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  1. Hi everyone Was just curious if the ps3 platinum is still attainable?
  2. Please tell me this isn't true...
  3. Okay I'll do that thanks for the help guys!
  4. Hi everyone so I wanted to start this game just to knock out all the online trophies in case of future server closures. I have done all the base game online stuff and now want to do the dlc online trophies. Just wanted to ask everyone when is the dlc availble for me to play I have it installed but don't see it anywhere on the level select screen. Do I need to complete the base game story first?
  5. how many trophies will become unatainable when the servers shut down??
  6. hi guys was just wondering if the moves have to hit the opponent to count or can you just use the move without hitting the opponent?
  7. How did you do the ranked trophy me and my Friend can't match at all
  8. I have the same issue too
  9. Can anyone tell me if the game is in German or still English?
  10. Me and a friend are interesting doing this too and we are Aussie we should meet up and boost this
  11. Hi was just wondering if you can use the same boosting process for this trophy like you can on fifa 16. I have 2 ps4s so I can self boost but wanted to know before I grind some coins
  12. hey everyone was just wondering what instruments are need for this game as i am looking to complete all 51 lego games in the series. also i know there a different types that can be used if anyone can please send me to links to what i have to buy. i dont want to buy the wrong thing and waste my money
  13. Why havnt people played the last couple dlcs?
  14. Okay thanks guys. I've already got it from Amazon US and they sent a eu version must just be unlucky.
  15. Hey everyone. Just wondering where's the best place to get this stack as I'm from Australia. I tried amazon US but they still sent me a eu stack even though it was imported from America Feed back would he awesome!