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  1. I have the physical copy and I couldn’t access in most of the southern central area. I confirm that with patch 1.50 the game doesn’t crash anymore and I was able to complete the DLC.
  2. No atm there are 19 scheduled events left, so unless they add more in the future (no one knows) you can’t get the trophy if you start now.
  3. No you understood correctly, I actually meant the app on phone. It’s indeed annoying because I can’t add new games as it says wishlist is full when I could actually delete at least 15 games. Well I guess i’ll have to wait for next update and hope it gets fixed.
  4. I tried but unfortunately didn’t work, all the games are still there labelled as purchased, maybe it’s a bug in this version of the app. Only option available is to dl the games on console but even if I do they won’t remove. Not on this site but maybe you might find this useful
  5. Probably a dumb question but I don’t get how to delete purchased games from the wishlist in the PS app. Once purchased there’s no more heart icon on the games and they’re locked into my wishlist.
  6. A lot more exciting games incoming 😂
  7. It is possible, but you have to be careful. If you read the FAQ in the second post by totallycrushed it’s well explained which trophies you’re likely to unlock.
  8. Well maybe it was just my copy faulty but since I’ve seen others in the same situation I thought it was a more widespread issue. If it’s working for you then good. Yes if you see your name in the leaderboard you’re fairly sure the event registered correctly. Yeah there’s one event active at the moment and they usually reset every Monday. You’re still on time.
  9. A few of these games (the older ones like the Energy ones) have previously been on sale, before they stopped Vita sales so you may have bought them in that occasion.
  10. Another Sunday, another episode, another easy plat, punctual as usual.
  11. Let me say a word of warning if you’re going to buy the GOTY on disc. Yes all DLCs are in disk, but I never got it to work, even after completing installation and downloading day1 patch, there’s a bug in which all the menu is locked except one quick race. I tried following different forums tips but ended up buying the digital version. You’re still on time for Community Ambassador, as of now there are 24 events planned so if you play everyone of them you should get the trophy in 4 months or so. You could potentially start in 3 weeks and still get the trophy but I’d start asap in case a few events don’t get counted.
  12. It goes to their advantage too because more people would buy their games. I really hope the sale will come to EU too.
  13. It’s all about money. It has already happened in basketball years ago, the Euroleague (the EU most prestigious tournament) is a sort of private cup where only the founders clubs and a few invited ones can participate. Now because we’re talking about football it’s making much more noise, but sadly this is the future.
  14. Wow what a turn of events! The shitstorm must have been incredibly big to make Jim Ryan change his mind. Glad stores will stay up!
  15. Yes, their only cross buy game for now is Ride 4. I’ve played every MotoGP since 13 and I’ve always liked the trophy icons in the series. If you like racing games they’re fun and simple plats, with the exception of 19, which was a tough one. You gave me an idea! I think i’ll keep it for my 750th too.