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    I love stealth games and trophy hunt when I can but I don't buy games for trophy's I buy them for enjoyment

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  1. Trying my best to get "The evil within" but it's becoming a drag
  2. I just wouldn't i have spent too much time on this account i feel emotionally attached to it however, if someone made me a ridiculous offer i cant say i wouldn't think about it
  3. Lets not take it too far 5/10 i can say this was one of my easiest platinum's id say more like 3/10
  4. You are completely right that was one of my most saddest moments in gaming it made me feel actually sick
  5. Since you like 100% completion on games get Trine 2 and Terminator Salvation those are easy platinum games
  6. Call of Duty: World at War i used to drill that game every day this was way before i even knew what trophies were
  7. Most of the time i buy games purely for the entertainment and the trophy's come afterwards but games like Trine 2 and Terminator Salvation were just for the trophies
  8. I think i cried at MGS2, MGS3 and MGS4 i get really emotionally invested in those games
  9. PAYDAY 2 most wanted get to level 100 long and for the most part pretty fun but 95 too 100 boosting only the rats heist for continuous hours was pretty boring
  10. Hitman: Blood money, playing a full level with no saves trying to get silent assassin and some one attacks you for no reason at the very end
  11. Black ops for a fast action shooter or ghosts for camping idiots
  12. Having about 80 hours of play time on PGA Tour 14 trying to get the career objectives and on my last tour skipping a few games thinking it wouldn't affect my objectives it did and rather then play another season I decided to delete my previous auto save and by accident deleted my entire career