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  1. i don't remember anymore.....
  2. you did? oops sorry maybe i did not see what you wrote sorry i didn't mean to ignore anyone can you forgive me?
  3. realy that sound exactly like my dreams game "minecraft combined with far cry 3 combined with Payday or GTA" hahaha lol yayyyy you make me so happy thanks you so much....~~hugs you~~
  4. i'm asking for help from people that actually want/willing to help me not from people that only read half of what i said and accusing me of things I did not say and putting words into my mouth i gonna be nice to everyone but if you/or anyone want to start a fight with me ok i will gladly will fight you/them back....
  5. yayyyy thanks so i thinks i gonna buy all of them
  6. games like COD/ Battlefield and all the other games are very good and i love them but i don't really like that you know this is it you have to do it the way they want you to do it... you know i prefer games like far cry/gta and more that you have a storyline but it's not so close on you.. you know...anyway thanks i will check the games you say and maybe soon i will buy them
  7. why anyone ever read what i write to the end? after all i also said that
  8. a game like what? games that let you do the missions stealth? will in far cry 3 you can do it idk about 4 i don't have it yet in assassin's creed you can do it in payday2 you can do it and more..
  9. AMY™ i like the story and stuff but the control of the game and the way you see the game is so bad you don't want to play the game your angel is so bad you are so close to the player character hides half of the screen your character is standing so far in the left feels like you're supposed to control other character that standing next to your character and so much more....
  10. what is the highest infamous? ​and what happend after you get it?
  11. Doom - At Doom's Gate
  12. and i allsoe said that "but I doubt if there is such a game like that so what would be the closest to what I'm looking for"p.s. like i did said before i don't care if the game is based on stealth or not as long as it allows you to choose to do it stealth
  13. what about far cry 4?
  14. i don't want a plus membership this is worthless i don't need it....
  15. so you want me to buy a ps4 console just for 1 free to play game? with what? DayZ is not free to play
  16. what do you mean free to play ? that you can play the multiplayer even i'f you don't have plus membership ? what? how? so what do you say is the game developers choose if the game will need a plus membership or not?
  17. i don't have ps4 because you need plus membership to play the multiplayer
  18. kratos lara croft dante Alien - batman alma jin devil jin and so much more Good looking characters i like
  19. my ps3 Theme is Worms™ Premium Theme -!/en-il/games/themes/worms-premium-theme/cid=EP4064-NPEP00128_00-TWORMS2ARM000002?smcid=pdc:us-en:pdc-games-detail-wolfenstein-3d:buy-download:wolfenstein-3d-ps3:up1003-npub31233_00-wolfs3hddinstall
  20. yes i do i usually play the game for the story but i'f when i will play the game i will get almost all of them and there are 5-10 Trophies left to get then i will invest all my time to get them.... i'm not a trophies hunter but if i only need 5 trophies to have them all so why not i will try to get them
  21. is it easy like far cry 3 or harder?
  22. yes i am serious i'm playing on master difficulty and it's so easy
  23. why would they create a game so easy like that? why they not creating harder difficulty level? and why after you buy or get the weapons one time you can just take the enemy weapon and after it you can go to the store and get your weapons back for free? why didn't they do it that when you lose your weapon you will have to buy it another time?