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  1. Me and a friend are having the same crashing issues, and so many other people, I don’t believe all our headsets are broken. Maybe a recent Ps4 firmware update messed up with VR compatibility. Unfortunately we can’t expect any update for this game, since Evolution Studios closed years ago.
  2. I was wondering the same. The guides point out just two online trophies, but now I’m sure level is saved online. I haven’t tested if it ranks up while playing offline though.
  3. I don’t have ps4 pro either. It turns out it’s a save file corruption problem. Unfortunately I had just backup up my save so it wouldn’t help at all. I had to delete my save file and start the tour again and now it’s working. At least the level will keep, apparently it’s saved online. Still frustrated because i lost all my stars (i was about halfway) and still can’t get the challenge trophy to work.
  4. Did you solve it? Every time I start an event the game crashes, it has become totally unplayable. And along with server status that doesn’t recognize the challenges i doubt i’ll ever platinum this.
  5. What a sad news 😢 Such a great player and man. RIP Legend
  6. server will shut down at the end of March and one player got the trophy today..maybe it’s a temporary problem, it should work eventually
  7. I’d love a new Syphon Filter game, it was one of my favorite franchises back in the PS1 days.
  8. In my experience I didn’t lose any points by quitting to main menu, but you will lose lots of points if you quit the game. Make sure you complete your last race before leaving the game. I played a while ago though, I don’t know if it has changed now.
  9. You are usually given the chance to relocate points at the end of the season
  10. Wow, great month with 4 games instead of the usual 2, even though I own all of them already. The Uncharted need no presentation, for Goat simulator..well..good luck with flappy goat!
  11. Oh really? I didn’t remember, probably I’m getting old 😂
  12. Why is January sale coming so early this year? Doesn’t it usually start in the new year? Also from the name you’d expect it to take place in January, it’s not even Christmas yet..not that I’m complaining, sales are always welcome and especially this one.
  13. Very happy it didn’t get new trophies. I really didn’t want to buy the game for the third time, I’ve moved from GTA V long ago.
  14. In Life is strange 2 it won’t work. Episode 5 has a single use code to redeem inside the case, so once used you’ll have to purchase the episode.
  15. Hi, I have everything except: 4. the council 5. Man of Medan 9. Indigo Prophecy 24. TWD Definitive series so I qualify for Ever Vigilant with 21 platinums. I also have the requirements for Out if time, some assembly required, clever girl and space oddity emblems. Thanks!