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  1. this is what i would personally do for this trophy: i feel like the easiest solution for this would be to allow people to get the trophy but then whoever gets the trophy after when it came unattainable they simply lose the points from the run like the wind trophy and the platinum trophy, every other trophy on the list still gives points as Normal. I know sites that do this to stop issues like this and all it does is keep people on leader boards without having to hide a game from their profile. i feel like people shouldn't have to hide a game cause of a trophy that they didn't mean to earn so the solution above lets you not hide your game but also still be on the leaderboards. all you would need to do it mark the trophy as whitelisted. then i would just add a thing in the section near the premium and hidden buttons on the top left and have a W for whitelisted where it shows everyone that you have a whitelisted trophy where its not counted towards leaderboards but can still be displayed on their profile without issues what do you guys think of this solution?
  2. i never asked anyone yet i got flagged 🤔
  3. okay thanks guys
  4. hi guys i currently have this issue with the tutorial for survival where it it tells me to go to to industrial plant and when I go there the circle is either not there or it is there and when I go in it my character freezes and I cant do anything about it. i found this video that is a very similar issue to my issue but it is the ps4 version so maybe my issue will be resolved on the 4th like the video below states. i was just curious to see if anyone else has this same issue on the ps3 version.
  5. dont worry i realised your talking about your map lol
  6. where is the gas tank i must be blind lol
  7. i think it happens when you have alcatraz selected but once you change to the normal blackout map its back to normal for a second i thought i was screwed! 😂
  8. okay false alarm its saying its available again dont know what happend
  9. i noticed in the character menu that scarlett is unavailable would this impact the zombie character trophy?
  10. thanks guy got it done now i appreciate your help 👍
  11. Hi everyone just was wondering if you guys have had any issues with this map. i need this map for the "Long Arm of the Law" Trophy. is there a certain game mode i should be searching? do i need a certain amount of players? am i just getting really unlucky? all of these questions i wonder so if anyone knows please let me know as this trophy is driving me insane! thanks guys
  12. Hey everyone I've already done this in playstation but looking to do it on xbox. On the xbox version it has the og events that came out when the game first came out. Was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue on playstation. I obviously don't expect anyone to know about the xbox version but was just curious to see if has happend to anyone on playstation.
  13. so ive been trying since i read that you guys got it working am i meant to constantly restart the game or just leave it on the mp screen?
  14. hey guys as said in the title i have gotten the 100% bus route trophy before the 75% trophy should i be worried? i have noticed a lot of people have had trouble with one or the other but I don't think I've seen anyone like me where i get the 100% one before the 75% one. if anyone can suggest things for me to do that would be amazing thanks!