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  1. It’s all about money. It has already happened in basketball years ago, the Euroleague (the EU most prestigious tournament) is a sort of private cup where only the founders clubs and a few invited ones can participate. Now because we’re talking about football it’s making much more noise, but sadly this is the future.
  2. Wow what a turn of events! The shitstorm must have been incredibly big to make Jim Ryan change his mind. Glad stores will stay up!
  3. Yes, their only cross buy game for now is Ride 4. I’ve played every MotoGP since 13 and I’ve always liked the trophy icons in the series. If you like racing games they’re fun and simple plats, with the exception of 19, which was a tough one. You gave me an idea! I think i’ll keep it for my 750th too.
  4. Unfortunately it’s unlikely. Also the latest MXGP and Monster Energy games from the same company are not cross buy.
  5. Ratchet & clank trilogy. It’s crossbuy, I got it on ps3 but wasn’t on my vita DL list, had to redeem it from the store. It’s available retail anyway so wouldn’t be lost forever.
  6. It depends. If you have purchased a season pass, despite having spent your money, you don’t actually own the dlc until you download it from the store. I also would like to know how to download games on Vita, since the download list is in the store itself on Vita.
  7. Such a bad move by Sony, i really didn’t expect this to be true. I think no one mentioned will we still be able to download patches? Edit:Sorry, been asked just seconds before my post
  8. Yeah requirement was changed in one of the latest patch, one point in every skill is no longer enough, as said above you need to max out the specialization with 165 points to unlock the trophy. Doing bounties is the fastest way to farm points.
  9. If you buy the digital gold edition everything is included. If you buy the retail Special Edition you’ll still have to buy the first 2 DLC and same with the season pass, first 2 DLC are not included and must be purchased separately.
  10. Considering the servers for Peace Walker are still up, I doubt they’ll close Phantom Pain and even without any pre-warning.
  11. Is PS4 version digital only? I can find only the PS5 version retail
  12. Ok I got it! I was confirming with square, but it worked only after several tries. Then you just need to hit moving cars, parked ones won’t count.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I found the place, entering the code but nothing happens, do you need a particular car?
  14. How?
  15. Really? I didn’t know, at this point I’m afraid it’s not achievable atm. Let’s hope in an update soon.