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  1. Yeah I never considered buying the passes, but instead either the single DLCs or the Goty upgrade, if possible with the ps plus version. My count was considering if I wanted to play both PS4 and PS5 versions (45€ x 2) since DLCs are not crossbuy, as if they weren’t expensive enough.
  2. So the game is going to be free on Ps plus essential, but if you want to achieve 100% there are 3 DLC packs at 15€ each, which from what I see are not even cross buy, so that’s 90€ in DLC if you want to 100% both PS4 and PS5 versions, that’s ridiculous. The GOTY upgrade with all the contents again is priced 45€ and not crossbuy, exactly the same. Is there a cheapest way to get access to the content just for the trophies? Besides hoping for a big sale, of course.
  3. I think they rotate weekly, so hopefully next week’s siege will require a lowel level
  4. I was able to download the free ps5 upgrade with a ps4 disc just now
  5. I struggled on this one because you have to finish the game to be able to post a hi score. Tried with both recommended characters Tam Tam and Sogetsu and everything was easy until I always get crushed by Amakusa. I found out there’s an easy way that I’ll explain: if you spend more than 9 minutes combined in the first six combats (just lose a round to every opponent while taking your time), then you’ll never meet Amakusa and get an alternate ending at the end of which you can still post your score! Super easy!
  6. So the update just changed the game name into eFootball 2023? No new DLC trophies and old ones still achievable? If that’s the case it’s a good news and you should change the title.
  7. Do you know if it is possible to pop it on ps5 with this method and then autopop on ps4?
  8. If you have qualified for Fut champions and still haven’t played a match on it the trophy should autopop when you play a rivals match on the other version, at least it did for me, otherwise i’m afraid you’ll have to reach the points again.
  9. It’s not that bad, you just need the right player. I managed to score two bicycle kicks in the same match with Sergio Ramos from corners.
  10. Hello, do you have any tips for the third endurance race (Brands Hatch on wet)? Rain tires don’t last long and when the track dries out it’s even worse. I can’t afford two pit stops because AI is too fast for me and they just pit once. Is there any setup that reduces tire wear or performs better with the rain?
  11. No, the description says no respawn and it’s literally, so you can lose one or two hearts against enemies but you can’t fall off an edge (into water, lava,void etc.) even once, because it’s actually a respawn even if it’s the first heart you lose. I had to replay a few levels myself where I had fallen into water just once.
  12. Worked perfectly! You don’t even need to finish the race, just run out of fuel and it will pop!
  13. No atm there are 19 scheduled events left, so unless they add more in the future (no one knows) you can’t get the trophy if you start now.
  14. No you understood correctly, I actually meant the app on phone. It’s indeed annoying because I can’t add new games as it says wishlist is full when I could actually delete at least 15 games. Well I guess i’ll have to wait for next update and hope it gets fixed.
  15. I tried but unfortunately didn’t work, all the games are still there labelled as purchased, maybe it’s a bug in this version of the app. Only option available is to dl the games on console but even if I do they won’t remove. Not on this site but maybe you might find this useful