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  1. This evening it was barely playable.... 7 crashes (back to dashboard) in 3 hours.
  2. I don't know what guide you are using but this should be the solution
  3. The game returned to the (EU) PS Store today as an extended cut .
  4. Yes, I have the same problem. I also get a lot of freezes when I use the PSN store. Use the web store, unbelievable Sony doesn't fix the PSN store.
  5. I like classic who, I like 9, 10 and 11 of the new series. But I lost my interest since Peter Capaldi even though he was actually a good doctor. I never liked how the handled the female doctor/master story. I don't mind the fact that Time Lords are able to change genders but a little bit of a background story would have been nice. We have seen the universe from creation till the end of time without the gender change so it felt a bit strange in my (maybe unpopular) opinion. Nevertheless: I might try this game if the reviews turn out to be good.
  6. Steins Gate is one of the best VN's on Playstation. On Ps4 there is the elite version, you might want to consider this version because it's fully animated. Nurse love series is Vita only irc but the story is interesting. Root Letter is an easy vn to start with. Easy to get al the endings without tactical savings, easy story and on sale. Not the best vn out there but worth your time. Danganronpa is mentioned a lot and is a great game but different than many other vn's. Hatoful Boyfriend is only worth your time when you played a few vn's and/or when you have knowledge of the Japanese culture , it's based on the otome sub genre but actually its satire.
  7. Hi everyone, after every match of BR you will see a score card. It also shows how many adventure xp and caps you earned. I also get a notification about leveling up in adventure mode but i was level 67 and I am still level 67 after getting a ton of adventure xp in nuclear winter. Does any of you got the xp and / or caps in adventure mode?
  8. All trophies are story related. Short experience and a little bit buggy. It took me 50 minutes but I had to do 2 playthroughs because of a bug. I also had a little break. So 15-20 minutes to get a 100%. A bit educational but very basic and a bit boring. Just watch a season of Netflix Roman Empire for some nice education and play this game for some easy and quick trophies.
  9. Did you use chapter select? It won't seem to unlock with me...
  10. I've had the same bugs. I was just lucky that it worked after restarting the checkpoint a few times. I have the platinum but it isn't working correctly. But they handled the factory bug very fast so hopefully they will find out what's the problem. P.S. I like Nubla 2. A nice adventure with some good, but easy, puzzles. I prefer the this one above the first one.
  11. It's not to hard without a guide, but there are some missible trophies. For example: you can miss "flux capacitor" and "the color flows again" by continuing to chapter 4 to soon (back up your save when you encounter Nubla at the end of the chapter to be sure). Other trophies I missed during my first playtrough where "the finite cycle" and "overboard".
  12. I was afraid I would have to play that way. Thanks for your answer. Does every version of this game has this problem or can I buy the EU version and play the game how it was intended to be played?
  13. So I bought this game at the HK store but I got a 100% completion before starting the game. After finishing level 1 I got all of the core level trophies. How is this possible and how can I fix this? I want to play this game form level 1-100 without having to go down 100 levels in the menu after every level.
  14. I like the game. I play solo most of the time. I like to explore West Virginia, the map is pretty good and interesting. I also like to scrap and build my base. I even enjoy the missions. This game does have some problems but I enjoy this game every time I start a new session.
  15. I just got it, I only replayed chapter 16 till the end again and I have no idea why it triggered this time because when I tried it yesterday I did so without any mistakes.