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  1. Anyone else playing Agar.io? This game is so addictive. =D

    1. Sir_Bee


      I tried a little of it, it is an interesting concept. Problem is that I cannot pay enough attention to it to keep going.

  2. Anyone knows why 'Sruemja' got banned? She was like, yesterday still active, may her Austrian blood went through her lol.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. terwas-lurake


      'a mod'. Haha, good one. xP

    3. Hyakulegger


      *is curious*

    4. damon8r351


      I don't know, maybe she was another one of those strange people who asked a mod to ban her. What a peculiar performance. :T

  3. From Nagisa to Neptune, huh?? =D Glad you're back
  4. Anyone else having problems with signing in to PSN?

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    2. Naoto Shirogane

      Naoto Shirogane

      I had no problems signing on PSN with my phone and my PS Vita.

    3. TheIncinerator1


      Everything is fine on the PS3 side

    4. terwas-lurake


      Thanks, it's ok now I guess my internet connection was the problem :3

  5. Niggaz With Attitude - Fuck Tha Police Good times.
  6. Again it's nice to see you back :)

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    2. terwas-lurake


      But then your deleted sentences still wouldn't make sense? :o

    3. Aoi Nagisa-chan
    4. terwas-lurake


      You said you would love everyone.

  7. The 7 deadly sins.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7_HrzV_YGA
  9. 14th of December 2010.
  10. No. XarliaKoneko?
  11. Yes. Dark Bark Mark?
  12. Yes. No, wait... Wdjatata?
  13. No, it's me Maybe it's the next person who reads THIS?