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  1. On PSNP the guide editor said 90 hours but he didn't beat the game...😂 What do you think? When they writing a guide they play 50h in a row? Are you serious? Never don't get it.
  2. ...Really? Platinum time is an estimated time of the guide editor who got platinum who calculated his/her gaming sessions. If you have to wait offline, like on MadMax, this time will be added to the total time estimated to get the platinum. On it's the same, but they also considering an estimation of platinum time of a bunch of people to wrote their guides.
  3. I'll only reply to this.. We talk about platinum...and platinum count played AND not played hours.
  4. Thank you for sharing this test With all 4 strongholds, (16 per hour) you can get 384 scrap per day right? So to get all 2500 scrap, in according to what you wrote will take more than 6 days offline. Why a tons of people can manage the whole platinum under 6 days? Why Jack-Of-Blade_34 got 76 scrap with only 2 crews in 35 minutes? Your reward will probably never match with another player. If I keep telling you, the word "Experience" it's because all depend when you start projects, how much time you play, and others factors.
  5. I understand peoples who's flagging other guys if they thinking they're cheating...but CRT has to verify and be 101% sure before confirm the flag. Everybody on this thread share their though and mathematics..but most of them aren't even beat the game once... They can't explain all theses people who earned different amount of scrap and without be offline. They can't explain theses guides who says platinum is obtainable from 50 hours. The next time we will start a new game..we'll just earn the 1st trophy..and leave the game for a whole week. Just to spare us hours and hours to explain some stuff. At this point...leaderboard are useless. Fortunately I don't care to be the first or the last of the list. At this point, if I could cheat on a will be probably on GTA V..who is stuck at 89%...or every long game we did just to saving time.
  6. Actually there is more than 33 hours offline time...just saying..
  7. Try to explain that to others guys above who doing wrong maths... They didn't understood there is no precise reward based on time or anything.
  8. Yes..posted this yesterday..but for another reason. As you can see, not a single one earn the same amount of scraps..and it's pretty normal...sooner your start..sooner you get all scraps. HoorayForTyler wrote his guide based on his experience on the game and seems pretty sure of what he says..but like I said every gamer has a different approach and a different experience. The offline timer reward isn't the same for everyone, and instead to do wrong mathematics, he just has to share his method with other players to help them, but he can't affirm others methods are impossibles like he said, because he's wrong. There isn't any statement who clearly says you have to wait a minimum of 100 hours offline to get 2500 scrap. How you explain this guy, on HoorayForTyler guide, who earned 115 scraps while he was 14 hours Offline...but he also got 45 on 10 minutes off..and only with 2 crews.....Or still getting scraps without waiting immediatly after his game crash.. Anyone can't.
  9. Thanks for your post. Actually you can earn 20 scrap per liberated camp roughly every 20-25 minutes and Scrap Crews reward you with 6 scrap per hour, per camp since the last deposit.
  10. Actually you had to look into those cases BEFORE flagging. When you flag someone it's because you are sure of what you are doing...especially if you didn't played this game 😆 It's possible to do legitimately..because we did.
  11. You played 10 days and just finish Act 02.... And if it's your 1st run on this game it's pretty normal. If the game doesn't bug out for whatever reason..(after searching on google/YouTube because as I said, this game was complete a year ago and I wasn't alone) 1 scrap crew collect around 10 scrap per hour..(230-250 per more than 950 with all strongholds per day). Beside as already mentioned...PSNP guide says 90h. Ok whatever...but on others sites it's start on 50h => 40 guys says 50h/75h to achieve this game...On the same website the guide says 50h/75h. So last Saturday a PSNP member wrote a guide for Scrap Crew Challenge (that's why my game was reported). He says 105 hours OFFLINE to get 2500 scrap (4 days and 39 min). 2 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes - My time 3 days, 13 hours, 47 minutes - Another guy on PSNP (not flagged) 4 days, 8 hours, 47 minutes - Another guy on PSNP (not flagged) So...the person who wrote this guide clearly says we are all cheaters...fine! Still checking the 100% club.. another guy done plat on 5 days, 31 minutes, 34 seconds. Bases on HoorayForTyler guide, this guy played only for 24 hours ingame..right? So...check the time stamps..(I didn't) but I don't think it will match.....Even..trophy time stamps not show start and end of a gaming session. So, because some people beat the game fastest than others...they cheating?
  12. I understand your point.. I actually follow some user instructions on my first run..and not really counting how many scrubs I received every time I or my brother log on. Anyway...seems your don't care what I'm says and stay focus on your own experience on the game.
  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts In this case, how can you explain in others guides the plat can be obtained in 50h? Anyway..this trophy is glitched. Some folks reported sometimes their scrubs earned was lower when they resume the game than This is another case based only on suspicion..and will not require to debate for an entire day. If you are a developer of this game, please...step forward and tell me my method is not legit.
  14. Upgrade all bases..quit the game for a bit.. Back in the game...wait for the message saying you earned some scrap..and repeat! What's the problem? I you play this game more than probably will know how save some time..
  15. Funny! If you want to debate on a new thread. I'll really enjoy to discuss with you. Just want to clarify the actual situation on Mad Max. So..?