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  1. Hi. Please set me as inactive. I recently got a Ps5 so i will be focusing on newer games at the moment
  2. First completion from my backlog cleared during this challenge. I did not make it easy for myself as it wanted to go through Bloodborne. During my playthrough I decided to go for the platinum. And now after 5 years and 2 weeks I have done it. The From Software’s games I have always admired and found very interesting, but I have never completed one yet alone gotten a platinum. I have played them, but I always lost motivation along the way. After my first few hours I found out it Bloodborne plays a bit like Monster hunter world (which I have played a lot in the past), so a lot of the bosses turned out to be much more doable than last time I played it. It was an amazing feeling when the platinum popped, making it my second this year (Concrete genie was the first), and I am so relieved that I am not going down these chalice dungeons again, anytime soon. It took me about a week to through them all with work and everything on the side, but with a podcast in my ears it less of a grind. It also granted me a lot of blood echoes, so when I finally went for the final boss I was around level 140. I usually only aim for at least one platinum a year, and only play for them in games I really enjoy and like. This will make it as my 20th platinum, and it is one that I never imagined myself to have, but here we are. Thanks to @JayDeLosDioses for keeping me company in the chat during my playthrough. So nice to have a buddy in there to share progress with. Now, I want to get my nerves under control since my heart start beating faster every time gothic music starts playing. Therefore, I will just complete Yakuza zero's story. I will not be going for the platinum here. I think my next platinum will be Nier Automata. I have only played through it once, but I have been told that is just one part of the story. And now, after Bloodborne, I hope this will be a walk in the park. Bloodborne (100%), [5 years, 2 weeks] P: 21,41 ( I added my entry via google docs as well).
  3. After going over it for while this seems like a nice way to get through some of the games i never picked up again after playing them for a while. Either where i just gave up or lost interest. I went over all my games and i created my backlog which i am actually quite excited about. This challenge actually fits right into what i am currently during as i just completed the original Nioh. I got the plat for Nioh 2 when it came out and i enjoyed it alot. So it was just a matter of time before i would go back to the original. I started over and whent through it more easily than i thought. I would like to get the plat for that one, but some of thoses last missions are a pain. Maybe ill go back to it again some day. Right now i am going with playing Bloodborne as my main game and take it nice a slow, hopefully together with some of these guys who have been so friendly here on the forum (dont know how to add you in here yet :/). I think i will pick up Yakuza zero along the way and just focus on the story which i found very interesting last time i played it. For me it was all the side stuff that killed my motivation as it was soooo text heavy. I dont like reading for so long in games so i called the quits. But i think when i just focus on the story stuff ill get by. Quick question: Do i have to have trophy on my games before i can play it in this challenge? Have a nice day all of you. Looking forward to see what is going to happen here
  4. Just started to play bloodborne again after a few years. Would love to join if anyone is interested? I never finished the game, but i would like to challenge myself once in a while. Last time i played i got to Micolash. Is this a general offer? If so, i would like to join in.
  5. Kya: dark lineage A good forgotten game
  6. Going for Platinum in Diablo 3 Reaper of souls on PS4. PSN: roxas1233 just mention that u saw me here, and a time
  7. You make some vailed point What if the subcription service worked like a automatic release packed. So every month you got the most anticipated game (one game) for the month, but a little cheeper. By signing up to the service you will be able to filter off some specific game geners. fx i know some trophy hunters keep away from fighting games due to the trophys being based on online ranking matches which is almost impossible to get.
  8. I can see what u mean I think Blockbuster tried renting out games, but... well i dont think there is any blockbuster stores where i live anymore. But what if you where garentied a game you have never played before? Thats one of the problems with PS+ now, some of the games that they offer i have already played. And due to the games being in its disc form you would receive Triple A games.
  9. The motorstrom series. I think it would make a great collection due to the fact that it was one of the first games on PS 3 Mirror´s egde, but with modified trophies, i think the trophies i have now is a bit last gen. And the InFAMOUSE games except second son ofc.
  10. Hallo everyone. I am sitting here in Denmark, and i have noticted the last couple of years that subscription servicies are popping up everywhere! You can now almost buy anything through a subscription service. It is already here for Playstation through PS+. I think it is just a matter of time before we will see physical games being sold like a subscription service. If that is so, whould you guys be interested ? I personally would, because, like with the instant game collection that PS+ offers i love getting a game or two i would not normally buy or play. I like to be surpriced in that way, and if that could be done with physical games i think it would be like to get a present in your door every month or so. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in paying X amount to get a "random"?
  11. Throne by Bring Me The Horizon