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  1. There are games that can give you like 15 trophies in 10 minutes and a plat each half hour. I'm sure 10-20 plats in one day is already achieved possibly more. Myself i only go out on 3-10 plats a month because i'm slow
  2. That's generally not how that works but i'm always open to give a last chance.
  3. Did this just become a weeb discussion thread?
  4. I got the platinum on my first run of this game. I do know that at one point i was being pointed to an area where nothing was to be found to later find a hidden area where my last item was. This did require the help from the ingame cheats. I can check which character is in which position if you like?
  5. Looks like you got it ages ago?
  6. I feel female protagonists are often very sexualized and if they're not they often don't get as much attention. Horizon Zero Dawn is my favorite game of the ps4 right now and that's partially due to Aloy being an awesome character imo. Tomb Raider on the other hand i find Lara very sexualized and even her face was redone to look more like a supermodel (too bad).
  7. Hey guys, I only need the PVP trophy. If anyone else needs it just leave a post here to boost.
  8. sounds like a very disappointing firmware update.. let's hope it breaks a lot of ps4s again
  9. PS3: Assassin's Creed 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed Libration HD PS4: Assassin's Creed 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed Revelations I can be added to Deciple. Do ac2 and acbro count twice since it's different systems which wasn't specified as it only says region? If only i cared to finish up the online for revelations, 3 and black flag x2
  10. There are 2 US lists and 2 EU lists. All 4 lists say its ps4 and Vita but they're not. This version is the PS4 version and the other list that was just added is the Vita version. You can check my profile they're both there.
  11. This is the EU Vita version.
  12. I just synced both my games and i have a seperate list for the PS4 and VITA versions so buying it twice does absolutely give you extra. (Both EU versions)
  13. The Lists are now up.
  14. August 6th 6pm not able to sync yet. August 7th 1pm... Just synced my trophies, the list isn't up on PSNP yet but it works now
  15. The Lord of the Rings conquest DLC for online multiplayer, first game, first plat, first psn download and no regrets This will be somewhere around october 2009 older entries were made on lost accounts.
  16. -Soneto Limbo Because of this! No Point in DyingComplete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths
  17. the argument here being that you can build a pc for around the same price which is more powerful and eventually outweighs psn in sales on steam. The sales on PSN have been pretty good lately however and i hate fiddling around with a mediocrely optimized pc game. For anyone getting tired of console wars topics you're a bit late to the party most got tired of them in 2007.
  18. Thanks that helped me figure it out also the video is very useful for getting it done quick.
  19. I used the video on the vita twice and after getting the plat my system freaks out gives me an error code and im no longer able to sync trophies unless i do system restore
  20. Does a month by month purchase not end up costing you more than the price increased 60 a year now anyway?
  21. I absolutely agree with the 2 tier subscription. Tier 1 for just online and Tier 2 for the extra games, cloud saves, discounts, auto updates and whatever else is there. I do however think this month and the coming month the ps+ games are good with until dawn and just cause. The other games being open for argument but still considered alright games. I'm interested to see what firmware 5.0 has to offer though i'm expecting something good this time.
  22. I respect this.
  23. Can i just say what an annoying post this is? Not that mine are any better...
  24. Guess it's time to purchase a year or 3 in advance before the 31st like many others. I was very comfortable at 50 a year. Not that 60 is that much more it's just that little bit extra they want to wring out of their userbase. What PSN upgrades are we going to get this time with the money they make. If they introduce name changing in firmware 5.0 we'll know why they're charging extra ^^
  25. Final Fantasy 14 has pre-paid gametime cards starting from i believe 60 days. You can redeem these cards on ff14 mogstation in your browser. If it's just a square enix card i think you can only redeem it for use in the square store. These ff14 cards are probably there for a reason so i recommend using those. I used one just a few days ago. Admittedly i find the square account management pages a bit dodgy to navigate and imo could really use an overhaul. If you need more answers don't hesitate to post more replies