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  1. Can confirm this works i spent around 20 hours just farming this trophy about 5 hours going around the full loop on power plant the rest afk going off the map after having the game on almost12 hours straight it finally unlocked
  2. Had a similar issue when I was on mission 2 the game crashed whenever I reloaded any of the saves it would just keep crashing on the loading screen around the 70/80% area had to select region and restart from the beginning
  3. Has anyone had any issues with story trophies not unlocking now i am the master didn't unlock but no event left behind did am playing the ps5 version if that matters Had to delete my save and run through the campaign again but have my plat now
  4. Just a heads up to others my trophies for 1 and 5 mins played in normal didn't unlock but 2 3 & 4 did anyone else had this issue
  5. Let's get brains! and 365 indies didn't pop for me when I put the game back on about a hour or so later both popped aswell as death is winged
  6. It's about a 2/10 pretty time consuming there was a bugged trophy but the latest patch fixed it. Theres 2 missable trophies console collector you've let the community down
  7. Not sure if this will be much help but some of my trophies didn't pop so i closed the game and loaded it back up and done the trophy again may be worth trying that
  8. I got the swamped trophy with no issues but my trophy for all named locations on Pandora bugged
  9. I've done the trophy for a few friends I take out the sniper first then go left taking out the enemies eventauly as you make your way around there's a gas station you can use that to lure most of the enemies in the room and take them out if your get my lucky you can lure all but 2 on which is on the other side of the map but then you just go around hugging the side and can hide in a housewhich is near the streets to take out the last few enemies it should be 2 left they will go up and down right outside upon killing them you should have the trophy which I found to be the most annoying in the remaster
  10. The level 51+61 trophies unlock when you join someone game atleast mines did but it didnt unlock any base game level trophies
  11. Heads up for those exporting from ps3 my zombie island of dr ned trophies all autopopped when i loaded up my game
  12. Was on the chinatown mission deleted the game redownloaded was fine after that
  13. A flick of the wrist hide a body and a couple of misc trophies
  14. So ive done several trophies requirements but they havent popped anyone know a fix to stop this bs
  15. My dragon trophy glitched aswell i tried replaying them all but nothing i done the eu version just fine no glitches