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  1. i think every game should have a review thread and every gives their input...average it out and get the total review
  2. Am I the only one who is mad at developers who sell their title to someone else??? Like the newest Sly game that I have been looking forward to. In the past there was crash and spyro, and I know there's more. They just ruin the game in my opinion. Do you agree?
  3. sweet...the trophy tips is great because instead of excluding people from adding their tips, they allow them to have their input. Now that it is in this form, it will be even better and easier than before. Nice work!
  4. not a bubbles kind of guy so ill pick the solid (or is that stripe :/) black and grey backround...oh and i only clicked on the forum because i thought it said foreskin
  5. IF i get a vita (ill have to wait and see) itll be black
  6. 46.05% 1,606 OUT OF 3,139 POSSIBLE TROPHIES
  7. it would have been KZ...but they screwed up killzone 3...and uncharted is kinda the same with just a mind blowing story...and yes it is worth playing more than 2 times...but i love the gameplay of infamous, AND the story...both changed but not so that we didnt know how to i voted: inFAMOUS
  8. i thought the voted was which one do you find best...i voted surround sound, but i really use tv speakers...AND i have a headset, but i hate having limited surround sound with the i have headsets, but i still use the tv probably gonna invest in surround sound...
  9. Why...
  10. Magellan died in the Philippines after making that far and his crew left him.
  11. at first i thought it said negro...and i was about to flip like WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!?!? EDIT: anyways...i picked leapers
  12. 1st -- It says it COULD include 5 games, although since everyone seems so adamant about's 5 2nd -- I change my mind about a news team...Steelsammy should just be dictated news team because every piece of news I really even care about comes from no news team...just...SAMMY
  13. TECHnically cod 4 & oblivion...although i dont really play either of them seeing i have them on xbox...weird...
  14. love that show, and im only 18, so some of the questions can be tough, but its also about knowing the history...whenever im over, my dad nails almost every mets question, and i do pretty good myself, but im not 100% on the 100 dollar question
  15. theyre back for more...ik the site was down for a little while, but i thought i would tell you again