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  1. Also not surprised but disappointed..
  2. It took me so long before i realized we were looking for a trophy title
  3. @jem12345 congrats
  4. after the dust has settled
  5. iconoclast?
  6. these answers are way too deep for me hahah
  7. the outfit is the highlight of battle?
  8. please do im so lost
  9. welp
  10. damn @rach thats deep i wonder if thats it
  11. ibuki is part of the answer has thrown me off track so badly hahah
  12. is it ibuki? Do we get multiple guesses?
  13. strider?
  14. @grimydawg is it dessert or desert since i see a variety of answers and the post says dessert
  15. I do want to ask how much work this would cost though. Someone would have to go through tons and tons of trophy lists just to check whether or not something is available to get no? Seems like a tough job but i would like to see it happen.
  16. this looks like a helpful feature. Thumbs up!
  17. I've got 1 blocked because he was trying to buy my account for some reason and wouldn't leave me alone...
  18. Thanks! I don't know much about end game stuff yet but i'm excited to find out Let's hope i get those rare chips right? (dreams)
  19. Hey everyone, I just started playing STO to get the trophies (even though one is glitched). Really enjoying the game and wanted to ask for some advice or general advice. To start off i have some spare money to throw at the game and was wondering what the opportune moment is to buy a ship and what extra costs that brings? Further regarding ships do the purchased ones only count as a skin to existing ones? When i do purchase one what should i keep my eye on? To get all the story content trophies do i need to make a character from every option? (Starfleet, TOS, klingon, romulan) To get the 2409 lore and new romulus lore i need to do a daily quest which rewards me 1 datachip with 1 of the 165 lore pieces (starfleet). What is the quickest way to approach this? Regarding a build for my character(s) is there an ideal way to set my character up? Is there anything i should look out for? I don't want to try out every class seperately. There is so much i want to know and i would love any other advice you guys can offer.
  20. Are you kidding me NA only... I'm so jealous and mad and jealous
  21. Thanks again! I think i would like to join your fleet actually sounds like fun. Ok if i add you on PSN incase i can't find anything?
  22. Really appreciate the advice! Are zen sales and ship discounts common? Is there any point in buying a ship that isn't fleet T6? If i play at a normal pace toward level 50/60 will i accumulate enough money to buy the remaining 10% of lore? Final question for this post! I went with science will i be able to get through all the story content without much trouble or am i going to need help?
  23. Thanks for lining this up actually really helpful!
  24. Nice to see a new trophy hunter join!
  25. Honestly the ps3 version was much worse with the online brotherhood isn't such a difficult plat otherwise imo