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  1. Sweet 4 games i don't have yet and the 2 i do have are great. Get those trophies guys!
  2. Disc Jam is a brand new game just like what rocket league was. Team up throw discs and stuff fun man try it out
  3. You're right they are actually. Just these 2 i beat recently so they're in my mind vividly
  4. im surprised at how many people got FF13 and 13-2 those were really tedious grinds
  5. decent games i think i saw disc jam before looks fun
  6. I mean if you fully read the original post you'd know world of final fantasy is included but there you go ^^
  7. I'd love to join! I have 3 for chocobo trainer: FFX FFXIII FFXIII-2
  8. i just earned this trophy on ps3 and ps4 and i feel the pain guys!
  9. I like Valkyria Chronicles and Tembo the Badass Elephant Also I'd never consider any Sonic game fun to play ^^
  10. I would if it's a good game or part of a series i'm playing like ratchet & clank