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  1. what do you say? would you please help me?
  2. to go on a silence mission with Detection risk 3 is to easy so what i'f for example to do framing frame with this skills and using the worst equipment for a stealth mission: Improved Combined Tactical Vest - Concealment: 1 M308 rifle - Concealment: 6 Krinkov submachine - Concealment: 21 what do you say can i/you do it? maybe do you have an idea how to make it be more difficult? thanks
  3. it's not so hard to do... i finish all 3 days in framing frame Without using a gun or melee weapon And I'm not even a good player in this game..... so i'f i did it anyone can do it
  4. i have 9 skill point available and i don't know what to spend them on what to do? Do you have a recommendation on what to use them?
  5. and if i will do a completely different play style what do you recommends on to use? can you recommend on somting that have this skills in it? Slow character is not good for me... i will be disqualified after half a minute
  6. i already try to do it so many times and i never cut the right one
  7. i already try to do it so many times
  8. i thinks there is a esy why to do get this trophy you have 4 fuse boxes and you nead cut two wires in the fuse boxes and hope it's the right one. if you cut the wrong one it will turn on the alarm and it will not let you cut the others... so what i'f you cut all the 4 fuse boxes together? after all you only need to guess it not to do it silence what do you say? anyone?
  9. whyCHAMELEON? will that skill is good if you go silence with more players i play it with one more player and he is enforcer... CHAMELEON BASIC: 1 point / $23,500 Civilians and enemies find you less suspicious. 25% decrease to suspicion while in casing mode. ACE: 3 points / $69,500 You are less inclined to be targeted when you are close to your crew members. 25% decrease in likelihood to be targeted.
  10. thanks and how much money do you get from this secret train heist? is it worth the effort?
  11. so what do you thinks i should use the 9 skill point?
  12. will that skill is good if you go silence with more players i play it with one more player and he is enforcer...
  13. i prefer to do it silence i'f i can... like a ninja don't want to brag but, in day 2 of Firestarter for example i can steal the server and take the gold.... without killing even one Guard... i am a true ghost. no one know i'm there.... and no one see me
  14. can anyone help me please ? I finished the game a few times I even chose the easiest level so that I could look for the enemy's information more easily and not be busy abolishing an enemy And I even went through all the places you can see that this site and this on and this one 2 But I found only 44 I can not find the last one? Do you have any idea what to do? This information needs to be done is something that can explode or something? There is a chance I threw a grenade or enemy threw a grenade and it exploded or something? What can you do?
  15. from the beginning to the end evan left the ps3 working all night in after you kill in the Endgame check if maybe there is another mission after this long and boring end video i start in the S.S.D.D. and going to all tha plaicece that are in this list and this on and this one 2 to the end of the game 6 time on the easiest level so i can focus on search the enemy intels...
  16. i did find the one in the snowmobile - are you tlking on this one or maybe this is another one in three ?
  17. that what i did i been everywhere i catch in youtube and i share everywhere the bean in and noting i just don't find it :'( mybe someone stole the intel? can the enemy take there intel and live with it ?
  18. what would you do if someone would Tell you that "the Single player of cod mw2 and bf3 are the same Because you shoot at people" I have no idea how I respond to something like this... any suggestion ?
  19. i'm loking for a good Call of Duty for multiplayer to play with freands what do you thinks is the best cod for multiplayer ? can you help me please thanks
  20. hackers is the reason why were searching for a one good multi game and wee gonna play it in a private room/server a private room/server with no hackers in it
  21. A few minutes ago I was playing in the multiplayer and every few minutes it stopped the game and said "connecting a new host" Then after a few times it just said "server killed" How exactly does it work in the multiplayer of COD MW2? How it chooses to host? and what exactly happened to serve? why did he got killed? how can a server can get kill anyway? Thanks anyway p.s. How to use a helicopter/airplane?
  22. i just played in a hacked server that was so weird.... All players run so fast and jump so high like it was The Matrix or something one time i jump and i destroy an Attack Helicopter with a Knife i just destroy an Attack Helicopter with a Knife....
  23. maybe the last host was the hacker so wan it Made him the host it trigger the Cods anti cheat?
  24. since i'm gonna play with friends anyway can you please answer me this simple question CoD 3 is best cod for multiplayer yes or no ?
  25. i don't know if i will buy Advanced Warfare it's kind of look like a weird Affected game from gunz Combined with halo & Blacklight: Retribution... idk maybe it's just me but this game feels wrong