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  1. You can get almost all the co-op trophies solo. Start a game with two controllers and leave the 2nd one on the floor. Go slow and take your time. Every now and then run the 2nd guy closer. This is so he doesn't auto die due to getting too far behind, and also he can run and Rez you if something bad happens. The only level I couldn't make this work was the one where you have to bomb the bridge because you get guys coming from both sides and while you're carrying the bomb you can't shoot.

    do you have a Spare one that you dont need? i only have one controller  :(


  2. I've never played but you made this game sound so easy, maybe I'll pick it up and get the Platinum this weekend.

    the game itself is easy but the thrips not so much... there is a TROPHIE name Poker Bully - Win $1500 playing poker. if you know poker you'll get it

    i still dont have that one...  :( i don't know anything about poker i always lose in it

    and there is a 6-7 tropies in the Co-op i try to play it alone but it didn't start so i guess you need at least 2 people for that


  3. this is gonna be so crazy and hard  :D  :wub:

    only use melee

    Lots of ways to make this game harder.

    Stealth the entire game. If you get seen restart.
    Don't spend any money on anything.
    Only melee.
    No vehicles.

    If you get seen RESTART THE GAME!

    Bow only, melee is a bit extreme. Good luck, far cry 3 is really easy but still an incredible game.

    No Skills,No radio tower activations except the stroryline requires it, No outpost taken, Knife and Bow only and restart the game if you get killed, but in exchange you can.... save   :eyebrow: .




  4. Stealth the entire game. If you get seen restart the checkpoint.

    will you cant stealth all the game there are mission that you have to do load if you like it or not  :angry: 

    but anyway i love play my games on stealth... i already finished the game like that not so hard to do.. :D 

    it was even easier than to stealth in payday...... :(


  5. before i start i just wanna say that i'm not trying to show off or anything it's just that this game is to easy

    anyway i'm gonna try something crazy.. i wanna create a new save on master difficulty - 'Worse Than Malaria' hhh lol xD maybe 'Worse Than Cough'

    anyway i gonna start a new save on master difficulty and i gonna finish the game without dying even one time

    what do you say can i do it or what?


    p.s. do you have any Suggestions how to make the game even harder?

    to use only 1 weapon not to use the map not even release the radio antennas ...?


    what do you say how can i make it harder ?



    It's the best console for now and there's gonna be some great games coming out soon like Bloodborne and Uncharted 4. If you have 400 bucks you cannot go wrong with a PS4!


    when you say great games coming out soon
    ​are you talking about more broken games like assassin's creed unity and the others.....
    idk about you but i prefer games that actually works... 


  7. How many games for the PS4 you really want to play? If you can't name at least 10 then maybe you should wait. There is quite a few games coming out for PS4 this year that won't be coming out on the PS3 as well.

    i love Sony but seriously their defenses are not very good

    people broke into their systems several times by now
    there are alot of Internet connection problems
    and more
    why would anyone will pay for something like this?


    If your not gonna pay a PS+ sub then i don't really see the point in getting a PS4 since you won't be able to play online.


    1 maybe 2 games that i would buy for it....


  8. I know that. I never said I did not understood but if you want to play games that are not online on the PS4, why stop yourself from buying one? Remember this is for you not me, I'm a multi platform user so I never miss out on anything unless I don't have it. 


    idk if to buy it or not

    until now there is only one game i would want to buy and its not a available to the ps3

    killzone shadow fall

    a lot of new games are available on the ps3 too so why would i bother to buy them for the ps4


  9. It probably one of the best console for hardware and new games coming out with X1 and maybe Wii U coming in second. The design is the best out of the three (I like the X1 design more tho). The only  two problems that PS4 has at the minute the OS is lackluster compared to X1 and the servers which Sony is sorting out at the money (Apparently). 


    PSNPlus- PS Plus is not required for Single Players games but is for Multi Players, so if you play online a lot and you don't want to pay it then that's a bit of a toughie. PSNPlus also offers decent discount prices which I used to buy game before I get the console (Still busting out the X1/PSVita/PS3 and 3DS combo). 



    So I say get the PS4, if you want a diverse line up.

    i have ps3 from 2007 the multiplayer on the playstation 3 is free i dont have a plus membership and I'm not going to pay money for it(at least not anytime soon)

    and if you need plus membership to play multiplayer on the ps4 will i will just not gonna play the multiplayer on the ps4 it's very simple



    It's kind of flawed logic though for the OP, would consider buying the system for 400 bucks but will not dish out 30 USD for yearly ps+ sub: online + endless supply of games.



    i love Sony but seriously their defenses are not very good
    people broke into their systems several times by now
    there are alot of Internet connection problems
    and more
    why would anyone will pay for something like this?

  10. will it depends on what day working day saturday/ holiday
    and the mood i'm in that day

    but if its a holiday and i am in a good mood i can play even 24 hours non-stop no even for 10 seconds
    have such a special water bottle that for cyclists with a straw so i don't need to stop the game to drink and if i choose something more than just water I do not need to eat
    i have a bucket so i don't need stop the game to go to the bathroom and more... so yeaa i can play for a long time in a row :D

  11. You don't see this response as being a little rude?... 


    what but i said thanks  :huh:
    what sorry i just don't like to play like playing First-person shooter with a mouse and Keyboard :(  :(
    how is that rude what are you thewhat but i said thanks
    what sorry i just don't like to play like playing First-person shooter with a mouse and Keyboard
    how is that rude what are you/him the creator of the mouse and Keyboard?  :huh:  :| 

    all i said is that  i just don't like to play like playing First-person shooter with a mouse and Keyboard what so roud about it?  :huh:


  12. Also the Deus Ex for PS3 lets you do most missions as stealth and in fact to plat you have to finish the game at least once killing no one except bosses.  I echo that Watch Dogs gives a lot of stealth options, and Dishonored (already mentioned) again gives you trophies for finishing the game with no kills.  I doubt you will find a game that allows you to world build and play stealth action, unless the world building is very minimal.

    relay? Deus Ex nice i have this game someone give me it but i never play it before maybe i will play it later thanks  ;)


  13. I know that this is a PS3 thread, but try the original Thief series (Dark project, Metal Age, and Deadly Shadows). Even though it is not an open world, the levels are big for a 90\early 2000 game and the missions can be done in variety of way. You can get them from GOG or Steam, and you don't need a high end pc to run them. you can play them on an old laptop with integrated graphics chip...


    Other suggestions: Thief reboot (not on par with the original series, but overall I enjoyed it), Skyrim, and Dishonored. Thief and Skyrim are open world. However, Dishonored is not, but it has big levels.

    thanks but no thanks

    i not like playing First-person shooter with a mouse and Keyboard

    playstation 3 controller that is the best why for me....


  14. Woh, calm down Bruce. Who mentioned fighting.. Just pointing out there's little reason to be rude to people who are offering you help, which you asked for.

    realy people who are offering me help? :blink: 


    ok please explain to me how exactly

    accusing me of things I did not say and putting words into my mouth

    gonna help me in anything? :huh:


  15. Play the elder scrolls games or the fallout games. First person, open world, and you can stealth the entire games. Fallout NV even has a hardcore mode where you have to balance food, drink and sleep to survive.

    realy  :D  that sound exactly like my dreams game

    "minecraft combined with far cry 3 combined with Payday or GTA" hahaha lol yayyyy  :D you make me so happy thanks you so much....~~hugs you~~