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  1. Surely they will patch it in soon right?
  2. Why hasn't anyone got the flare gun trophy?
  3. Hi everybody Just wondering if all physical versions of this game are NA stacks. I ask I this because my friend owns the game physical and he got a NA trophy list from it. Was wondering if this a luck or a Natural thing on all disc versions of the game
  4. Road to glory is in there. Got to win 10 and win 50 games online. Still one of the shorter onlines
  5. Pes servers go down quicker then fifas do. Its only this was stupid trophy that makes fifas trophy list bad
  6. Hi Ive tried this method but get stuckon match 7 where i cant find my boosting partner anymore.
  7. Want to boost with someone in the US. Is there a way of getting matched up without running into our current regions. I have done the setting in match making option but dosnt seem to help.
  8. This game is killing me guys... i cant win cause all i vs is 90+ rates players If i knew that this was happening abit ealier i would of been fine and taken alot of losses on the chin and not care but now every loss puts me under so much pressure now so i dont derank! (If you dont know if you derank it takes longer to grind points) Is this possibly boostable without the strategy that makes you delete you FUT. Im becoming very frustrated with this 😡
  9. I hope so but im not gonna risk it. Im already on 500 so i should get there easy if i ppay everyday
  10. Just noticed that there is no more events at the end of next week so im not sure if it going to be unattainable.
  11. hey guys i really want to get the online on this done as i think the servers are going down later this year but i cannot make a good amount of coins anymore because i have already used all the boosts for my character/account. is there anyway of boosting coins effectively that anybody recommends. and is there a way of gifting coin boosters?
  12. thats so great to hear. is it risky or is it 100% gonna have 20 events for me to complete. and also are the other online trophies available or are the servers down for main multiplayer. im hearing some stories this is why i ask before i add it to the list
  13. so plat is achievable again? ill add this to my list if that's the case
  14. so i recenlty bought this game on the vita and ps3 but the network pass isnt available for purchase and i need them for online trophies. how do i get one of these codes now that they arnt available. also if i re buy it digital does the pass come with the full game?
  15. me and my mate are grinding all 16 accounts. anyway of grinding quck coins? so far done only 5 accounts and its killing me