon or digital off of psn (especially during a flashsale), so I'm part of the problem, for sure. There isn't a GameStop in the city where I live... or any game, movie, comic, table-top game, or book store for that matter. There's no place for people of certain hobbies to run into each other out in the wild, but when we'd find ourselves in Little Rock or North Little Rock, we usually at least walked through places like that, because while community would be too strong a word for it, there is a sense of being among peers. I'm sad to see GameStop go, just like I was when the movie rental places went, and when every book store in the area (except Barnes & Noble) shuttered. I'm not a comic guy but I honestly can't imagine comic book stores are doing much better, despite Marvel's current incredible popularity. It's not that there's nothing around without GameStop, there's just noticeably less. Their corporate structure (or clumsiness, I don't know which) allowed them to open doors in places that aren't bursting with new businesses or disposable incomes. Physical media will survive just fine, but whatever their price policies and failed retro rollout meant to you, I'm sad to see yet another edifice of nerd culture fade away. That said, my life will be no different without them. I will miss them more in the abstract.
  3. continuing de-regulation efforts
  4. was expelled from Kindergarten on career day. When asked by the teacher what they wanted to be when they grew up, they discovered "I'ma be dat lesbian bitch from Lion King 2." was not the correct answer.
  5. was banned from attending Presidential inaugurations after storming the stage to challenge Michelle Obama to Pokemon Battle.
  6. I finished my first play through of Persona 5, and as tough an act as it is to follow, I started Dark Rose Valkyrie. I'm starting to get the sinking feeling that i just wandered into a harem anime...

    1. NERVergoproxy


      We all need a little harem in our lives...


  7. 's Dr. Suess themed electronica band, Thunder Once Ler, just topped the charts in Pakistan.
  8. ... once had a glass of warm mulled wine, the taste of which convinced them the human race was too sick to be allowed to continue it's existence.
  9. spent the 80's & 90's attending television focus groups and board meetings to make the same suggestion: Add an annoying kid character to the show that ends up saving the heroes! Nobody watches Star Trek TNG for to see a bunch of space adventurers, add a kid! Nobody watches TMNT to see mutant fighting, add a kid! Nobody cares about the Ghostbusters, add a few kids! All the shows are doing it, and botching it terribly, but I'm confident it'll work this time and not be remembered solely as source of nerd rage in the coming decades!
  10. has an extensive collection of Hello Kitty anal beads.
  11. Apostasia
  12. .. is too deviant for deviantart.
  13. crashed into a telephone pole during an arguement with Siri over whether or not Good Burger is a true story.
  14. Stop the downloadin'
  15. Started a petition to double the number of Land Before Time sequels by 2020.