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  1. I'd like to add any game that puts a time restraint on me like FF13 Lightning Returns. It hinders the way i play my games and forces a different style. I did however plat 13 and 13-2 but man those trapezohedrons..
  2. Do you mean Microsoft Lumia
  3. I'm seeing a theme here and have to agree with nearly all of them
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself
  5. Come to rub that meat boy platinum in my face huh? hahaha
  6. Any souls game because they are over hyped, overplayed, over streamed oh and i heard theyre very difficult? (My opinion) Can i add Super Meat Boy and Futuridium EP Deluxe for obvious reasons?
  7. Is Eternal Ring coming to psn EU? I see it only got a US release so far?
  8. I was a PC gamer for years and had over 450 games on steam. A short while ago i went to Playstation because my PC wasn't capable of max quality forcing me to fiddle with settings. It aggravated me to no end to have to adjust the settings for 60fps/quality balance. On a console you might not get the highest quality but you don't have to do any annoying text file setting editing or fiddling to get balance. Console on, choose game and play that's what i want and that is how it should be. I am limited in time and do not want to lose even a minute or 2 on settings so PC is not an option and is not comfortable behind a desk. Edit: Also since ps4/Pro i started having trouble to see clear quality differences making it even less worth it.
  9. Time online: 207 hrs Most played: Overwatch (Gotta get those anniversary skins ya know) Savings: €204 (this has to exclude vita and ps3 because i saved tons more) Downloaded monthly games: 19 (Same as savings)
  10. Hey guys, A little confusion on my end and maybe others. I pre-ordered the normal not deluxe epic overload mega turbo edition which doesn't say it includes the horizons dlc or update while the mentioned big version does. On the other hand on several other page i read this is a free update which is included. Does anyone have the final answer for me?
  11. I have trouble getting into any Telltale game. It feels like my choices don't really matter and the gameplay is slow and boring. My opinion being that i'd rather watch a movie than a telltale game and there are tons of movies. (God of War gameplay is always the same across the many games it has)
  12. Star Trek Online is no longer unobtainable they fixed it in the recent patch.
  13. Definitely Final Fantasy 9's You're not Alone for one of my faves!
  14. Thank you!
  15. Hey Guys, I'm trying to connect with a friend online. We have the same room password and level but its just stuck on waiting for someone to insult... You guys having any better luck or is something broken?
  16. Hey guys, I purchase a lot of items in the playstation store and have the following issue. It doesn't happen much but when i purchase a game it sometimes doesn't show as purchased in the store (even after refreshing logging all that). It does show up in my download list but in theory i could repurchase a game digitally that i already own in this format on my account. A few examples would be the ps4 games Assassin's Creed Black Flag, FF14 Realm reborn and heavensward bundle and overwatcher goty edition. The question here being is this normal? Really dislike seeing items i own with a price tag on them should i contact support to fix it?
  17. Didn't work for me sadly
  18. I actually don't get that error message it just lets me put in these items again. Luckily i can also download my games but it would be nice to have a clean store that actually shows items that i own as purchased. What i get from the replies is that this happens regularly. I wonder if i should contact support to have them fix it if they can.
  19. It's sadly an issue in the normal browser store for me not on the system itself which does show the games in my library
  20. Starting a physical game collection only to move to digital on PSN to notice afterwards alot of older games are still disc only which i sold.... (folklore, lego star wars clone wars, killzone2 and 3, ETC)
  21. My trophy list order is also still broken. Been playing horizon for a while but it simply won't show on the top of the list.
  22. Weirdly with the amount of games i have i know what Op means
  23. I'm also having issues on Chrome and Firefox stuff about net error certifcate date invalid and won't let me on.
  24. I didn't pre-order or buy the game
  25. Works in the Netherlands. I laughed hysterically a little hope they can't roll back this problem