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  1. When I want do a online match and wait in the lobby the game freezes. Someone else have this problem too?
  2. Hi everyone. Are there still players of all three LBP games on PS3 and PS4? I need players to join me to earn trophies. Verona
  3. I have a feeling that you like Felicia? 😉

    1. Honor_Hand


      Hai! ^^



      You're correct, she is my most absolute favorite character ever. My first and only gaming crush ;)



  4. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  5. Hello everyone! I like to ask if somebody have a Bluebird for me? Verona
  6. Thank you all for your help! 😙
  7. Oh, so I must restart the game all over again since that was the last trophy. I can better keep a world incomplete then. I have the PS4 version too so I hope the glitch is not there too.
  8. Thats to bad..... Hahaha yes! Aku also don't like the trophy problem! :C
  9. Hello all! I just got over 6000pts but the Truly Awesome Trophy didn't came. I know its a glitch but I readed somewhere there was a fix for this. I hope somebody can help me. Verona
  10. I wonder if there is a way to do splitscreen with someone. Share splitscreen like you can follow each others games on one screen.
  11. Hello everyone! I have a question. When I started SF it stopped loading after the text "Some features will not...." After close and restart game it load but now it automatic record gameplay. Before I want delete the game because of maybe a bug I want ask if its the same with you.
  12. I know EA confirmed that there comes a Unravel 2 in 2016. But I can't find info about the possible release date. Any info?
  13. Hi all! My PSN is Verona7881. Im mostly a fan of Sly Cooper, Sonic The Hedgehog, Tomb Raider and God of War games. You can check my PSNProfiles for games I own so far!