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  1. Finished the DLC last night. Just shy of 140 hours total. The first 2 episodes of Atlantis DLC dragged on forever to me, but the 3rd one I did in one sitting last night of about 3-4 hours. Was a welcome change. Glad to have my 100 GB back....
  2. I’m at 115 hours with the Atlantis DLC to go. I’d guess closer to 130...
  3. I need this trophy as well, PSN is Garrus_Lannister if you want to knock it out in the next couple days
  4. I got my 3 condors the last 2 days with 15 power. You definitely want as many power upgrades as possible though...
  5. I played GTA Online with a few friends last night and did the requirements for both the Full Refund and Run Like The Wind trophies, but neither popped. I did them in a lobby with friends and they had theirs pop right away...what did I do wrong?