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  1. yo guys, Patch 1.03 just came out for Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds on vita and it fixes the dlc trophies. I was previously not able to earn the trophies and while testing the patch my frau dlc trophies finally started working. Cheers have fun
  2. AC3 remaster when 🙈
  3. Well a brutal first reply. I think you made a good start and should keep going. Edit: I agree with Mesopithecus for: - Horizon Zero Dawn - Infamous Second Son (especially including first light)
  4. Hey guys, As the title says which region or version is this trophy list?
  5. No idea why it popped there but it was the 29th when i got it
  6. September 29 still works
  7. Both Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive and Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds (Vita) are now available on my local NL PS Store including all the DLC. I played the US version of Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive since it wasn't available in my region but the Frau DLC wasnt available. While the vita version was available here with Frau DLC it was missing the kurisu DLC. A big mess if you ask me anyway leave a message if it's become available in your region too.
  8. july 29th 2018 The Online still works
  9. i see you're on a superhero kick with batman, spiderman and deadpool. Too bad about those jak games though 😡
  10. I would accept a solid 30fps lock with decent motion blur and frame pacing at 4k or checkerboarded/dynamic res with 60fps. Ofcourse i greatly prefer 60fps but i wouldn't sacrifice 4k HDR over it instead of 30. Do agree games need a 60fps mode and high res mode. No unlocked framerates please!
  11. It's too bad we have people like @Gage , @Green , @Oowa and @Conker here who feel the need to leave replies about not caring about trophies yet attacking buk even making personal remarks then like every negative post toward him. Buk is passionate about the system he has worked on for years like many others and he raises valid points about it. Maybe leave an actual reply to his post instead of making nonsense replies to tank your fake likes on a trophy forum. As for the points made 3: I think a lot of people also migrated to discord servers since 2015 including myself. It's sad but logical to see less popularity for trophy hunting as years go on. Unless ofcourse they bring some cool new things to it. 4: Steam achievements can just be edited in with a tool called SteamAchievementManager and you won't even get a warning or ban for it. This is a system where you really don't want to spend time because of 0 value. 5: If only we had trophy tracking that would truly put this system a step above. 7: I think being above level 50 still shows an amount of ambition and dedication even if it is just ezpz games. You can raise a similar point for people who purposely avoid games because 1 trophy is glitched or unobtainable 8: If you atleast try out the VN before skipping it then imo no harm done. VN's aren't really games anyway 11: Getting paid for a hobby that i spend a lot of time on? Yes please
  12. So this is looking like an easy list. Any players know if the dungeons are really difficult or will this be a breeze?
  13. also got the lvl 50 trophy by leveling up once
  14. all about revived servers as long as i dont get banned for it
  15. I think the real issue here is that it would be difficult to check whether trophies are legit or not when using a custom/revived/dummy whatever you name it server. Should it be allowed if there is no way to beat out the cheaters?
  16. I think that using a revived server is fair game and shouldn't be flagged. The trophies were earned legit it's the same area as boosting IMO.
  17. Good job on Lumo and Bound! Also Lego games are great
  18. That's the only way to kill an enemy with an item.
  19. It's a known issue. The servers are being restarted right now and should be good as soon as it's back.
  20. Hey guys, Brawlhalla's new major update 3.0 is out. New conent below. What do you guys think? I kinda like the new character and her weapon. New Legend and Weapon! Cannon and our new Legend Sidra launch today! Cannon is a heavy hitting weapon with big blows, and powerful blasts. We’re excited to see what the community does with Cannon, (post those combos!) and we hope everyone will have fun with this new addition to the weapon arsenal of Brawlhalla. Cannon has arrived and is now part of the Brawlhalla armory. Sidra the Corsair Queen is now available to play! Weapons: Cannon & Sword Stats: 6/4/6/6 (Strength, Dexterity, Defense, Speed) Mallhalla Sidra launches with three new skins available in Mallhalla. Pirate Queen Sidra – “Undisputed sovereign of the seas.” Atlantean Sidra – “The true treasure of the depths.” Kraken Sidra – “Often the last sight unfortunate sailors see before being dragged to the depths.” Brawl of the Week – 3v3 Brawlball! 3v3 Brawlball. Queue solo or with friends! First to three scores win. User Interface Making right or up directional inputs on the main menu while over the rightmost tile with now step into the top-right corner menu. Added new UI sounds. Art and Animation Minor animation tweak to certain frames on Spear’s Neutral Air, Dash, and Landing animation to improve layering for certain costumes. GamePad Support Added support for USB Gamepad for Windows. New Legend Rotation This week’s new Legend Rotation features Asuri, Bodvar, Cross, Diana, Mirage, and Ragnir. Bug Fixes Fixed bug where the charge star at the beginning of a lot of heavy attacks would not appear. Fixed axe rendering bugs on Arcanium Ulgrim. Fixed an issue where characters with tails have the tails face the wrong way during the “Be A Hero” taunt. Fixed typo in the offline tutorial rewards warning. Fixed loin cloth layering issues with Roland the Victorious skin. Fixed a bug in team matchmaking lobbies with a local guest where it would let you pick any color that you owned for both characters, and locking in would then result in the server correcting you to use team colors if the chosen skins were identical or too similar in silhouette shape. It will now correctly force you into using team colors before locking in in this situation. Fixed a rare bug in Friendly 2v2 matchmaking and any team-based Brawls of the Week where the opposing team could appear as a different color in the Match Preview than they would during the game. Fixed a rare bug in Friendly 2v2 matchmaking and any team-based Brawls of the Week where the opposing team could get set to Team Blue during a color conflict even if your team was Blue, Cyan, Green, Community Colors, or Skyforged. The opposing team will now be set to Team Red in those situations. Fixed a rare visual bug on powers like Yumiko Down Hammer that could display dissipation special effects at the wrong position when interrupted. PS4 – Fixed a bug in Ember’s bow side signature where the wolf would disappear. PS4 – Fixed a missing gold coins display in the tutorial complete screen. PS4 – Fixed some blurriness on some graphics. PS4 Update Timing Note Brawlhalla 3.0 will release on PS4 shortly after it releases on PC. As we continue to patch on both PC and PS4 we are aiming to bring patch times closer and closer together. Thanks for your patience, and for playing! Source: https://www.brawlhalla.com/news/brawlhalla-3-0-cannon-update/
  21. It wants you to do a gravity-cancel heavy attack KO. How you perform this is by pressing R2 to dodge in mid air without moving. This is called a spot dodge and you will blink white if you do it. As you perform this dodge quickly do a heavy attack and a little gust of wind appears under you. This move will allow you to do moves in mid-air you can normally only do on the ground. Kill 10 people with one of these moves and the trophy will pop
  22. I played this game for a few years on PC. It's a big grind expect 50+ hours at the least. Nothing is permanently locked off so the platinum is obtainable without spending money. Some heroes you need to buy with ingame earned money for winning or losing. Skins for characters, weapons, emotes, effects are all behind paid currency. Getting the ranked stuff done might be super lucky or take hours upon hours depending on skill. Have a good hunt guys.
  23. First time i went with Zidane/Vivi/Freya/Quina because i didn't know how to play ended up winning though. Second time i just went classic Zidane/Garnet/Vivi/Steiner which is probably what most people did.
  24. girl looks at other girls boobs = lesbian Quick conclusions were drawn
  25. #52- The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PS4)

    The max out suits trophy was a grind at the end!